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Water flosser is an auxiliary tooth cleaning tool, also known aswater flosser

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What is a water flosser?

Water flosser is an auxiliary tooth cleaning tool, also known aswater flosser, which uses water pressure to wash away food debris.Hazards of water flosser: The hazards of water flosser mainly may cause gum atrophy and damage human saliva.Long-term use of water flosser is likely to lead to gingival atrophy in human mouth due to poor or excessive power of water flosser, and gingival atrophy cannot be reversed. Therefore, attention should be paid to the method and strength of water flosser to avoid gingival atrophy.In addition, water flosser may damage human saliva [1]. When cleaning the mouth, the impact force of water flosser will lead to a large amount of saliva loss and damage, but this situation generally occurs only when water flosser is overused.As long as the frequency of good control can avoid the occurrence of harm.In the process of using water flosser, attention should be paid to the mastery of the force to prevent the occurrence of gingival atrophy.Water flosser is different from brushing. Brushing can clean dental plaque, dental stones and so on. However, water flosser is only an auxiliary cleaning process, which should be combined with brushing to maintain oral hygiene.

Usage of water flosser:

01 Frequency: use it only once a day. It is recommended to use the water flosser at night when cleaning teeth, and then use the teeth rinser after brushing.

02 Time: control within 10 minutes;03 Product selection: It is recommended to choose a more professional and gentle brand, and it is not recommended to use the brand of electronic goods that you have never heard of;

04 Water flosser is not a substitute for brushing your teeth: if you are on a budget, choose a better toothbrush instead of water flosser.05 The alternative to water flosser: floss/floss rod. Actual data show that floss is more effective than water flosser in cleaning up food debris.

The day before yesterday, I just posted a popular science about water flosser, and some sisters sent me a private message. My gums bled with water flosser, is it normal?I also asked my orthodontist before, and he said: some users may have bleeding gums when they first use it.If the gums bleed when you floss properly, the gums are inflamed and the floss comes into contact with the inflamed gum surface, causing bleeding.Do not worry about this situation, you can continue to use water flosser to facilitate the removal of factors (soft scale, dental plaque, etc.) that lead to gum inflammation on the teeth. If there is no improvement for a long time, you should go to the stomatological hospital to find out the cause of bleeding and timely treatment.

Do you want to say that long-term use of the punch will have an effect on the teeth?

There must be some!Use water flosser for a long time, breath is pure and fresh many, afternoon go to work again need not tongue pick meat crumbs....Do not have to get up early to smell the rotting meat of the residue of the night ~ in general: periodontal health, eat fragrant.

But must be honest with the brush!The tooth punch is just an auxiliary means.

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