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The way to use an electric toothbrush

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Step 1: Understand the basics An electric toothbrush consists of a handle and a brush head. Inside the handle is the motor, the core part of the electric toothbrush. From the handle comes a metal shaft to transfer energy.Make sure the head of the electric toothbrush is firmly inserted into the metal shaft before use to avoid loosening. Be sure to start using the electric toothbrush.

Step 2: Squeeze the toothpaste many people squeeze the toothpaste into a ball and gently put it on the bristles, so that the toothpaste will fall off when it touched the teeth, and will fall on the edge of the sink. At the same time, the toothpaste in the mouth will become much less, and the use efficiency of the toothpaste is particularly low.So, how do you squeeze toothpaste more efficiently without wasting it?Toothpaste should be squeezed into the crevice of the electric toothbrush, not float on the surface of the toothbrush.That way, even if the electric toothbrush starts to vibrate, the toothpaste won't spatter.It is recommended to put the electric toothbrush in the mouth and then turn on the power, so that the toothpaste is less likely to splash, so that the toothpaste and saliva fully mixed to clean teeth.

Step 3: Adjust gears Many electric toothbrushes have different gears that correspond to different frequencies or amplitudes.For beginners, I recommend starting with the smallest gear.It is normal to feel uncomfortable at the beginning of using an electric toothbrush. You can gradually adapt to this frequency by using it several times and then increase the gear.

There are two different types of electric toothbrushes with two different vibration modes: one is a rotating sports electric toothbrush, and the other is a reciprocating sports electric toothbrush.The rotating motor toothbrush has a round head.The round brush head can be placed on any part of the tooth (buccal tongue surface and occlusal surface). The round brush head can fully wrap around the tooth surface. The combined motion of rotation and expansion makes it stronger mechanical cleaning force and higher cleaning efficiency, and of course, the vibration sense is stronger when using.The head of the reciprocating motor electric toothbrush is similar in shape to our regular manual toothbrush, with a slightly rectangular shape.The electric toothbrush mimes the Pasteurian brushing process by gently inserting the bristles into the crevicular area (the junction between the teeth and the gums) and using high-frequency vibrations to clean the crevicular more efficiently.This electric toothbrush has a softer cleaning force and is more friendly to people with delicate and sensitive gums that are prone to bleeding.Bleeding gingival after using electric toothbrush may be a common problem for most people when using electric toothbrush for the first time.

Since the cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush is much higher than manual toothbrush, so with electric toothbrush, our oral health care can be everything?Of course not!The cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrushes is closely related to the way they are used.

Electric toothbrushes are inefficient if you continue to poke your teeth in the mouth as if you were using a manual toothbrush.

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