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What is a water flosser?

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What is a water flosser? The water flosser, also known as oral irrigator, uses a high frequency pulse of water to clean the gaps between the teeth. Prevent tooth and gum health problems such as tooth worms caused by food impaction or gingival papillae retraction due to compression.

Will the oral irrigator widen the gap between the teeth? The main principle of the oral irrigator is to expel water at a certain pressure to clean the critical surface and surface of the tooth. Under the condition of proper pressure, the gap between the teeth will not be widened. The common cause of the gap between the teeth becomes larger, mainly due to gingival atrophy. After the gingival atrophy, the gap between the adjacent surfaces of the teeth is exposed, making the gap between the teeth become larger. After periodontal disease, the teeth may be displaced and so on, which will also cause the gap between the teeth to become larger, so the oral irrigator itself will not make the gap between the teeth to become larger.

Can water flosser remove tooth stone? Can't. Household water flosser can not remove dental stones, and ultrasonic dental cleaners in hospitals can remove dental stones, but for the exposed tooth space, the cleaning effect of water flosser is very good. After a meal, as long as one minute to three minutes to rinse the teeth in the food particles broken and washed clean, the water flosser of the high pressure pulse water is a kind of soft stimulation, the water will not hurt any part of the mouth, and massage the gums.

What kinds of oral irrigators are there? The oral irrigator on the market is divided into domestic oral irrigator and portable oral irrigator. Oral irrigator is mainly used at home, the advantage is large capacity, high efficiency, the disadvantage is large volume, inconvenient to carry. Portable model is relatively small and convenient, convenient storage, more space-saving, suitable for business travel, the disadvantage is small capacity, cleaning teeth may need to add several times of water. Both desktop and convenient oral irrigators are excellent, with multiple modes to prevent and alleviate various oral problems.

Now it is very common for people to use water flosser. A good water flosser can not only bring good oral health, but also relieve tooth pain. It can effectively clean the unclean places where you usually brush your teeth and prevent the growth of dental plaque.

The water flosser is based on the application of toothbrush, to clean up the gaps between the teeth. According to the super power of the pressure to clean the gap between the teeth, and the residual sediment between the teeth and gums, so as to maintain the effect of healthy teeth. Those of you who often use wooden sticks or dental floss sticks should be impressed.

At the same time, another advantage of the oral irrigator is that it can better clean the root of the tooth and the gum connection, this is not a traditional dental floss rod. At the same time, friends who are not good at using Pasteurized brushing method to clean the gums will be very easy to brush broken gums, resulting in bleeding, so the application of oral irrigator device is still better.

The oral irrigator ensures that areas that can't be handled by a toothbrush can be cleaned. At the same time, compared with other teeth cleaning products, the oral irrigator is less damaging to teeth than wooden sticks, and it is not easy to push the tooth gap wider; It's much cleaner than traditional floss sticks and very easy to maintain.

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