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What does an water flosser do?

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What does an water flosser do?


As people pay more and more attention to personal oral care, many products that help our oral care are gradually produced. Electric oral irrigator is one of them. Dental oral irrigator is a household oral cleaning appliance developed by American medical scientists according to the defects of toothbrushes and cordless water flosser. It is a necessary hygiene product for many families in Europe and the United States. It has just entered China. It is a new type of oral cleaning appliance, and many people love this comfortable oral care gadget. In addition, the oral quality of Chinese people is relatively poor, the prevalence of dental diseases is more than 90%, and the oral environment is very complex. Although traditional cleaning tools are difficult to meet our requirements, cordless water flosser has many benefits and can better help us complete our daily oral cleaning and care, so dentists are very supportive of our use of irrigator dental.
However, most friends do not have a comprehensive understanding of dental irrigator dental, which has led to misleading and exaggerated behavior by some merchants when introducing dental dental oral irrigator to domestic consumers. This causes many people to have a misunderstanding of its function when using dental oral irrigator. So what is the function and purpose of oral irrigator dental? Let's take a look


1. oral irrigator dental principle


The principle of the water flosser manufacturer is to pressurize the water through the pump body, which can produce 800 to 1,600 ultra-fine high-pressure pulse water columns per minute, just like a high-pressure water gun can easily clean a car. Proper water flow has long been shown to be effective in cleaning people's teeth and mouths, and the cleaning effect of water flosser manufacturer is mainly achieved by the impact of a high-speed jet of water sprayed at a certain pressure. And through the impact of its own water flow to achieve cleaning effect. This high-pressure pulse of water can wash any part of the mouth, including between the teeth and deep gums that are not easily reached by toothbrushes, water flosser factory and toothpicks.


2. What water flosser factory does


It can remove the accumulation of food debris and harmful bacteria in the cracks of the teeth that are out of reach of the dental oral irrigator manufacturer, effectively preventing tooth decay. Can massage and stimulate the gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache. It can effectively clean orthodontic appliances and is especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures. A powerful tool for cleaning the mouth.

3. Precautions


Some medical experts say oral irrigator manufacturer is an effective cleaning method, but they can damage a lot of saliva, which is a very beneficial fluid in the body, so don't overuse it. In addition, a toothbrush cannot replace a toothbrush. While it can remove areas that a toothbrush can't clean, it can't clean stubborn stains, especially for patients with tartar.


4. The benefits of oral irrigator factory


Benefit 1. It can make up for the toothbrush's cleaning blind spot. Areas such as cavities and gum lines are typical cleaning blind spots (also known as areas of high incidence of dental disease) that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush. oral irrigator factory deeply cleans these blind areas and cleans the plaque that has formed, thereby inhibiting the production of plaque and preventing dental disease.
Benefit # 2. Massage the gums to improve the condition of the mouth: Most people's periodontal tissue has a low ability to repair itself. If not timely attention and treatment, the original periodontal disease will become more and more serious. water flosser wholesale can massage the gums, improve the self-healing ability of periodontal tissue, and improve oral diseases.


Benefit # 3. Assisting orthodontic patients with oral care: The presence of braces makes teeth and gums more fragile and oral cleaning and care more difficult. water flosser wholesale can not only clean the teeth, but also relieve the pressure on the gums caused by the braces, which is very suitable for the orthodontic population. Benefit # 4. Freshen breath, whiten teeth: Keep oral irrigator wholesale to freshen breath, whiten teeth, and help people with yellow black teeth and bad breath get rid of embarrassment.

Benefit # 4. It can be effective in preventing tooth decay and caries in children as they grow


Kids love to snack, but don't know how to brush their teeth properly. Food builds up and rots between the teeth, leading to severe tooth decay and toothache. Regular oral irrigator wholesale can significantly reduce the chance of dental caries in schoolchildren.


Benefit 5. Save time and cost of tooth cleaning


After each meal, the harmful substances in the mouth are removed, so that calculus, smoke stains, tea stains can not be formed, saving the cost of oral cleaning every year.
After seeing the benefits of water flosser agency, some friends want to start with water flosser agency. There's nothing wrong with this thinking, but before we start flossing, we need to have a thorough understanding of oral irrigator agency. To fully understand oral irrigator agency you not only need to know the benefits of water flosser dealer, you also need to know if water flosser dealer is harmful and what the specific hazards are! A lot of people don't understand our oral condition. As you must know, the spoken English of Chinese people is very poor. If you don't believe me, you can read the report below. The prevalence of 97% is really quite striking. There's a reason we don't realize we have oral problems, Because dental disease is not painful or itchy at first, it can be difficult to detect. The complex oral environment has high requirements for the compatibility of dental oral irrigator dealer, and many people choose at will, easy to choose inferior products with poor compatibility, resulting in dental damage.


5. oral irrigator dealer has several hazards


1. It irritates the gums, causing them to bleed frequently. water flosser trader for the first time is normal, or occasionally bleeding once or twice. If the bleeding is frequent, it means that the impact of the water flosser trader is too large, and the gums are strongly stimulated, resulting in bleeding, redness, inflammation, and even gum retraction if not controlled.

2. Wear and tear of tooth enamel, a substance that protects teeth. If the wear is severe, the dentin will be exposed, and the dentin will be easily damaged, resulting in tooth sensitivity. Aggravating oral diseases. As we mentioned earlier, the oral quality of Chinese people is very poor, and many adults suffer from oral diseases of varying degrees. Dental oral irrigator trader damage to the teeth can aggravate existing oral diseases and induce new oral diseases.


3. Chronic tooth damage. This damage slowly takes its toll on gums, teeth and other oral tissues and is difficult for us to detect, so some people can't detect the harm of oral irrigator trader when they start. Oral diseases can only be felt at an advanced stage.
After explaining the dangers of water flosser company, everyone is likely to fall into deep skepticism. water flosser company is good, but oral irrigator company is also bad. So does oral irrigator company really work? What causes water flosser supplier pain? Wool cloth?


Negative trend 1. Invite the soldiers and make a list. Before buying a product, everyone will refer to the bestseller list, bestseller list, ranking and other data provided by the e-commerce platform. In fact, no one knows that a lot of data is falsified. In order to let more consumers see, these businesses often use the way of brushing orders to fake. That's why we see the product reviews section raving about it, but after buying it and trying it out, we find that the experience is poor and hurts our teeth. The main reason.

Negative trend 2. Brand influencer. The characteristics of this product are relatively well-known, people tend to buy, but what people don't know is that the quality of this product is actually not good. Because most brands are manufactured on a contract basis, they tend to think only about sales and profits, without considering whether the products they produce are easy to use or will hurt their teeth.


Negative trend 3. Tooth damage is common. Many brands on the market do not have enough experience in oral care, and most of them are manufactured on contract. The production process of this product is highly irregular. On the one hand, manufacturers are unwilling to use high-quality raw materials at high prices; As a result, the water flosser supplier produced has no technical strength, resulting in very common dental injuries
Unhealthy Trend 4. Find celebrity endorsements, get fans and leeks. This phenomenon is as common in the oral irrigator supplier industry as it is in other industries. Businesses take advantage of young people's star-chasing psychology, willing to spend money for idols, spend a lot of money to find star endorsements. Fans buy like crazy, regardless of whether the product suits them or not. In this way, businesses harvest their leeks.


6. How to choose oral irrigator supplier?


What should you look for when buying an water flosser vendor? In order to make the buying process simpler and more scientific, I have summarized six main considerations for you:

1. Preferentially choose brands with strong professional and technical capabilities. They have extensive verbal data experience and technical expertise, and invest heavily in research and development every year. They repeatedly adjusted and optimized hundreds of key parameters such as stable pulse rate stability, long-term power attenuation and water pressure strength range, balanced water production, and optimized water production accuracy. The number of tooth injuries alone was reduced by 300% compared to non-specialist brands.


2. Buy reliable aftermarket products. Replacing the nozzle needs to be noted that it is usually the most healthy and hygienic to replace the nozzle every three months, so everyone should also check the cost of replacing the nozzle before buying. It also depends on whether it supports a seven-day trial for no reason. Some manufacturers claim that there is no reason to support 7 days, but this is not the case in practice. If you find that you have to pay the cost of the nozzle, it is not without reason for 7 days.
3. Upright portable is the best choice. Upright portability is different from mini portability, which has a tank that is too small to be used outdoors. In terms of overall performance, the upright portable has the greatest advantage. Whether used at home or outdoors, it is a good helper for cleaning the mouth, both portable and clean.


4. Don't buy violent cleaning products. There are many water flosser vendor shops that have too much feedback on the market. On the other hand, it is to cope with the cleaning anxiety of current oral care users; On the other hand, in order to increase sales, they continue to increase the pulse rate performance and increase the impact force, which indeed exceeds the load of the teeth, and will cause huge damage to the mouth!

5. Choose a detachable tank with a large water intake for easy cleaning. The non-removable tank is too closed and can easily collect dirt and bacteria.


6. The time of oral irrigator vendor use is also very important, which directly affects the comfort of use. It is recommended to choose a product longer than 1 minute and 20 seconds. Some oral irrigator vendor have tanks that are too small and need to be refilled and flushed frequently. It's hard to say that washing the same area repeatedly poses a risk.


7. water flosser bulk


water flosser bulk is usually used after each meal for optimal tooth protection. When using, first fill the oral irrigator bulk tank with water, then adjust it to suit your own mode, and then rinse against your teeth, between your teeth, etc., and use clean water.


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