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What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes?

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Electric toothbrushes were originally invented to help people with disabilities brush their teeth.

The first commercial electric toothbrush was advertised as a solution to the problem of brushing teeth for the disabled, but it became popular among lazy people.So what are the benefits of electric toothbrushes?Is more efficient.Since it was designed for people with disabilities, electric toothbrushes are very easy to use -- just turn it on and put it in your mouth;More efficient.For the same brushing time, electric toothbrushes clean more thoroughly than regular toothbrushes and have a better cleaning effect on the rear teeth area.Feel more fulfilled.Brush your teeth every day, and can not see the teeth white, and feel less bacteria, too boring!Therefore, some high-end electric toothbrushes can be connected to mobile phones, through the App to check the achievement of brushing, making brushing like a monster upgrade.This is what everyone who has used an electric toothbrush says:

1. It has been used for at least two years. At the beginning, my teeth will feel uncomfortable, and my teeth will always be astringent and astringent.2. The first two days when I started to use electric toothbrush, I felt very uncomfortable and strange.Then I got used to it and brushed it very clean. I had no morning breath for many years.For the first time in years, a dentist complimented me on my clean toothbrush!3. Because of the wisdom teeth in the back of the mouth, it is very difficult to brush a few teeth, but the electric toothbrush is convenient and easy to worry about, so I do not have to worry about food residue.Additional, oneself brush your teeth is to brush less than 3 minutes, if electric want to change position only, often feel 2 minutes pass very fast.4. After buying an electric toothbrush, I like brushing my teeth. It is much more fun to use an electric toothbrush than ordinary toothbrush.So embrace the wonderful new life of the electric toothbrush!

How to choose an electric toothbrush?- How to choose cleaning mode?At present, the electric toothbrush on the market can be divided into two categories: one is rotary vibration type, the other is acoustic wave type.The rotating vibration type, represented by the big brand electric toothbrush series, works on the principle that the brush head rotates clockwise and clockwise repeatedly at high speed. Later, the middle and high-end models also add the high frequency vibration of the whole brush head, which is the so-called 3D vibration mode.

As a student of science, I always think that rotary mechanical electric toothbrush is more reliable, after all, it is a solid friction.In addition, I feel that the rotary head is always smaller than the sonic head and easier to clean deeply (around the wisdom teeth), which is probably one of the reasons why the rotary electric toothbrush cleans better than the sonic one.Oral, a German brand, uses nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries instead of lithium batteries, which has been making me laugh, because this electric toothbrush battery belongs to the old technology and has the effect of charging memory.In my opinion, the only advantage of manual toothbrushes is the affordability, but you can't put a price on the quality of life that electric toothbrushes bring.

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