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Water flosser is a water flosser.Why is it so expensive?

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For all I know, I had the same "water flosser is an IQ tax" attitude.But after I got into the pit, I found I was wrong!I hit you in the face!Good boy!Oh, water flosser!Look at my teeth now.

In those days, I was also an ordinary love only brush your teeth casually with a toothbrush fairy.Later into the braces, although it is hidden and comfortable, but still super not adapted!In particular, there was one social death experience that I will never forget to join in water flosser!

After I returned to the company, all kinds of fidgeting!Crazy mind recalls the scene of death!That afternoon, I searched for halitosis articles.How can a fairy have bad breath!I immediately searched for a variety of oral cleaning tools, such as electric toothbrush, dental floss and water flosser, and upgraded them.Water flosser really isn't an IQ tax, but the one that impressed me the most was Water flosser.

But with 1 saying 1, water flosser is really easy to ignore.So this little dental angel decided to get serious and talk about water flosser. Well done.1. Why should we use water flosser? Water flosser is a powerful, high-pressure pulse that penetrates deep into the tooth's blind areas and removes the debris from the hidden areas in a wave.

If too much food residue is left between the teeth, it may lead to gum inflammation, bad breath and other problems, especially for orthodontic friends.But although Water Flosser is cheap, it is not actually suitable for braces, and it is easy to cause the gap between teeth to become larger and wider if used normally!If applied with too much force, it may even cause further damage to the gums.Therefore, Water Flosser is the way to go. Even at that time, my doctor advised me many times to have a good Water Flosser and not to be lazy. That's why I recommended this Water Flosser at that time.

Second, how to choose the tooth flusher in the end, the cleaning strength of water flosser mainly depends on the water spray mode, water pressure and sprinkler head.The current water flosser is mainly divided into two forms, high-frequency pulse and jet.For example, I'm used to using high-frequency pulsed water flosser.

The water flosser that I'm using right now, is the water flosser that my dentist recommended when I went to the dentist, and it's really good, so I recommend it to you.

Honestly, if your pulse isn't powerful enough, you're not buying water flosser at all!There are two types of water flosser on the market: high-frequency pulsed water and jet water. The advantage of pulsed water flosser is that it can clean teeth more efficiently and massage gums more effectively.

It has 4 gears. If you're a novice with sensitive mouth, I'd recommend using it in gentle mode for the first time. The "Water Flosser" gun at the clinic is just too hostile to sensitive people.

Don't think that water flosser is just for braces.Pay attention to the oral friends can be used!You can save a lot of money by protecting your mouth!Now you can buy into a water flosser with a discount of only 369 yuan.So, we really want to protect the oral cavity!!

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