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What does an oral irrigator do ?

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As people pay more attention to personal oral care, many products have come into being to help us with oral care. One of them is an oral irrigator. Dental hygienist is an American medical scientist based on the toothbrush and floss defects of the development of household cordless water flosser. It is a must for many families in Europe and America. This is a new type of oral irrigator device that has just entered China. Many people enjoy this comfortable cordless water flosser. However, most friends do not have a comprehensive understanding of the cordless water flosser, which leads some businesses to introduce some misleading and exaggerated cordless water flosser to domestic consumers. This has led many people to misunderstand the function of the water flosser when using it. What is the function of the cordless water flosser? Let's take a look.

1. Principle of irrigator dental

A dental impactor works by pressurizing water through a pump body, creating an ultra-high pressure pulse of 800-1600 times more water per minute, just as a water gun can easily clean a car. The right flow of water has long proved effective in cleaning people's teeth and mouths. The cleaning effect of water flosser is mainly realized by the impact force of high speed water jet under certain pressure, and the cleaning effect is realized by its own water impact. This high-pressure pulse of water can be flushed into any part of the mouth, including the hard-to-reach gaps between teeth and deep gums with toothbrushes, floss and toothpicks.

2. Function of cordless water flosser It helps prevent cavities by removing food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate in the gaps between teeth and teeth that can't be reached by irrigator dental. It massages and stimulates the gums, improves blood circulation and relieves toothache. It can effectively clean orthodontic appliances and is especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontics or wearing dentures.

3. Precautions for irrigator dental

Some medical experts say dental oral irrigator are an effective cleaning method, but they can damage a lot of saliva. Saliva is a very useful fluid in the body, so don't overuse it. Also, the toothbrush should not be replaced with mouthwash. While it can remove areas that a toothbrush can't clean, it can't clean stubborn stains, especially for patients with dental stones.

A dental punch is an dental oral irrigator that combines water pressure and pulse. It cleans the depth between the teeth and at and below the gum line. It's more effective than traditional floss and cleans dirt and debris that regular toothbrushes and floss can't reach.

dental oral irrigator can generally adjust the water pressure of the gear. For the first user, it is usually recommended that the smallest gear gradually adapt to the larger gear. Of course, the gear is minimal and the pain is minimal, but the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. The gear is the largest and it is in place when cleaning, but the pain is obvious and the periodontal tissue is also prone to injury and bleeding, so we need to find a balance gear between cleaning and injury pain. As for the frequency of use of dental drill, it should not be more than 1 minute at a time and can be used every day, but it is recommended not to use it too often, otherwise it will cause periodontal damage.

Previously, wisdom teeth often became inflamed due to poor cleaning around them. Wisdom teeth rarely become inflamed when properly cleaned with a oral irrigator dental. For friends with braces, a oral irrigator dental is also an essential tool. However, after 10 years of use, it is also clear that some of the gaps are getting bigger and the oral irrigator dental is creating the effect of water dripping from the stone, which leads to smaller gaps in some areas, and the bigger the gaps, the easier it is to fill the pulp and the more times it needs to be cleaned, which means a vicious cycle. But the gap between the teeth is not so large or exaggerated that it requires dental treatment.

Furthermore, long-term use of dental cleansers and proper brushing can lead to healthy white teeth, which even dentists will praise. oral irrigator dental (dental cleaning machine) is a relatively new oral cleaning device. In Europe and the United States, the oral irrigator dental (dental cleaning machine) is a necessary household hygiene equipment.

water flosser manufacturer are also known as water flosser, water flosser, and water flosser. When used, dental impactors mainly utilize the impact force of a high-speed jet of water sprayed at a certain pressure. The tooth impactor shoots pulses of water that strike and clean plaque and food debris between the teeth and gums. China also uses water flosser manufacturer, the use of which is increasing at a certain rate every year.

Working principle of water flosser manufacturer (dental cleaning device) :

The principle of water flosser factory is very simple. I'm sure everyone has seen how easy it is to wash a car with a water cannon. The principle of the water flosser factory is the same. It is sprayed with a high-speed jet of water under certain pressure to clean the teeth and mouth.

The cleaning effect of dental cleaner (dental cleaner) is mainly achieved by the impact of high-speed water jet under a certain pressure. For exposed dental Spaces, dental cleansers work pretty well.

Cleaning function of water flosser factory:

Gargling is essential if you want to have good dental and oral hygiene. Compared with electric toothbrushes, it plays a major role in cleaning. The water flosser factory is a complement to the electric toothbrush, which means some of the dirty work has to be done by the water flosser factory. Use a toothbrush and beater every day. The toothbrush acts on the surface of the teeth and the punch acts on the space between the teeth. In this way, the residue hidden between the teeth, the toothbrush can not be removed, can be washed away, greatly improving the cleanliness of the mouth. It is believed that most people have the trouble of plugging their teeth by eating things, such as meat, mangoes, enoki mushrooms and other fibrous foods, which can easily plug their teeth. Toothpicks will only make the space between the teeth bigger and bigger. Flossing can accidentally damage your gums, and brushing won't work. After another experience of eating meat and plugging my teeth, I couldn't resist and decided to opt for a recently windy oral irrigator manufacturer, better known as a dental irrigator. For the sake of oral health, the author must work hard in this area. oral irrigator manufacturer have many advantages. The author must come to Amway ~

Your neglect to clean your teeth can have serious consequences

Before we learn about oral irrigator manufacturer, we should first understand our teeth and their daily cleaning. In the previous article, the author covered oral irrigator factory in detail. Brushing is our most common oral cleaning method. It can effectively clean the mouth by using the standard Pap brushing method for more than two minutes in the morning and evening. However, no matter how straight the teeth are, there will be gaps between them. Also, the gums in the oral irrigator factory groove don't fit the teeth exactly, so it's difficult for a toothbrush to clean the gaps and dead Spaces between the two areas. Even with the rare occurrence of a tooth blockage, small bits of food can build up in every crevice and become a reservoir of bacteria. When it comes to friends with irregular teeth, they have it even worse. As more and more food debris accumulates in cleaning dead spots, plaque begins to form and then gradually develops into hard dental stones over a few weeks. It can be said that dental stones are only present in the gums, but in fact, dental stones can develop downward. When I went to have my teeth cleaned, oral irrigator factory warned me that calculus can cause gingivitis. If we don't do deep cleaning, our gums will shrink in the future and our teeth will fall out sooner. In this way, previous bleeding from breathing and gums is a minor problem. Therefore, toothbrushes cannot meet the water flosser wholesale needs of authors and most people. Whether to solve the pain of clenching teeth or to enhance daily oral cleaning, the use of water flosser wholesale is imperative.In order to reduce dental disease, water flosser wholesale is needed to help

Dental impactors have been used as oral cleaning tools for 50 years, but have only really entered the public eye in the last few years, which goes hand-in-hand with health concerns. The oral irrigator wholesale works by driving a pump by a motor to produce pulsed water flow, and matching different nozzles to produce different cleaning functions. The specific effect, we may wish to use in practice.

After a brief introduction to tooth counters, let's actually experience the cleaning effects of the most commonly used basic nozzles. (To more realistically simulate the cleanliness of the teeth, oral irrigator wholesale is very close to the tooth model)

Ordinary stains are easy to remove. The author prepared Thousand Island paste and made it deep into the teeth and gum lines. By opening the minimum gear of the oral irrigator wholesale, dirt can be easily removed from each dead corner. Even though the toothbrush has difficulty cleaning the inside of the gum line, there is no visible sauce residue. To increase the difficulty, the authors put crushed sugar into the cracks between the teeth to make them stick firmly, and conducted the rinse test again.

The results are still not disappointing. Only the lowest gear can quickly wash away the crushed sugar that fills your teeth.

When using, the author felt the impact of the hand is really big, and then chose an egg to show you. Even the lowest gear only breaks through the protein for a split second, which is enough to witness power. Although the teeth punch function is powerful, but can not blindly follow the trend

water flosser agency can be seen from the actual test that the cleaning effect of the cleanser is very obvious. In daily life, in addition to normal brushing, we can also use oral irrigator agency two or three times for further cleaning. Two Maos can effectively reduce our risk of dental disease. Why not? However, although the tooth beater is good, we should also pay attention when using it. Try to start with the most gentle mode and gradually increase the force to make it most suitable for us, so as not to damage the gums with too much water. Besides, we can't believe the rumors. There are some belt goods online celebrities say that teeth whitening agent can whiten teeth, it is nonsense. The oral irrigator agency only removes the stain from the gums of the teeth, revealing the original color of our teeth, which is the same color we get when we shower and wash our face. Our teeth were originally yellowish and encased in clear enamel, so their color would be yellowish. If you want to whiten your teeth, you need to have a proper medical procedure. Food begins to rot three minutes after entering the mouth. The bacteria in your mouth also doubles regularly. Brushing twice a day is only a balanced choice in terms of effectiveness, timing and feasibility. From a water flosser dealer protection perspective, clean your mouth immediately after meals (within three minutes) (using a painless mouthwash, which is best for children) and try not to provide nutrients for bacteria. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, carefully remove bacteria from your teeth, and use a oral irrigator dealer to check. This is 90 points. 10 points left after snacks and drinks. In addition, during the tooth replacement, the tooth will be pulled out in the hospital as soon as it becomes loose, in order to strive for natural growth and smooth teeth.

Now we have the water flosser trader, which effectively cleans the coffee powder off the tofu, leaving the tofu intact. Tests have shown it can flush out 80 per cent of plaque after five minutes, and a painless mouthwash is preferred. Use it to comfortably clean your mouth after every meal

Just now, a colleague asked for a blind date's oral endoscope. The reason is that kissing doesn't smell. I suggest you do the same

This is not a natural tooth. It's always easy to hide food debris in the space between the denture and the gum. At this point, a painless mouthwash is the best option

There is a small blind spot. Gingivitis can increase the rate of miscarriage by 30%. It is recommended that you purchase an electric toothbrush . When replacing the brush head, you can buy a manual toothbrush, cut it out, and add a hole. Buy any hair that is comfortable

In addition:

The following tools are not enough. You should be diligent and clean your mouth within three minutes after every meal. Check with oral irrigator trader.


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