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What are pros and cons of electric toothbrush ?

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According to the survey, 97 per cent of countries suffer from oral problems, which are caused by poor awareness of oral health care and incomplete cleanliness among the majority of people. Therefore, professional dentists strongly support the use of  electric toothbrush to improve the cleaning effect. But at the same time, blind selection and wrong use lead to frequent cases of tooth injury. Periodontal disease is almost painless or itchy in the early and middle stages and is not easily detected. Many people still feel their mouths are in good shape. They also blindly use vibration frequency is too high, poor quality electric toothbrush, resulting in the original oral problems, dental damage rate increased dramatically!! An electric toothbrush must be available

The basic function of the sonic toothbrush  is to improve the degree and efficiency of tooth cleaning and avoid oral problems caused by ineffective brushing or incorrect brushing techniques.

After I started using  sonic toothbrush in Hong Kong, I bought one from a big brand, but the experience was poor. At first, I thought that was why I didn't fit in. Later, I read a lot of oral knowledge literature, and re-purchased and experienced dozens of other brands of  sonic toothbrush, and found myself buying inferior  sonic toothbrush. It turns out that what really affects the quality of toothbrushes electricare the bristles, frequency, patterns, and the appearance and intelligence of detailed controllers like mine.

Pros: toothbrushes electric  are better at removing plaque. Since there are few cleaning blind spots in the mouth, the whole mouth can be cleaned. In particular, it has a good cleaning effect on areas that are difficult to clean with a moving toothbrush, such as the gaps between the teeth and the back of the teeth. Manual toothbrushes are difficult to clean plaque. If you only use a manual toothbrush to clean the plaque, it is difficult to clean, and the longer the time, the more likely the plaque will accumulate in the gaps. Over time, gingivitis, periodontitis and other dental conditions can develop. In addition, toothbrushes electric  can be extended to various functions, which are not available in manual toothbrushes. Therefore, the toothbrushes electric  is a smart and easy to use tooth cleaning tool. electric tooth brush has certain whitening effect. If you can adhere to the long-term scientific use of electric tooth brush to clean your teeth, you can effectively reduce the formation of dental stones, effectively reduce stubborn coffee stains, tea stains and other attachments attached to the teeth, and then make the teeth more bright and white!Disadvantages of electric tooth brush: 1. Firmly fixed. sonic electric toothbrush is firmly fixed. Although the force and frequency can be controlled during the fixing process, the cleaning effect caused by improper use is far less than that of a manual toothbrush. 2. Wasting time. The sonic electric toothbrush stays on each pressed surface for a fixed amount of time. It takes a long time to get a thorough cleaning. 3. Prices are generally high. Although the price of sonic electric toothbrush has been much lower, it is still much more expensive than ordinary toothbrushes, and some good sonic electric toothbrush may cost more than 1,000 yuan, which may be one of the important reasons for the low popularity of kids electric toothbrush at present. Disadvantages: Excessive cleaning power and frequent tooth damage are advantages of kids electric toothbrush, but they are also one of the main causes of tooth damage. In fact, there is no contradiction. Many well-known brands are overly clean in order to increase market share, even if the power exceeds the standard. Let's think about it. Doesn't a toothbrush clean by rubbing it against your teeth? High cleanliness is sure to cause more friction, which is sure to damage the teeth and gums. Not only may this high-cleaning kids electric toothbrush, cause bleeding gums and toothache in a short period of time, but it may also lead to chronic tooth damage. This kind of tooth damage is often hard to spot. After a few years, you may find that you have started to have sensitive teeth or receded gums. Excessive cleaning power is also the biggest hazard of electric toothbrushes. kids electric toothbrush, have rich functions and various gears. The functions of electronic toothbrush are more diverse, generally with several gears and modes, which can better meet the cleaning needs of different people and different environments. 4. Limited application group. electronic toothbrush are not suitable for all ages. For example, some consumers with bad teeth or gingivitis and periodontitis are not advised to use electronic toothbrush. What are the main advantages of electric toothbrush manufacturer over regular toothbrushes? This should start with the shortcomings and inadequacies of the regular toothbrush. electric toothbrush manufacturer can make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of ordinary toothbrush very well. Why make up for the shortcomings of a regular toothbrush? Here we have to talk about some disadvantages of the ordinary toothbrush. Many people say that a regular toothbrush can be cleaned with "careful" brushing. There is no doubt that regular toothbrushes have followed the cleaning power of our products for many years. But the problem is who brushes their teeth properly. A single brush with a standard toothbrush takes about 10 minutes. Now, who has that much time to brush their teeth? Online media reports that most of us spend an average of less than 59 seconds brushing our teeth -- ten times longer! Are our teeth clean in this case? In addition, subjectively hard brushing with a regular toothbrush can cause the brushing process to vary from light to heavy, from heavy to worn gums, and from light to dirty. Especially for many areas that are difficult to use force, there is a cleanliness blind spot that is not clean after years of brushing! It is precisely because of these two shortcomings and deficiencies of the ordinary toothbrush, which greatly affect the dental health rate of our people. According to the most recent dental and oral data for 2020, our adult dental and oral health rate is less than 1%, and more than 88% of adults have various problems such as cavities and periodontitis. Dare we say that the failure of regular toothbrushes to meet standards for dental and oral cleanliness will have no impact? The reason why electric toothbrush manufacturer can make up for these shortcomings and deficiencies of ordinary toothbrush is that electric toothbrush manufacturer can do better in the following aspects. The first aspect is better cleaning power. In terms of friction and friction frequency caused by vibration frequency,electric toothbrush factory are much higher than ordinary toothbrushes. We can also see that in a large number of cleaning experiments, the cleaning power of electric toothbrush factory is much higher than that of ordinary toothbrush. The second aspect is that electric toothbrush factory are better at cleaning stubborn tooth bacteria. It is almost impossible for a regular toothbrush to have any effect on removing stubborn tooth bacteria. However, long-term use of an sonic toothbrush manufacturer can effectively remove stubborn dental bacteria. This is at the heart of why many dentists recommend sonic toothbrush manufacturer, as dental bacteria are a key factor in tooth disease. The third aspect: uniform and stable vibration, multi-mode gear selection. Typically, sonic toothbrush manufacturer have multiple gear modes, each with a fixed frequency of vibration and Angle of swing. There will be no cleaning blind spots caused by improper use of a regular toothbrush, and there will be no possibility of damaging your teeth through excessive use of a regular toothbrush. The fourth aspect: save time and energy. Because the cleaning efficiency of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is higher, the ordinary toothbrush can brush the teeth for ten minutes, the sonic toothbrush factory can finish in two minutes. This also makes many users enjoy brushing their teeth without effort or time. It was such a treat! The fifth aspect: time reminder. Another advantage of the sonic toothbrush factory over the regular toothbrush is that it provides a 30-second zone change reminder and a 2-minute automatic stop function, which can tell the user the specific brushing time and rhythm in time. But regular toothbrushes also have some advantages that sonic toothbrush factory can't satisfy! Many media outlets only emphasize the advantages and benefits of sonic toothbrush factory but seem to forget that regular toothbrushes also have advantages. After all, electric toothbrush wholesale aren't for everyone. Was the ordinary toothbrush simply abandoned by history? The first advantage: it works for a wide range of people. Regular toothbrushes are also suitable for a wide range of people because the brushing force is controlled and each person can brush their teeth with reasonable flexibility according to the condition of their teeth. The second advantage: flexible use, users can be flexible control and Angle range according to the need. Third advantage: The price is cheap, almost a tenth or even a tenth of the price of an electric toothbrush wholesale. After all, not everyone can afford an sonic toothbrush wholesale, especially in recent years when the price of thousands of times for many brands is really prohibitive. sonic toothbrush wholesale and regular toothbrushes have their own advantages, but many people don't know that they suffer from the same tooth wear problems. Although many mainstream institutions and dentists encourage you to use an electric toothbrush agency, don't overlook some of the key downsides and drawbacks of electric toothbrush agency. In particular, the short-term discomfort caused by  electric toothbrush agency, as well as the more serious long-term and undetectable chronic wear of teeth and gums. The main manifestations are as follows: 1. It is easy to wear down the gums of your teeth with a cheap sonic toothbrush agency costing tens of yuan. In the follow-up evaluation of the opto-electronics business, there were many negative comments about dental damage. 2. I don't know my teeth. When I knew there was something wrong with my teeth, I had to buy an sonic toothbrush agency with strong vibration. I think cleaning the toothbrush is the most important. As a result, I hurt my tooth and made it worse. 3. Some people buy some international brands, which are more expensive than others. On top of that, the impact is too strong, it's not very friendly to Chinese teeth, and it's easy to hurt teeth. With the rise of domestic products in recent years, the overall reputation and comprehensive experience should be better. A lot of people think it's great to pay a premium for international brands, but they're covered in blood. 4. Unscientific brushing and tooth use is also the main cause of tooth injury. Many people think that to use an electric toothbrush dealer, you still need to brush your teeth vigorously, and then hold the electric toothbrush dealer violently. In fact,  electric toothbrush dealer only need to gently fit the bristles to the surface of the tooth and then move around to clean. There's no need to brush your teeth too hard. Also, you can try pasteurization. 5. Teeth and mouth are a constantly changing environment. Many people due to food stimulation, prone to gum burning, toothache and other reasons. They also tend to wear down their gums if they don't adjust the way they clean their teeth in time.

sonic toothbrush dealer are not for people

While sonic toothbrush dealer have many advantages and are necessary, there are those who are not suited to them. In order to avoid serious damage to teeth caused by the use of electric toothbrush trader, the following groups are not recommended to use electric toothbrushes: ① Children under 3 years old, whose teeth are still producing for a long time. Children at this stage have very weak teeth. Using sonic toothbrush trader can affect the growth and development of children's teeth. When the child is older, you can use them under parental guidance. Most teeth are loose and fall out, and the gums show signs of receding. sonic toothbrush trader currently on the market use vibrations to clean teeth. If the teeth are loose and fall out, using an electric toothbrush company can aggravate the aging of the teeth and lead to more serious oral problems. ③ People with serious oral diseases. For example, alveolar bone resorption, gum pus, frequent bleeding, etc., these people should be guided by the dentist to determine whether their current tooth condition is suitable for the use of electric toothbrush company. Improper toothbrush may aggravate dental disease and interfere with subsequent treatment.

In addition to these people, others (whether it's dental health, periodontitis, sensitive teeth, or orthodontics) are also well suited and recommended to use an sonic toothbrush company. After all, electric toothbrush supplier are far more efficient at cleaning than manual toothbrushes and are superior at removing plaque. In fact, this sound exists. Many media outlets explain that dentists do not recommend using sonic toothbrush supplier. All kinds of praise the advantages of electric toothbrush vendor, but ignore the problem of sonic toothbrush vendor. As a mouth blogger, electric toothbrush bulk aren't perfect. It also has some disadvantages and problems, which cause some dentists not to recommend sonic toothbrush bulk for some people.


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