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What is the correct way to use an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth?

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Why is electric toothbrush cleaner than manual toothbrush? This is due to the working principle of the electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush through high frequency vibration around the teeth in all directions quickly brush, in the drive water to wash the tooth gap and oral sac area, one brushing is equivalent to 180 times of manual brushing, if the oral habit is not good, it is recommended to use electric toothbrush oh.

As I said before, most oral problems are caused by poor cleaning, so choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste is very important! I have bought a lot of toothpaste. When my gums bleed or swell, I will choose anti-inflammatory toothpaste, and WHEN I have breath, I will choose fresh breath. When my teeth are soft, I will use whitening toothpaste when my teeth are not cleaned.I now give him a demonstration of the correct use of electric toothbrush, a lot of friends teeth problems, in fact, appear in the "lazy", feel too tired to brush your teeth, just gargle with mouthwash. So to change the mentality of this problem, it is necessary to adjust the mentality: brush your teeth as a kind of enjoyment, the more you use the more love that kind! Another important point is that when we choose a electric toothbrush, we try to choose the arc of this small brush head. This small brush head is better in handling details, that is, when you brush some teeth, it can do a better job.

Because plaque and calculus are more likely to gather at the junction of the gum and the teeth, in the sulcus, we need to gently probe the bristles into the silver hooks, and then two or three teeth in a unit, and then electric toothbrush down like this, not too hard. Do not put the electric toothbrush to the teeth, because the electric toothbrush itself cleaning strength is very strong, we just need to put it on the top, gently apply pressure on it, and then brush back and forth dozens to 15 times, such a unit, and then the next unit. Do not use electric toothbrush to brush teeth!!

Ordinary toothbrush knows how the pap brush method electric toothbrush to brush your teeth are a lot of people feel unable to compete as brushing your teeth, can be in accordance with the manual and electric must have the similar again has its different rotary electric toothbrush points with sonic type here is sonic electric toothbrush to demonstrate sound waves of high frequency vibration of the tooth brush head can instantly be toothpaste into fine bubbles, Vibration while deep cleaning between teeth can improve blood circulation in the mouth. Before using any toothbrush, soak the head with warm water (or cold water if necessary) to soften the bristles for sensitive teeth.

After brushing, place the brush head in water, turn on the electric toothbrush and gently shake it a few times to remove any foreign matter and toothpaste from the bristles.

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