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What is Water Flosser?

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Dental flushing device is also called Water Flosser. As the name implies, it uses the impact force (pulse water) of the high-speed water column ejected under a certain pressure to wash the residual stains in the hidden parts of the teeth, dental socket, gingival groove, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth and oral cavity.


The structure of the Water Flosser is mainly composed of an electric water pump, a water storage tank and a nozzle. The Water Flosser is much softer than that used in hospital dental cleaning, so it is suitable for long-term use in daily life.


In addition, the Water Flosser uses water to rinse, which is safer and easier to use than floss. It can also be reused. Just like the head of an electric toothbrush needs to be changed, it only needs to change the nozzle regularly and clean the water tank, which is more environmentally friendly than disposable floss.


Why are more and more people using Water Flosser?


Necessity aside, Water Flosser is not a necessity. Toothbrush is a necessity, and toothbrush is the preferred product. Just like more and more people use electric toothbrushes, they naturally want to pursue a higher quality of life as their living standard improves.


The toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth, removes most food debris, and keeps the mouth clean. Like Water Flosser, a toothbrush removes areas that can't be reached.


At the junction between teeth and gums, there is a groove about 2mm deep around the teeth but not attached to the teeth. It is called the gingival groove. This is the most important junction leading to the tooth foundation, but it is the most prone to contaminant, which is the most likely place to cause tooth and gum disease. Gingival crevices and crevices are two of the most difficult areas to clean, with one study pointing out that "up to 40% of tooth surfaces cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush." In my own experience, the triangle between the gums and the teeth is extremely easy to flush.


Worried about the damage to your gums and teeth? It does not exist. Instead, it can massage the gums, strengthen the gums and cement the teeth. Many answers have been explained, and I will not repeat them here.


Compared to regular floss, the Water Flosser can flush food debris out of the crevices of the teeth more easily, and it is easy to use, foolproof to operate, and the function of massaging the gums. The comfort and security of the Water Flosser are worth praise.


How do you decide whether to buy a Water Flosser?


1. If it is orthodontic teeth, the general doctor will recommend the use.


2. Those who have requirements for oral cleanliness, but are not convenient to use dental floss, such as tight tooth space or difficult to use Water Flosser. Some people will accidentally use too much force when flossing and damage the gums. I am one of them, so I can only choose a safer, more convenient and easier to use Water Flosser.


3. If you don't already use an electric toothbrush, consider buying an electric toothbrush first (the benefits won't go into detail) and then consider buying a Water Flosser.

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