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What's the difference among different sonic electric toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrush is not what age of children can (suitable) use!This problem is very important. Mothers who do not know this may start to use sonic toothbrush factory for their babies when their children are 2 or 3 years old. In fact, it is not recommended to use electric toothbrushes for their babies at this early age, because, first of all, sonic toothbrush manufacturer vibrate quickly, and children are too young and their baby teeth have not yet fully developed.High frequency vibration of electric toothbrush factory may cause percussion injury to teeth and affect tooth replacement.Second, many sonic toothbrush manufacturer handles are relatively large, children are too small, it is not easy to hold the vibration of the sonic toothbrush factory handle, but easy to damage the tender gums, leading to gingiva swelling bleeding and other situations;Again, when children brush their teeth, they are easy to be distracted. If they put the electric toothbrush factory on one or several teeth for a long time, it may cause excessive wear and tear on the enamel. This kind of improper operation causes damage to the teeth, which is very painful.Therefore, I personally recommend that children are too young to use electric toothbrush (at least not for a long time). At what age is it recommended to use electronic toothbrush?Don't let your child use an electric toothbrush manufacturer before the age of six, according to an analysis by a leading US website.That is to say, it is generally recommended that children's electric toothbrushes be used after the age of 6.

Buying an electric toothbrush manufacturer is more than 10 times more expensive than buying a regular toothbrush, but you think you're getting an electronic toothbrush?No, you're buying a service, a robot to brush your teeth.It is a merciless brushing machine, it is skilled, good technology, fast, gentle and considerate, can go into every corner, bring you a new experience.The biggest advantage is the province!Save time, effort and worry.The average life expectancy is now 77, with a discount of 70.From the age of two and a half, I began to brush my teeth with an electric tooth brush. At the age of five, I began to brush my teeth independently with an kids electric toothbrush. Two times a day, one time is not less than 3 minutes.Using sonic toothbrush , even never use sonic electric toothbrush is not pap method of brushing your teeth, brush brush your teeth are just 2 minutes at a time can achieve the same cleaning effect, only half the time required, and can insist on every day by the pap brush method,he biggest advantage of an electric tooth brush over a manual one is the cleanliness of the brush.Secondly, now electric toothbrushes are human, not regularly remind function sonic electric toothbrush are embarrassed to take out and sold it, 2 minutes time, remind is now almost every 30 s in area with an kids electric toothbrush, it can better help you form a good habit of brushing your teeth, at the same time can help you clean every corner of the mouth, you only need to put it in there,Then wait for the sonic sonic toothbrush to move by itself.

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