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What is the most recommended electric toothbrush by dentist?

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As a had been tortured to death dental care products category manager, has been in depth understanding of electric toothbrush, can be said to be the native electric toothbrush, the N is ordinary but confident friend questioned electric toothbrush IQ tax after my messy, since the depth of a post deep grilled about why we need to use an electric toothbrush and electric toothbrush to exceed all skills of choose and buy, probably the driest I've ever had in my life

1. First of all, we have to start electric toothbrush manufacturer from why the teeth get all kinds of messy periodontitis, tooth sensitivity, tooth bleeding, we have to know the principle to directly solve the solution.

2. Next, it is very simple. Let's compare the cleaning degree of dental plaque between manual toothbrush and electronic toothbrush. Here, I present my plaque attachment solution and dental utensils.

It can be seen that the electric toothbrush is not only better in cleaning efficiency, his scientific swing and vibration design is more beneficial to the cleaning of dental plaque, because dental plaque is a more stubborn thing than ordinary dirt.

Part 2: Dental Warning!Electric toothbrush is not suitable for which kind of people?

I have said so many advantages of electronic toothbrush, but electric toothbrush still has its weaknesses, because the high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush is really not suitable for all people, after all, everything is a double-edged sword, but the advantages of kids electric toothbrush more than the disadvantages of too much!So be careful when you choose and buy!

Brushing with an electric toothbrush is an important way to remove dental plaque, soft dirt and food debris and keep your mouth clean.Electric toothbrush is a tool to brush teeth, is the so-called "work to do a good job must first use its tool", brushing teeth is the same, if the tool is not appropriate, your tooth brushing efficiency is likely to be greatly reduced, therefore, the correct selection of electric toothbrush is the first step to brush good teeth.As a first step, choosing an electric toothbrush is often overlooked by most people.

Clinically because of the job is busy, most of the oral cavity doctor in oral health education link also often is the "small head electric toothbrush", "soft kids electric toothbrush " a few words, such as a belt (real name call yourself), therefore, have always felt that is very necessary to write an article about how to correctly choose the electric toothbrush article ", it's not, so I came.Before you read on, think for a few seconds about how you used to choose an electric toothbrush: the best value for money?Pick the most expensive?Pick the best looking?Take it casually according to your mood?(depending on the mood casually take how many?)Back to business.The toothbrush includes manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush. Now the better electric toothbrush manufacturer have automatic timing function, in the brushing of the head and hand operation is much easier than the manual toothbrush, you can surf the Internet while brushing, it will stop when the time is up.

In addition, now kids electric toothbrush as a kind of electronic products, various brands are also working hard on the appearance, complicated, simple, advanced and other styles always have your dishes.

Third, reduce damage to tooth enamel.

When we brush our teeth with ordinary toothbrushes, we control the force of the brush by ourselves. It is inevitable that we will brush too hard occasionally, or use the see-saw transverse brush method which seems to be very clean but is not correct, which will cause damage to the surface of the teeth.Electric toothbrushes have been shown to reduce brushing force by about 60% and reduce the incidence of gingivitis and bleeding gums by 62%, making the process safer and more effective.

So why would I use an electric toothbrush factory?This was a carefully chosen decision based on years of experience with sonic electric toothbrush.As a heavy user of mobile phones, I can never leave my mobile phone before going to bed. Playing with my mobile phone while brushing my teeth with electric toothbrushes is just necessary.In addition to cleaning, my requirements for an electric toothbrush must not knock your teeth,Before we can compare the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush with a regular toothbrush, we need to define the criteria for effectiveness.What exactly is effective sonic electric toothbrush?- the main effect is to see the actual effect, that is, can maximize the realization of tooth beauty on the premise of protecting dental health.Generally speaking, electric toothbrush factory can be evaluated from the following points: 1. Electric toothbrush, whether it is the internationally famous "sonic electric toothbrush brushing method" or the "horizontal vibration brushing method" recommended by Chinese doctors, summarizes the correct brushing way, the main points include the following points:"Slight horizontal tremor", "turn the toothbrushes electric brush after 6-8 times", "gently pressurized horizontal tremor", "amplitude not more than 2 teeth at a time", etc., for the teeth bite surface.

1. Plain toothbrush compared to electric toothbrush factory: The perfect way to brush is hard to come by.I have tried it myself, using the Pap method with an ordinary toothbrush.But the experiment proved that it was too difficult to handle a normal toothbrush by hand. Holding the brush in the palm of your hand over two teeth, you had to balance the light vibration toothbrushes electric, the Angle, the amplitude...This I am not a robot, a 2 minutes brush your teeth experience down, "Pasteur brush your teeth" have no idea of use, but really tired hands!

2. Electric toothbrush: mainstream rotating vibration, acoustic wave brush two ways, some products with both intelligent matching.

first look at the head, and then look at the hair, is to see the sonic toothbrush manufacturer head, big head or small head, this is a problem.Electric toothbrush brush head is bigger, the coverage area is large, brushing "efficiency" is high, but the edge of the teeth corner locust corner may not brush, the result is often brushed white brush.The smaller the toothbrushes electric head, the finer the cleaning, and the higher the "quality" of the brushing, but it may have taken two to three minutes to sweep the mouth, and it turns out to take five minutes to brush, and doctors know that for most people, one minute may be too long.So the choice of the electric toothbrush head should follow a principle: try to choose a small head, but also not too small that the right small head is how small?Compare your teeth.

After looking at the head of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer, look at the bristles of the electric toothbrush. It is also a problem to see whether the bristles of the sonic toothbrush factory are hard or soft.The bristles of the electric toothbrush are too hard and the cleaning "efficiency" is high, but it is easy to damage the teeth and gums.The softer the bristles of an electric toothbrush, the better for tooth protection, but it is not easy to clean the plaque that is tightly attached to the tooth surface.So, electric toothbrush choose big head or small head, toothbrushes electric choose hard bristles or soft bristles also have a "egg pain" choice: electric toothbrush as far as possible to choose soft bristles, but also don't be too soft, how soft is the appropriate degree of softness?

Don't expect an sonic toothbrush factory to be a cure. It's a care product, more about maintaining your status quo when it's good, rather than trying to screw around with an electric toothbrush when you're already rotten.If the teeth are in bad condition, the first time is to see!Tooth!D!Instead of blindly testing all kinds of electric toothbrushes yourself!No electric toothbrush can be a godlike stone that will help you clean your teeth?Can you fill a gap in your teeth?Can it help you patch up the moving gum line?

Go to the dentist first, and then choose an electric toothbrush based on the dentist's advice, rather than relying on an sonic toothbrush factory to knock you out.

Part 3: Is it a rumor that toothbrushes electric hurt your teeth?How is the present situation of Chinese oral cavity?

We need to be sensible about this. We don't need to be overly alarmed or completely indifferent.

First of all, when I'm talking about a tooth injury, I don't mean that brushing with an sonic toothbrush factory will break a tooth, or cause a piece of tooth to be worn off...If someone says so, it's really a rumor.

If you feel as if you're being mercilessly whipped with an electric toothbrush, it must be hard and you need a soft one.Of course, in addition to the body to try "hair", there is another way to observe the tip of the sonic toothbrush , relative to the flat head, pointed bristles, the mechanical damage of the round head bristles on the gums is smaller, so choose the sonic toothbrush factory can choose a rounded tip.One drawback to this method is that you may need a magnifying glass to see the tip of the brush.So in the future, if you see someone with a magnifying glass in the electric toothbrush aisle of the supermarket, don't think they're crazy.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you need to replace an electric toothbrush head at least 3 to 4 months. This is because the bristles of the electric toothbrush will wear out and deform with use, which will reduce the effectiveness of brushing.In fact, it is not necessary to stick to the standard for 3 months. Some people brush their teeth especially hard, feeling like a pot brush. It is not a good habit to wear the electric toothbrush very much.So the standard of replacing an electric toothbrush is: first of all, we should follow the basic standard of replacing every 3 to 4 months.Secondly, if you find that the sonic toothbrush bristles are out of shape, large area of bending or the color of the brush bristles become pale, then immediately change it, you do not change, electric toothbrush itself are fried hair.

1) acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale acoustic electric toothbrush is not used to clean with sound waves, but the vibration frequency generated by electric toothbrush reaches the frequency of sound waves, so it is called acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale.It mainly depends on the high-speed motor to conduct kinetic energy to the rotation shaft, and then drive the brush handle vibration, so that the brush hair up and down or left and right reciprocating movement.Acoustic wave type because of its operation will not produce mechanical friction, so the stability is strong, the output power is relatively large.The disadvantage is that although the acoustic sonic toothbrush  is clean, but in the range of cleaning for rotary vibration is relatively limited.

2) The combination of the two combined rotating vibration and acoustic electric tooth brush advantages, on the basis of the sonic toothbrush wholesale category also has a comprehensive brushing mode of electric toothbrush, clean teeth at the same time can also avoid tooth damage.

The injury here is not only the wear and tear of the tooth surface, but also the damage caused by the electric tooth brush to the tooth enamel and the fragile and sensitive gingival nerves.If choose and buy into the inferior brush (such as low grinding rate of low-cost inferior brush) or motor technology doesn't work, such as uneven inferior motor vibration or shock way too violent, such as rotating vibration mode electric toothbrush is easy to cause injury tooth phenomenon, slightly irregular teeth can cause bleeding, gum sensitive gradually;Severe cases may lead to gingival line shift, tooth enamel damage, increased periodontitis, etc., these are irreversible problems, so don't think it has nothing to do with you.Secondly, not all electric toothbrushes are "tooth injury", on the contrary, there are many good workmanship electric toothbrushes, their tooth injury rate will be very low, will be more protective than manual toothbrush teeth and gums, so the focus depends on how you buy electric toothbrush.Let's take a look at the composition of the electric toothbrush. The sonic toothbrush  usually includes two parts: the brush head and the brush handle. The brush head is the main consideration for us to choose the electric tooth brush.There are a variety of electric toothbrush designs for different ages and specific oral conditions, which also reminds the two factors to be considered when choosing electric toothbrush from the side.For example, children and adults use electric toothbrushes of different sizes;Periodontal tissue (do not understand the understanding of gingiva) health conditions are different, the use of electric toothbrush bristles should have a certain degree of difference.According to the shape of the sonic toothbrush  head and the arrangement of the bristles, the electric tooth brush is divided into two categories: general type and special type.


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