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What about buying an electric toothbrush as presents?

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Therefore, we must be careful about the selection, or send out the electric toothbrush how to hurt teeth, it is too hurt feelings!Here are some dry goods organized by to teach you how to choose a qualified electric toothbrush: 1.The higher the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is, the better. Too high vibration frequency is easy to stimulate and damage gingival to a certain extent, and also has the risk of damaging tooth enamel.Increasing the vibration frequency is actually very simple, and it is very difficult to do not hurt teeth.2. Instead of the electric toothbrush, I recommend the sonic electric toothbrush, which uses high-frequency vibrations to create bubbles in the toothpaste and water mixture, which burst and clean deep between your teeth.There are many electric toothbrushes of acoustic wave type. It is suggested that we choose brands that do not hurt teeth. They generally choose German imported magnetic levitation  motor, which makes the vibration transmission more delicate and balanced without hurting teeth.

3. Stay away from inferior low-price electric toothbrush, because this kind of electric toothbrush is generally built with inferior quality eccentric motor, power is not stable, vibration frequency is fast and slow, amplitude is large and small, so that users can not master, and then will happen to knock teeth, teeth, gums are very hurt.Below is the motor of inferior electric toothbrush. After disassembly, it is really shocking. It is inferior to the naked eye!What does it mean to give an electric toothbrush on your birthday?I have explained it very clearly above.Without further ado, the following oral cavity blogger will personally select the top five electric toothbrush brands recommended to you.

With the rise of the electric toothbrush in recent years, more and more people are beginning to abandon the traditional manual toothbrush, in favor of electric toothbrush embrace.They even give electric toothbrushes as gifts to friends.Especially some delicate mind, more intimate boys, began to send electric toothbrush to girls.For those of you who don't understand, is it straight to give a girl an electric toothbrush?Does it fit?What are the implications?As a medical student, I have seen too many friends give electric toothbrushes to their girlfriends, and girls like them very much. This is not only not straight, but also a very thoughtful gift.Not only reflects your care and love for her, but also as a day to accompany in her side, morning and evening to use the intimate good things, which can reflect your thoughtful, than those sent once thrown in the corner to eat ashes, better than a thousand times!In as long as several years, this good thing can accompany in the girl's side, let her always feel your care!

However, it must be reminded that electric toothbrush is not a common gift, every morning and evening need to close contact with the teeth, if you buy those vibration is too strong, or buy cheap cheap inferior electric toothbrush, not only lose face, or even hurt teeth, this gift can have the opposite effect.Because I have done a lot of electric toothbrush research projects, today to talk with you about electric toothbrush before buying instructions, tell you which is the most suitable!

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