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There are two kinds of opinions about water flosser.

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There are two kinds of opinions about water flosser. One is, before you use them -- "Isn't this a flushing machine? What's the difference with gargling?" And two, after you use it -- "It smells good." However, the market of the water flosser is also mixed, with top international brands and domestic brands that have not been heard of. Top brands certainly have more credibility, after all, the experts, the endorsement of the brand, but the high price has discouraged many people. And some cheap domestic brands, people are afraid of quality problems.

As we all know, water flosser use water to clean the gaps between teeth, gum crevices and other areas that can't be cleaned by a toothbrush. These areas are prone to food residue. Bacteria form nests in these areas, so problems such as bleeding gums, redness and even tooth decay can occur. In order to solve this problem, oral scientists did not work hard, we usually use dental floss, is to clean the food between the teeth. However, if you look at used dental floss, it's fine to deal with large food particles, but it's actually very limited to small ones. And for people who already have gum problems, it is possible to aggravate their gum problems. And that's why the concept of water flosser was introduced.

Scientists have found that using water helps remove small food particles that floss fails to remove. It also lowers local bacterial nests and reduces gum problems caused by bacteria and infections. The first brand of water flosser was Waterpik in the United States. It's also the brand that has pushed up the price of water flosser. Of course, as the first brand to commercialize and promote water flosser, international brands have more professional aspects in many parameters. But after all, based on the purpose of this product, we can easily find a few key parameters of water flosser.

First, pulsed water flow. This is to increase the pressure on the local area with a jet of water, so as to better clear the bacteria and residue. Short time of high frequency water flow, can be a good deep cleaning of the gingival groove, between teeth. So, the frequency of the water flow is the first parameter. Second, water pressure. This actually varies from person to person. Because different people and different gum conditions, the appropriate water pressure is different. In general, too much pressure may damage the gums, but too little pressure may not clean enough. So, water floss products with adjustable pressure are almost one of the fundamental considerations in today's design. Third, the diameter of the water column. Since it's water floss, naturally the thread should not be too thick. But the diameter of a column of water is actually the concentration of water. The more detailed and accurate water flow can better clean the stains between the teeth, so the precision design of the water outlet is also required. With these three key parameters understood, you can choose a water flosser.

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