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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush brushing compared with manual brushing?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush brushing compared with manual brushing?

If you have to force a defect, electricity, the purchase cost is high.But in addition to these two, both the level of cleaning and oral protection, is better with an electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush saves trouble, evenly, does not have to exert too much force, and also protects teeth.You often poke your gums when you use your hand.And manual is not good to master the strength, the damage to the toothbrush is also great.I feel good with my own electric toothbrush, and I feel like 2 minutes is not enough.2 minutes of brushing time will automatically come point power off, ensure enough brushing time.Brush your teeth before the basic brush more than a minute, brush casually, now feel 2 minutes are not enough. Electric toothbrush makes full use of toothpaste. After brushing, it will feel that all parts have been brushed, and the teeth will have a sense of uniform granularity.It was a feeling I hadn't felt before.It is very economical to use toothpaste. I have been fooled by toothpaste advertisements before that the more toothpaste I wash, the cleaner it will be.Now basically cover the surface of the electric toothbrush.

Looking back on my transition from ordinary toothbrush to electric toothbrush, I did experience a lot of searching and learning at that time. This question had been paid special attention to learning, which strengthened my determination to change from manual toothbrush to electric toothbrush.In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush compared with manual toothbrush, the masters in the front row have answered very complete, basically in an all-round comparison, electric toothbrush wins.First of all, the brushing efficiency of electric toothbrush is far more than that of manual toothbrush. Our manual brushing is dozens of times per minute, while the frequency of electric toothbrush is as high as thousands of times per minute.As the frequency of brushing your teeth per unit of time increases, the cleaning ability naturally increases.Second, the electric toothbrush is more friendly to brush. By vibrating or rotating at high frequencies, the electric toothbrush can better protect the gums and teeth, in contrast, the normal toothbrush with the sawing horizontal brush more damage.And studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones at removing plaque.Volunteers were randomly divided into two groups for the detection of electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush. It was found that the efficiency of the electric toothbrush in removing dental plaque was significantly higher than that of the ordinary toothbrush.

Over the past few years, I know nothing about electric toothbrush from the very beginning. Up to now, I can generally choose and buy toothbrush more freely.So I would like to share some of my concerns about choosing an electric toothbrush.1. Sound waves or rotation?It is estimated that this is the first problem that all people face when they buy an electric toothbrush. That is, electric toothbrush can be generally divided into two categories, that is, rotary electric toothbrush (rotary) and acoustic electric toothbrush.

Rotating electric toothbrush means that the electric toothbrush is driven by an internal motor to make the circular brush head rotate so as to realize brushing.The electric toothbrush is easy to understand. It's similar to the round mop we use to mop the floor, but it's manually powered


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