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What is the difference between a water flosser and oral irrigator?

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 Water flosser  have been shown to help orthodontic users reduce bleeding gums:

In the six-month study of 120 orthodontic users, plaque index decreased from 2.07±0.54 in the control group (pure toothbrush group, same below) to 0.35±0.12 in the toothbrush group (pulse toothbrush, but all groups had toothbrushes, same below). The amount of blood loss increased from 20% in the control group to 25% in the electric  water flosser  group at 1 week, but decreased from 93.33% in the control group to 26.67% in the oral irrigator group at 6 months. Calculus index decreased from 1.23±0.23 in the control group to 0.14±0.11 in the oral irrigator  group (0.13±0.06 in the interdontic brush group, but there was no statistically significant difference between the text and the oral irrigator group)... Effect of different cleaning methods on periodontal health of lingual retainer patients. But marketing expenses make up a big chunk of the selling price. After all, the physical structure is just a stepless power supply ($13.3 to 12 volts in Pinjoduo), plus a plunger pump ($48 for the plunger pump in the car wash, but individuals can take full account of the 24V diaphragm pump at home, and use a smaller power supply to provide a larger one for more durability), and finally a $10 postage nozzle. A few yuan RO machine 2 branches can be homemade.

Replace the transformer with lithium batteries, chargers, and other things, and lower the diaphragm pump to 3.7V and add 20 more. In addition, manufacturers can save on shipping costs and enjoy wholesale prices by purchasing parts in bulk.

After enduring it for so long, I finally succeeded in weeding. In terms of real-world experience for building owners, wireless mouth cleaners are clearly easier to use than wired mouth cleaners. It can be used with water and is also very easy to store after use. The time spent on a single cleaning session has been reduced by several times, which helps to increase the motivation of the oral irrigator .

Compared with traditional cleaning tools such as toothpicks and cordless water flosser, they are unable to thoroughly clean the corners of the teeth that have fallen out, and regular use can lead to increasing problems between the teeth. Therefore, there is no doubt that using similar water to flush cordless water flosser has a more obvious advantage, with a more comprehensive cleaning without causing additional damage to the mouth.

Although there are far fewer secondary cleaning modes than wired cordless water flosser, in terms of actual use, one mild and one standard is perfectly adequate for most people's needs.

The final question is whether to choose new or old. If you need to take it out as often as the owner of the building does, you prefer to rinse your mouth with water. After all, the smaller storage space also means it doesn't take up too much luggage space. If you care about aesthetics and functionality, then the new model will be a good choice.


1. Small and portable, easy to carry

2. The telescopic design of the product is very distinctive

3. The cleaning intensity is relatively large, and the secondary cleaning mode can basically meet the needs of most people

4. Good endurance. Owners can use cordless water flosser twice a day for about 10 days


1. Special charging interface, you must bring standard power supply when going out

2. cordless water flosser takes a little too long to charge

Use mouth cleaner correctly. As an alternative to floss, consumers can use it to efficiently clean their teeth by simply moving it up and down the surface of their teeth. But irrigator dental is no substitute for dental cleaning, which does not remove stubborn calculus.  irrigator dental is believed that most people have the trouble of plugging their teeth by eating things, such as meat, mangoes, enoki mushrooms and other fibrous foods, which can easily plug their teeth. Toothpicks will only make the space between the teeth bigger and bigger. Flossing can accidentally damage your gums, and brushing won't work. After another experience of eating meat and plugging my teeth, I couldn't resist and decided to opt for a recently windy  irrigator dental, better known as a  irrigator dental. For the sake of oral health, the author must work hard in this area.  irrigator dental have many benefits. The author has to come to Amway for a while. Your neglect to clean your teeth can have serious consequences. Before we understand dental oral irrigator, we should first understand our teeth and their daily cleaning. In the previous article, the author covered oral cleaning in detail. Brushing is our most common oral cleaning method. dental oral irrigator can effectively clean the mouth by using the standard Pap brushing method for more than two minutes in the morning and evening.

However, no matter how straight the teeth are, there will be gaps between them. Also, the gums in the dental oral irrigator groove don't fit the teeth exactly, so it's difficult for a toothbrush to clean the gaps and dead Spaces between the two areas. Even with the rare occurrence of a tooth blockage, small bits of food can build up in every crevice and become a reservoir of bacteria. When it comes to friends with irregular teeth, they have it even worse. As more and more food debris accumulates in cleaning dead spots, plaque begins to form and then gradually develops into hard dental stones over a few weeks.

It can be said that dental oral irrigator stones are only present in the gums, but in fact, dental oral irrigator stones can develop downward. When I went to have my teeth cleaned, the dentist warned me that calculus can cause gingivitis. If we don't do deep cleaning, our gums will shrink in the future and our teeth will fall out sooner. In this way, previous bleeding from breathing and gums is a minor problem. Therefore, toothbrushes cannot meet the oral cleaning needs of authors and most people. Whether to solve the pain of clenching teeth or to enhance daily oral cleaning, the use of oral irrigator dental is imperative.

In order to reduce dental disease, water flosser manufacturer is needed to help

water flosser manufacturer have been used as oral cleaning tools for 50 years, but have only really entered the public eye in the last few years, which goes hand-in-hand with health concerns. The toothing machine works by driving a pump by a motor to produce pulsed water flow, and matching different nozzles to produce different cleaning functions. The specific effect, we may wish to use in practice.

Do you usually water flosser manufacturer? Many people find the top water flosser factory or interdental brush hard to use, or look scary and psychologically resistant. They don't want to water flosser factory or use interdental brushes at all. It's hard to stick to something if you find it troublesome or resistant. Fortunately, technology has advanced. Now, a more convenient and advanced option for those who don't want to water flosser factory or use an interdental brush is to oral irrigator manufacturer, or rinse your teeth. oral irrigator manufacturer use squirts of water to remove plaque, food debris and bacteria between teeth and below the gum line.

1, the use of tooth punch has many advantages.

Gently massage your gums for safer use.

The pulsing water of the cleanser gently acts on the gums. The impact force constantly presses the gums and acts as an objective massage. In addition, incorrect oral irrigator manufacturer and incorrect techniques can cause damage to tissue attachment compared to traditional flossing, and oral irrigator factory may cut gum tissue in areas where strong flossing is used. oral irrigator factory is easier to use because it uses water to get the job done. As long as you adjust to your own mode, the oral irrigator factory is very gentle.

Deep cleaning of the mouth, remove plaque, prevent oral diseases.

Periodontitis and tooth sensitivity are common oral diseases, harmful to the health of dentin. The root cause is that the mouth is not thoroughly cleaned. Up to 40% of the mouth is the toothbrush's cleaning blind spot, where food debris accumulates, rots, grows bacteria and develops plaque, leading to conditions such as periodontitis. Tooth cleaner uses pulsed water to clean teeth. Its ultra-high pressure pulse water column cleans the blind areas such as interdental and gingival sulci, cleans food residue, and makes dental plaque have no place to hide, fundamentally eliminating and preventing the occurrence of oral diseases.

The ideal choice for orthodontic people

Orthodontic people wear braces, braces, and gaps between teeth that can easily leave residue, making it difficult to clean a toothbrush. A dental cleaning device enables deep cleaning of these areas. In addition, the massaging function of the oral irrigator factory can also relieve gum fatigue caused by braces, which has the effect of protecting teeth and gums.

Reduce the risk of corrosion and keep your mouth clean

Plaque can cause corrosion. If we can control the bacteria, we have a better chance of reducing the risk of decay. water flosser wholesale can thoroughly clean and deeply clean the mouth, timely remove various residues in the mouth, and effectively remove dental plaque. In many cases, it's better than traditional water flosser wholesale. Brushing twice a day and using a toothbrush for two minutes a day is a great way to keep your teeth clean and reduce your risk of cavities.

2, the use of oral irrigator wholesale and matters needing attention

Proper irrigation method

During rinsing, gently close your mouth to prevent water from splashing onto your body. At the same time, oral irrigator wholesale can also create a gargle effect in the mouth. Do not place the nozzle outlet near the teeth, about 0.5 cm away. At the same time, rinse your teeth at a 90-degree Angle if possible. Do not rinse your teeth diagonally from top to bottom, this can cause the gums to overwash and affect the lining of the mouth.

Avoid frequent daily rinsing

Don't extend your mouth too much, or it will put more pressure on your gums. As a general rule, rinse no more than three times a day and no more than two minutes at a time. Basically, gargle after meals. If you eat more often, you can use mouthwash to clean your teeth and mouth.

You need to clean the inside of your teeth

Many people don't know if the inside of a tooth needs to be rinsed. In fact, if time permits, it is recommended to flush the inside of the tooth. Of course, the order from the inside out or the outside in depends on personal preference.

The toothbrush cleans the dead spots on the toothbrush and removes plaque more effectively. It is important to know that more than 40% of the oral cavity can not be cleaned by toothbrush, mainly distributed in the oral irrigator wholesale, root and interdental areas of high incidence of dental diseases, and these areas are difficult to be taken into account by manual toothbrush. The delicate stream of water from the toothbrush penetrates deep into these areas for cleaning, more effectively removing plaque, preventing various dental diseases, and massaging the gums. Is the oral irrigator wholesale really useful? Our gums need care, too. water flosser agency can alleviate gum fatigue and improve the self-healing ability of periodontal tissue, thereby improving and preventing periodontal disease. oral irrigator agency can also be seen as the best partner for orthodontics. Compared with the general population, orthodontic people are more special. With braces on, braces bring more clean blind areas, and water flosser dealer can clean these areas to help orthodontic people clean. Whiten teeth and remove bad breath. Is the oral irrigator dealer really useful? Many stubborn tooth stains and food scraps are caused by manual toothbrushes. Bad breath is easily caused by not cleaning for a long time. The water flosser traderr cleans the mouth more efficiently, removes bad breath, freshens breath and makes up for the blind spot of toothbrush cleaning. Toothbrushes can't clean your mouth because they have a hard time cleaning blind areas such as gum lines and roots. If it is not clean for a long time, it is easy to breed dental plaque and induce dental disease, which is why these areas are called high incidence areas of dental disease. Using toothpicks can cause gaps between teeth to widen; It's easy to cut your gums by oral irrigator trader. Fortunately, the flow of mouthwash is delicate and gentle. It can not only clean the residual soft scale and plaque in these blind areas, but also prevent and improve dental diseases and reduce the damage to periodontal tissue caused by water flosser company.


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