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What are the common problems with electric toothbrushes?

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Whether an electric toothbrush is necessary or not depends on personal needs. For me, an electric toothbrush is still necessary. After all, the electric toothbrush is more efficient than an ordinary toothbrush, and the electric toothbrush is cleaner by feeling.

The only thing that can directly tell you that electric toothbrush is more effective than ordinary toothbrush is the existence of deception. Electric toothbrush was invented in 1950. Since then, electric toothbrush has gradually entered people's life with step by step progress, but there has never been any official verification and explanation that electric toothbrush is more effective than ordinary toothbrush.Moreover, the electric toothbrush has been promoting the strong cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush, and has never seen the advertising language that the electric toothbrush is stronger than manual brushing.But whether electric toothbrush is desirable, whether there is a need to buy, specific or depends on personal needs and economic situation and so on, we need to combine their own actual situation to decide whether to buy electric toothbrush.

The battery installed in reverse if just bought the electric toothbrush press the open button no reaction, may be the battery installed in reverse, carefully check the positive and negative of the battery, generally installed in the battery area will have a prompt battery positive and negative.2, the battery is dead may be because the electric toothbrush has not been charged for a long time, if it is the use of battery electric toothbrush, it should be the battery is dead, remember to charge the electric toothbrush or replace the battery.

If the rotating area is stuck because the connection between the toothbrush head and the electric toothbrush is stuck, remove the toothbrush head to see if it can rotate. If it can rotate, the head is stuck, and the electric toothbrush can be cleaned.

Since electric toothbrush is of great help to people who have bad brushing habits, how to choose a suitable electric toothbrush for them?First of all, what we need to know is that the electric toothbrush is essentially a tool, specifically a daily tooth tool. Since it is a tool, it must have its core attributes, that is, its core components, and these attributes largely determine its performance and quality.So what is the core component of an electric toothbrush?The main thing is -- the motor and the bristles.

So there will be electric toothbrush indicator light, electric toothbrush can not vibrate.2. The electric toothbrush head and body are stuck This situation is generally not properly installed brush head, or the use of non-original brush head, resulting in inappropriate, brush head and body stuck phenomenon.Wei Jie intelligent advice, electric toothbrush must use the original brush head.The solution is to first put the brush head, pull out, and then inserted back, to see whether the vibration.The second is to choose and buy the appropriate brush head.3, board water main board or line, contact with water.The motor is unable to start.And the LED indicator is not affected, can still turn on the light.

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