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What do dentists generally think about the cleaning value of electric toothbrushes?

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Let's take a look at the attitudes of most dentists towards electric toothbrushes. Many of you may want to know what dentists think about electric toothbrushes.As far as my colleagues and friends around me are concerned, I have consulted about 15 dentists, and their general opinions are as follows: 1) Most of them encourage the use of electric toothbrushes; 2) They hope that people can carefully choose electric toothbrushes suitable for themselves, and do not use electric toothbrushes too freely. 3There are also two people who do not recommend the use of electric toothbrush. Their main reason is that they are afraid that users cannot use electric toothbrush scientifically, which may cause easy tooth injury.4. It is not recommended for some people to use electric toothbrush, such as those with serious tooth diseases, such as loose teeth, excessive and frequent bleeding of gums, severe tooth pain, etc. 5. If you have recently had root canal treatment or missing tooth filling, you must use electric toothbrush under the advice of the dentist.

Although electric toothbrush has so many advantages, it is necessary to choose and use electric toothbrush scientifically after missing teeth filling and some other problems of teeth, otherwise it is easy to cause unnecessary risk of tooth injury.So there are 3 risks to choosing and using an electric toothbrush!1, most of the people for their own teeth gum problems off, everyone thinks their teeth healthy, but the actual examination revealed mostly all sorts of problems, this is blindly use strong vibration frequency, brush your teeth or unscientific can lead to tooth defect, 2, familiar with electric toothbrushes, insufficient, such as the choice too blind,Many people buy electric toothbrush in order to save time and effort, brush teeth lazy, so most choose to look at the appearance level appearance, star idol, brand size, and even cheap to buy dozens of cheap products.3. The methods of brushing teeth are not enough. In the past, many people brush their teeth randomly with ordinary toothbrushes, and the probability of tooth injury is very high.In addition, in the purchase and use of electric toothbrush, we must be careful to pay attention to the following aspects, to avoid wearing teeth to a certain extent, causing damage to the teeth gums!1. Violent brushing is not advisable: many people think that they need to use an electric toothbrush with their own efforts, but in fact, it is not necessary. They just need to stick the bristles to the teeth.This is not advisable in electric toothbrushes, please follow the Pap method.2. Vibration principle: there are two kinds of vibration principle: acoustic vibration and rotating vibration. The rotating vibration electric toothbrush is more suitable for European and American users.3. Maglev motor should be selected as far as possible, with less transmission loss, more uniform and stable vibration and better quality life.4. Electric toothbrush with vibration frequency of 30,000-40000 times/minute is more suitable for Chinese teeth, but vibration frequency is one of the factors affecting cleaning power.

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