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What are the benefits of a sonic toothbrush?

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Maybe you've heard the saying, "A bad electric toothbrush catches a bad one," right? In addition to what you put into your stomach, the hygiene and health of your electric toothbrush are also important. May just be because of an oral health problem directly or indirectly lead to other health problems in the body, and now the living standard toothbrushes electric is getting higher and higher, eat more and more miscellaneous, more attention to oral health problems, be sure to adhere to "electric toothbrush brush your teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after dinner". Brushing your teeth must be the first and most important step to good electric toothbrush, as more and more high-tech sonic toothbrush  prove. Electric toothbrushes are a good choice. Many people may not know how to choose an electric toothbrush when they buy it for the first time, and some electric toothbrushes are just equipped with a battery to make up the number, which fails to fulfill the role that electric toothbrushes should play. The sonic electric toothbrush I recommend to you today is very worthy of consideration. The product has always been very trustworthy, as the leader of the sonic toothbrush factory, the kids electric toothbrush has been excellent performance. Brushing your teeth is two things everyone must do every day. A good electric toothbrush will not only protect your teeth more, but also bring you a perfect mood for the day. I got an upgrade, too, by the way. Studied again recently, had used a lot of other to have no big card to use before, still chose big card this time! Electric toothbrushes are only for big brands! Share below! In the introduction must be said in front of a word, do not buy those 9.9 sonic toothbrush , too cheap toothbrushes electric, not only rough workmanship, brush hair is not too good safety, can only say that these can only be regarded as an kids electric toothbrush ~ in the selection of sonic toothbrush factory mainly see these several parameters: internal structure: Whether do the work is meticulous and durable, have dry battery and straight charge type, must buy straight charge electric toothbrush wholesale! Cleaning mode: rotary, sonic range: how long to charge, how many times can a charge to be able to use, the use of time, is easy to use electric toothbrush Brush head price: an toothbrushes electric is mainly divided into the fuselage and brush head, consider the following replacement, long-term practical cost-effective design: design grip comfort, appearance level whether bear additional features: I prefer acoustic wave sonic toothbrush . The brush head is oval, the vibration is small, the feeling of brushing is mild, and sensitive teeth can also be used. Believe it or not, I once conquered my entire class with my research on sonic electric toothbrush!! Student party a month only 1000 living expenses, hundreds of kids electric toothbrush which dare to take down casually,!! In order to buy a cheap and easy to use electric toothbrush wholesale, I was on toothbrushes electric research for a long month, do not believe you look at column is what! Finally, a lot of classmates in our class to buy electric toothbrush to ask me what kind of electric toothbrush good! Buy toothbrushes electric, I speak directly we may not understand, also in order to prove that said electric toothbrush wholesale is not rambling. Let's first popularize the important information about electric toothbrush. After all, many friends still have a blank face for sonic electric toothbrush. Vibrating electric toothbrush , If dirt on your teeth is dust mites on your quilt and toothpaste is sunlight then a vibrating electric toothbrush is like a stick that your mother beats on your quilt. Sun basked in a quilt, through the stick of the "knock" shake hidden in the quilt mites and dust, dirt on the dust fly away with the wind. If the dirt from your teeth is from the toothbrushes electric floor with toothpaste as a clean product, the rotating sonic toothbrush  turns into a round mop that rotates, and the dirt is swept away in a whirlwind wherever the round mop goes. Advantages and disadvantages of the two types of kids electric toothbrush:1. The surface cleaning ability of rotating sonic electric toothbrush for teeth is higher than that of vibrating electric toothbrush wholesale, but vibrating electric toothbrush has stronger cleaning ability for teeth gap. 2, rotating electric toothbrush is round brush head, small shape, can clean up more dead spots. Vibrating sonic toothbrush factory is a regular square head with bristles shaped to fit the teeth for more effective oral cleaning. 3. Using a rotating electric toothbrush wholesale for a long time will cause damage to the tooth surface and may even cause periodontitis, so it is necessary to follow the standard Pap method when using it. Vibrating electric toothbrush manufacturer of course also according to the standard pap brushing method, so as to more effective cleaning mouth! In the same way as buying electric toothbrush wholesale and mobile phones and computers, it is necessary to look carefully at its performance parameters to know what is wrong with the electric toothbrush in your hands.

The name of sonic electric toothbrush mode has strong functions, such as cleaning, sensitivity, whitening, tongue coating cleaning and so on, but the actual use of the mouth can accept only the strength of the kids electric toothbrush brush head is not the same. Therefore, there is no need for too many or too few modes. After all, one more sonic toothbrush  mode means one more choice, and everyone has different standards. So three modes is the minimum standard, when using some choice! Ordinary toothbrush when used, it is difficult to control and direction, the vast majority of people are in accordance with the "toothbrushes electric" wash back and forth, standard pap brush method, operating one of the core is to make the electric toothbrush wholesale bristles and 45 ° to the teeth in the position of the gingival sulcus quick wash, it is difficult for us to fully grasp, cleaning efficiency decreases and the cleaning time is long. Electric toothbrush brush head is generally smaller than ordinary toothbrush, some more difficult to clean areas, such as big teeth, wisdom teeth, internal teeth, electric tooth brush will clean better, more comprehensive. Ordinary people tend to make gums bleed when using ordinary toothbrushes, while electric toothbrushes have uniform cleaning vibration, which can touch more teeth and get close contact with the deep space between teeth, so as to drive away residual food and dental plaque more effectively. You will feel that sonic toothbrush manufacturer brushing teeth is a kind of enjoyment. 3. Reduce damage gum is the root of teeth, the sensitive mode of sonic toothbrush  mode plays a great role in protecting the gums, better protect the health of teeth and gums, there are three popular toothbrushes electric on the market -- acoustic wave, ultrasonic wave, kids electric toothbrush. Ultrasonic toothbrush literally means acoustic brushing, which is the rapid movement of sound waves vibrating the frequency of the sonic electric toothbrush brush bristles to achieve the cleaning effect. Sonic toothbrush is to use ultrasonic energy in the periodontal cavitation effect to remove periodontal bacteria and dirt, better protect the gingival fine. Electric spray toothbrush is equipped with aerosol toothpaste in the sonic toothbrush wholesale inner handle, and a nozzle is arranged on the toothbrush head, which is hidden in the brush bristles. These three kids electric toothbrushes are much more efficient, effective and protective than manual toothbrushes compared with traditional toothbrushes. 4. Easy to use Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush manufacturer is easy than using ordinary toothbrush to save time and also easy to cultivate correct brushing habits, in the battery don't have to worry about, electric toothbrush to charge generally lasts at least more than half a month, or even three months have, if you are often on a business trip for ten days half a month, sonic toothbrush  is you of the Gospel. 5. In terms of price, electric tooth brush is more expensive than ordinary toothbrush, but it can be used for one and a half to two years. The brush head only needs to be changed once every three months.

Brushing time The kids electric toothbrush has the function of 2-minute intelligent timer to ensure the control of brushing time, and there is 30 seconds to change the zone to wake up, so as to ensure the uniform brushing time in each area. 2. Brush your teeth properly with an sonic electric toothbrush. Brush your teeth close to your teeth to ensure that every tooth is washed. Three, electric toothbrush can solve those problems teeth brush is not clean breath bad breath tooth decay sensitive gums four, buy electric toothbrush factory need to pay attention to 1. The sonic toothbrush  minimum vibration frequency is generally 31000 times /min, which can be divided into three dimensions: electric tooth brush vibration frequency, brush swing and torque. The balance point of the three is about 31000. The comprehensive performance is good, and the vibration frequency is not the higher the better. 2. It is recommended to choose a endurance of more than 30 days. The longer the endurance, the better electronic toothbrush, without affecting the appearance. Now most of the sonic electric toothbrush bristles are DuPont. Qualified bristles must be rounded. Simply speaking, the adult rounded treatment should reach 50%, so as not to have sharp edges or hairy injuries to the gums.

I was a child love disorderly eat snacks also do not sonic toothbrush wholesale brush your teeth loss, and then a pile of dental problems. Poor in the school, some small oral inflammation to take medicine sent, caries will not go to the hospital, be borers eat empty after the teeth easy plug residue, electronic toothbrush clean not clean will halitosis, regular periodontitis, mouth a bite broken oral ulcer, teeth sensitive to eat Popsicle is contained in the mouth to eat ha ha ha ha ha real miserable! (write your smile sorry I very miserably) which then understand what sonic toothbrush  clean mouth, but my advantage is that one has the money to solve the problem of moment also not tolerate delay, graduation work to get the full prize that month (really went into the dental my money is not money), just for mending the fangs of the wisdom teeth the pull electric toothbrush factory , pull the root canal treatment, the doctors tell me standard pap method of electric toothbrush manufacturer brushing your teeth, brush your teeth should However, I think that electric tooth brush awareness is not enough. When I feel tired and want to be lazy and brush casually, the doctor said to prepare an electric toothbrush is absolutely cleaner than their own electric tooth brush, use floss to scrape the dirt between the teeth, and clean teeth regularly (to clean stone). When I came back to do my homework, I bought all the electric toothbrush, dental floss and tongue brushes. By the way, the gift you get when you go home for the Spring Festival is an electronic toothbrush for each of you. Dental problems are not to be underestimated. You can eat and drink all your life by it. (God, I'm talking a lot. If you want to see recommendations, just sonic toothbrush  scroll down to the links. I love my teeth. Usually every year to clean teeth, will also use pressure line, tongue scraper. The most important thing for me is the electric toothbrush manufacturer! The electronic toothbrush saved my lazy ass! I've bought three electric tooth brushes myself. Why do I use an electric toothbrush? Before I started using this "black technology", I did my homework and couldn't afford to waste money. When you brush your teeth with a common sonic electric toothbrush, the surface of your mouth can be easily damaged due to poor control of force and direction. (Ps: I think my mother-in-law is sonic toothbrush wholesale brushing her teeth with her life. I doubt it's disposable, but electric toothbrushes don't come cheap. To test this idea, I used the same toothbrush for my husband for a month without any noticeable change in bristles.) The advantage of the sonic toothbrush  is brush head automatic operation, uniform strength, interface is wider, can better take care of each tooth surface and the depths of the teeth, effectively remove plaque (sonic toothbrush wholesale is a teeth surface can't be water rushed to a layer of bacterial biofilm, is dental disease such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad breath the culprit), thus more safely and effectively cleanse the mouth.


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