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The water flosser is basically a miniature high-pressure water gun

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The water flosser is basically a miniature high-pressure water gun, which compresses the water through the pump body to generate a pulsed column of high frequency water vapor mixture. The water column is aimed at the teeth gap or gingival crevicular through the nozzle, and the high-pressure water column is used to flush the plaque in these areas.

Why do we need a water flosser? Although the main teeth are neat, in fact, whether manual or electric toothbrush, mechanical brushing every day can only brush the front and back of the teeth, teeth, gingival crevices, such as easy to hide dirt and dirt is difficult to thoroughly clean. According to the third oral disease Epidemiological survey report, the prevalence of oral disease in China is as high as 97.6%. With the deepening of the research, the root of the problem is found in the daily oral cleaning. It was thought that the use of electric toothbrush and mouthwash is enough, but it can only clean up 55% of the residue, bacteria and tartar.

There is a groove about 2 mm deep around the tooth but not attached to it, called the gingival crevice. The gingival crevice and the gap between the teeth are the two areas most prone to dirt and dirt. In addition to being uncomfortable and carrying bacteria, the more harmful effect of the remaining dirt, which continues to ferment in the mouth, is that it provides nutrients for plaque. If not removed in time, dental plaque is easy to calcify and become "calculus" accumulated in the root of the tooth, pressing and stimulating the periodontal environment, resulting in periodontal atrophy.

This is why there are many tools on the market, such as water flosser, dental floss and so on. Compared with dental floss, the water flosser can clean the adjacent surface and subgingival surface, as well as the lip buccal side and lingual palatal side gingival crevicular, with a wide cleaning range and easier operation. So remember to brush teeth in the morning and evening + after meals, teeth surface, teeth clean, will not appear because the accumulation of food debris from the cause of caries, gum inflammation, periodontal disease. In the main state of periodontal health, I hope to do a good job in advance prevention, [brushing + water flosser] two-pronged, in addition, if the gap between the teeth is small, it is best to prepare dental floss, absolutely safe.

No dental problems, of course, is the best. The best state of dental health is not cure, but prevention. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, THEN I recommend buying a water flosser. For the cleaning of the gap between the teeth, as well as the dead corners of the mouth, the water flosser is very easy to use, efficient and convenient. But don't give up brushing your teeth once you're in the water flosser. The biggest role of the water flosser is to assist cleaning, its cleaning strength is not as good as toothbrush, can not replace the toothbrush oh!

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