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What's so good about sonic toothbrushes?

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What's so good about sonic toothbrushes? Can't you brush it off with a regular toothbrush? Of course not. The bus brushing method is an international practice, and if you really care enough to brush for three minutes at a time, along with flossing, it's fine. From the effect of brushing, if you can carefully brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush, and master the correct brushing method, then it is more recommended to use a regular toothbrush. But in fact, sonic toothbrushes have a cleaning power that regular toothbrushes can't replace.

The electric toothbrush cleans where a regular toothbrush can. Electric toothbrushes can also be used where normal toothbrushes can't. The difference is that regular toothbrushes are hard to control because of the force and direction of manual operation, which can easily damage the surface of the mouth. The electric toothbrush can clean the mouth more safely and effectively because the motor rotates and the brush head runs automatically and the force is even.

The electric toothbrush is divided into rotary and acoustic type, which is essentially a vibration type. The current market believes that the acoustic type is better, and the rotary type is cleaner, but it may wear teeth more.

Will gradually feel that brushing your teeth is a very ritualistic thing, unlike the previous night feel sleepy, easily do not brush to sleep. At present, the living standard is gradually improving, and I really feel that within the scope of ability, you can choose a cost-effective electric toothbrush.

But no matter what type of product you choose, here are some things to keep in mind: Bristles. Good bristles can be fine but not sharp. Grinding rate, choose higher than 90% grinding rate. The higher the rate, the better. Frequency: The higher the frequency, the stronger the cleaning ability, too strong cleaning effect will also bring tooth wear, so moderate is good. Battery life and charging mode: The longer the battery life, the better. Charging modes are basically divided into seat charging and Type-c charging modes. Complimentary products: complimentary products are to save money in the future, especially in the later 2-3 months need to change a brush head. So, the more luxurious the gift package, the better.

Choose sonic toothbrush mainly look at the following points:

1, the cleaning effect of electric toothbrush selection in the first place must be the cleaning effect, this is no doubt.

2. Working mode The working mode of electric toothbrush includes sound wave mode and rotation mode. The acoustic mode is soft, and the rotation mode is rough. In general, choose the sound wave mode of the electric toothbrush is better.

3, mute effect some electric toothbrush work when the noise is particularly loud, it is easy to disturb others. When we choose an electric toothbrush, we should choose a less noisy electric toothbrush.

4, bristles directly affect the feeling of our brushing and cleaning effect. A good electric toothbrush should have neat bristles and smooth tips. The overall quality of the bristles will be comfortable and clean more thoroughly when brushing.

5. The durability of electric toothbrushes is easier to damage than ordinary toothbrushes, but the price of electric toothbrushes is much higher than ordinary toothbrushes. If it is very easy to damage or let a person very distressed, we should choose a durable, long life toothbrush when choosing electric toothbrush.

6, battery life the battery life of electric toothbrush is very important. We should choose a strong battery life when choosing an electric toothbrush.

7, waterproof first electric toothbrush when working to contact with water, two electric toothbrush has been placed in the wet toilet. Therefore, we must pay attention to waterproof when choosing electric toothbrush. That's how to choose an electric toothbrush.

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