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We know that the teeth punch is also called water flosser

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We know that the teeth punch is also called water flosser, water flosser is mainly divided into portable and home desktop two kinds, portable for carrying, products are more, desktop is suitable for home use, larger volume, a relatively small number of products, style difference is not particularly large.

Brushing can clean the exposed part of the teeth, but for the adjacent gum and the adjacent face of the teeth is not very good to clean. To completely clean your teeth, you need some kind of external force, such as water flosser.

As far as floss is concerned, the pros and cons are obvious: the advantages are high cleaning efficiency, small size, portability and low cost. The disadvantage is that it is easy to increase the gap between teeth, easy to damage the gums, the old and children are not convenient to use. Look at water flosser: advantage is convenient and practical, low to fit the difficulty, the old man and child ,clean is convenient with high efficiency, wide applicable people, whether done orthodontics, or dental implants, with braces, can be used with different types of nozzle, the location of the local dental floss to clean up, water flosser can clean.

The water flosser uses high frequency water to clean the gaps between the teeth. Prevent tooth and gum health problems such as tooth worms caused by food impaction or gingival papillae retraction due to compression.

The gingival crests are the two most difficult places to clean. According to one study, "up to 40 percent of the surface of teeth cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush." The pressure water from the water flosser through the teeth into the gingival crevice, an ideal way to clean your mouth. According to the research of related institutions in the United States, the pressure water column can be washed into the gum groove to the depth of 50-90%. Pressure water column can not only clean to all kinds of gaps and holes and convex concave surface, and its effect can achieve a thorough micro "clean", in addition to cleaning the teeth and oral cavity function, the water also has a massage effect on the gums, promote the blood circulation of the gums and enhance the resistance of local tissues.

The main principle of the water flosser is to expel water at a certain pressure to clean the critical surface and surface of the tooth. Under the condition of proper pressure, the gap between the teeth will not be widened. The common cause of the gap between the teeth becomes larger, mainly due to gingival atrophy. After the gingival atrophy, the gap between the adjacent surfaces of the teeth is exposed, making the gap between the teeth become larger. After periodontal disease, the teeth may be displaced and so on, which will also cause the gap between the teeth to become larger, so the impact device itself will not make the gap between the teeth to become larger.

The water flosser is generally recommended to be used once a day and once before going to bed at night. If you have time to use it after every meal. Make sure you have enough power before you use it. The water flosser is really important to us!

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