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What is the principle of electric toothbrush cleaning teeth? What are the advantages over brushing your teeth manually?

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If it is more domestic "sonic electric toothbrush". Simply put, it is to simulate the principle of hand brushing, up and down repeatedly brush, but the speed is very fast, dozens of times the speed of the hand. Things to note about the use of the sonic electric toothbrush include: the method of brushing with the electric toothbrush is very simple. There is no need to manually swing the bristles on each tooth, just apply slight pressure, and stay on each tooth surface for at least 2 seconds to complete the cleaning process, which also has a good cleaning effect on the gap between teeth by using electric tooth brush. However, it should be noted that the electric toothbrush cannot replace the cleaning effect of dental floss after meals. Many people report a "tingling" feeling when they first use an electric toothbrush, which takes a while to get used to. First-time users of electric toothbrushes prepare a "first-time user cleaning plan", which is the most gentle and uses the standard 2-minute brushing time. Switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush increases the cleaning power and opens up the long stuffed gingival sulcus and cleans it effectively. This may cause bleeding in the first few uses, which is normal and a good start for your gums to become healthy. Generally continue to use a few times, bleeding phenomenon will disappear automatically. Use for a long time, still often have to brush your teeth bleeding, if it's not too hard, so it is possible that your gums have bigger problems, such as: excessive plaque, can irritate the gums and cause gum inflammation, swelling, congestion, light person in brushing your teeth, suck, bite hard objects or teeth might be bleeding, the person that weigh in mild stimulus or not will be bleeding. Other periodontal diseases may also cause bleeding gums. In this case, you are advised to go to the hospital for dental examination and treatment. The wrong electric toothbrush habit: 1. Instead of gently pressing the bristles on the tooth, brush up and down, or even "horizontally," like a manual toothbrush, while brushing your teeth. This is very wrong and can cause damage to enamel and gums. 2. Take too long to brush your teeth by toothbrushes electric. In general, 2-3 minutes is fine, but try not to take longer. 3. The error of the habit of brushing your teeth by electric sonic toothbrush, for example, just eat the sweet drinks, by this time the enamel will soften, then brush my teeth, and easy to wear and tear on the enamel, so we usually suggest: just ate a meal or drink, dessert, first with water gargle, 30 minutes, 1 hour later to brush your teeth, had restored the hardness that tooth enamel.

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