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There are all kinds of water flossers on the market

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-10      Origin: Site

There are all kinds of water flossers on the market, but generally speaking, they are divided into two categories, namely all-in-one and portable.

The all-in-one machine is larger and has more functions, and the storage tank is much larger than the portable one. At the same time, because the door handle of the water flosser does not need the built-in stainless steel sink, the actual operation is lighter. However, it has many defects and is only used at home because it is still powered up.

Portable is relatively small and easy to carry. The impact force of the portable water flosser has long been relatively high. In addition, it is convenient to carry and more cost-effective.

    It's also important to note that although the products on each platform are called oral irrigators, the types of tooth punches are not necessarily the same. In general, there are the following:

Pulse flow: Pulse flow is the most common and popular way to clean teeth. With a small, pointed nozzle, spray water quickly to shock and clean the teeth.

Ultrasonic water flow: compared with pulse water flow, more bubble explosion shock wave. In the case of water ejecting, there is also a shock wave of bubbles bursting. It's less concentrated, but theoretically it has a higher impact.

The bleeding of the gums after the first use of the water flosser does not mean that the water pressure is too strong to damage the gums, but that the gums are inflamed. While using a toothbrush can clean most of the food and bacteria between the gums and teeth, traditional brushing fails to take into account the tiny Spaces between the teeth and the gingival area. The bacteria absorb nutrients from the food residue, causing the gums to become swollen and inflamed. The gums are prone to bleeding in response to external stimuli, so when the water flosser cleans the inflamed gums, the bleeding occurs.

So the frequency of use should be controlled. It can be used every few days at first, and then every day. If you eat sticky food or feel food particles stuck between your teeth, you can use it after eating to clean the residual between your teeth. Should not be too diligent to use, to adapt to the process.

Can the oral irrigator replace the cleaning? It is important to understand that the oral irrigator is used to help with tooth cleaning. The purpose of tooth cleaning is to prevent dental diseases, not to treat dental diseases. Therefore, the oral irrigator can not replace the tooth cleaning, the tooth cleaning will remove the deep stubborn stains such as tooth stones, while the stamping group can not clean the tooth stones.

In fact, do not consider too many parameters in the purchase of water flosser.The most important thing is how to effectively clean the gums while protecting the gums. The originator of water flosser, is so expensive because it is equipped with high-frequency pulse water flow technology and built-in intelligent chip to control the water pressure, while other brands require manual control. At this time, the setting of the gear of the manual water flosser is the key. It must be multi-gear for the tooth adaptation process.

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