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What's the use of an electric toothbrush?

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What's the use of an electric toothbrush?


With the improvement of Chinese people's awareness of oral care, electric toothbrush have entered the public's vision and become household items for oral care, causing harm to oral health. In order to make everyone safer to use sonic toothbrush , today as a health blogger, we will start from revealing the dangers of sonic toothbrush , and talk about the relevant knowledge of sonic toothbrush , so that everyone can fully understand.


1. The dangers of toothbrushes electric


What are the dangers of toothbrushes electric? Nowadays, there are too many unprofessional electric tooth brush products on the market, and the quality of Chinese teeth is generally poor. More than 90 percent have periodontal disease. I think I have oral health and I don't pay enough attention to the choice of oral care products. Once I choose and use electric tooth brush incorrectly, the harm of electric tooth brush is inevitable.


The harm of sonic electric toothbrush is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:


Danger 1. Excessive wear of tooth enamel. Reduce tooth protection ability, cause toothache, tooth sensitivity symptoms.


Danger 2. In our country, almost everyone suffers from dental problems. If you choose an unprofessional sonic electric toothbrush, it is easy to aggravate the basic diseases of teeth!


Danger 3. There may be a risk of chronic tooth damage. Users often don't notice an anomaly for months or even years. When they are found, there are often irreversible dental consequences, such as receding gums and loosening of teeth.

2. Stay away from the hardest hit areas of tooth damage: Four shopping taboos


Everyone is aware of the dangers of kids electric toothbrush. In fact, the main reason that kids electric toothbrush harm your teeth is that you are exposed to taboos when buying an kids electric toothbrush. This title summarizes the four major taboos of buying an electronic toothbrush, hoping to help you avoid the danger of dental damage:


Taboo 1. Believe that electronic toothbrush can quickly whiten


In principle, electronic toothbrush do not have the function of fast tooth whitening and fast cleaning of teeth bacteria. Many unscrupulous businesses use this as a publicity stunt to attract beauty lovers and consumers with oral problems. Even if electric toothbrush manufacturer can whiten teeth quickly, The required vibration frequency and power intensity will be very high, far more than the gums and teeth can withstand, and the damage to the teeth will be very large.


Taboo 2. Buying electric toothbrush manufacturer blindly


Almost everyone in the country has an oral problem, and early and middle stage dental disease is almost painless, neither painful nor itchy. Many people feel that their oral health is very healthy and do not pay attention to the choice of teeth cleaning tools. They blindly buy online celebrity brands, and cross-border big brand electric toothbrush manufacturer have also caused frequent tooth damage cases.


No. 3. Choose products with excessive vibration

Too much power of electric toothbrush factory can easily cause tooth damage. Today, many brands on the market are blindly increasing the frequency of vibration. There's too much vibration. When the gums recede and the teeth become loose, the user realizes that their teeth have been damaged, at which point the situation is irreversible.


Taboo 4. Blindly buy cheap products.


In order to compete on price, many brands are frantically reducing costs. As a result, the quality, details, motors and other materials of electric toothbrush factory are very rough and inferior. Bleeding and cracked toothbrushes are common after brushing! Some do not care about the user's oral safety, deliberately piled high vibration frequency to highlight the cleaning force, it is easy to damage the teeth after use, so do not buy inexpensive.
3. Why are sonic toothbrush manufacturer so popular


Since the harm of sonic toothbrush manufacturer is objective, why are sonic toothbrush factory so popular? Due to the poor quality of the dentin of the Chinese people, 97% of the Chinese people suffer from periodontal disease (as shown in the figure below), manual toothbrushes have been difficult to improve people's oral conditions. Dentists recommend that Chinese people use sonic toothbrush factory, and the benefits of electric toothbrush wholesale are the main reason for their popularity.


The use of electric toothbrush wholesale has great benefits for the mouth, and its benefits are mainly reflected in the following points:


Advantage 1: Sonic toothbrush wholesale cleaning power is stronger, can effectively prevent and improve oral problems


In areas with a high incidence of dental disease, such as the root of the tooth, the space between the teeth, and the gum line, Wisdom teeth, etc., manual toothbrushes often leave dead corners for cleaning, and the cleaning power of sonic toothbrush wholesale is dozens of times that of manual toothbrushes, and the cleaning coverage is also very wide, which can dilute dental plaque, prevent and improve various oral problems.


Benefit two: It has the effect of whitening teeth


Sonic toothbrush wholesale have the ability to remove stubborn tartar, slow the formation of tartar, and make teeth more white and dazzling!


Benefit No. 3: You can get rid of bad breath at its root


Electric toothbrush agency are great for refreshing your breath! Our oral environment is a confined space, And manual toothbrushes clean a lot of dead spots, food residue is easy to remain, after fermentation will lead to bad breath. An electric toothbrush agency cleans thoroughly, has no dead corners, and removes bad breath from the roots.


Advantage 4: The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush agency is stable and uniform, and the cleaning force is controllable


An sonic toothbrush agency cleans the mouth with a steady, even frequency of vibration. Strength can be precisely controlled for better teeth cleaning results. However, manual toothbrushes require independent control by the user, and many details are located relatively far away due to the remote Angle. It's also hard to clean.

Advantage 5: Sonic toothbrush agency saves time and effort


Electric toothbrush dealer save time and effort. Brushing for two minutes is better than ten minutes with a manual toothbrush, and most people brush their teeth in a hurry, which is worse.


In particular, we should remind you that although electric toothbrush dealer have many benefits, we should still be careful of the false publicity of businesses. Do not listen to the marketing of many cross-border and Internet celebrity brands on the market that do not hurt your teeth. Know the facts and keep your eyes open when buying. The following is the test data of the cleanliness index and tooth protection index of the electric toothbrush dealer that I have found for you from professional testing institutions. You may want to use this as a guide to find an sonic toothbrush dealer that really cleans well and doesn't harm your teeth.
4. Eight ways to avoid damaging your teeth by choosing a high-quality sonic toothbrush dealer


Through the previous analysis of the hazards and purchase contraindicates of sonic toothbrush dealer, you can realize that the purchase of electric toothbrush trader is very important. It can be said that whether the purchase is right determines whether it is harmful. So how to choose an electric toothbrush trader? Here's a summary of eight buying methods that can help you choose a quality electric toothbrush trader:


1. Choose an sonic toothbrush trader with certain endurance and waterproof ability


It is recommended to choose an sonic toothbrush trader with a battery life of more than two months, otherwise it will be often charged, and the waterproof level should also reach IPX7 or above, which is easy to clean the whole body and is not easy to be damaged by moisture. In this way, the service life of the product will be longer.

2. Don't blindly follow celebrities to endorse products


Buy an sonic toothbrush trader must be scientific and reasonable, do not blindly follow the products endorsed by the stars, because most of the products endorsed by the stars do not upgrade the products in time. This sonic toothbrush trader lags behind the industry in terms of battery life, technology and tooth protection effectiveness. This development is not even comparable to some emerging domestic brands. Therefore, when choosing an electric toothbrush company product, you must understand the details of the product, confirm whether it is suitable for you, and then decide to buy the product.


3. First choose a sonic electric toothbrush company
Acoustic electric toothbrush company clean the mouth in the form of acoustic vibrations. It has a soft sense of use and a wide range of cleaning capabilities. It can also speed up blood circulation in the mouth, promote metabolism, and reduce the prevalence of dental diseases. Another kind of rotary sonic toothbrush company, although the cleaning power is good, but wear teeth more serious, easy to damage their own tooth enamel, more noise, so it is not recommended. Sonic sonic toothbrush company is more suitable.


4. Buy a trial support


Now the parameter Settings of sonic toothbrush company are not much different. It is almost impossible to judge the quality of sonic toothbrush company by looking, and many key technologies need users to try to feel. Therefore, I recommend that you choose a brand of electric toothbrush supplier that you can try, which can return a large number of counterfeit products and avoid unnecessary costs for consumers!

5. Buy a professional electric toothbrush supplier


Be careful when buying so-called influencer brands and crossover brands. These products are usually found in OEM factories. The basic quality looks good, but it's actually good for gum protection, crowd matching, vibration frequency range, etc. In terms of optimization in all aspects, it is just to achieve a passing grade, relying on a lot of money for marketing, and using a lot of short and fast advertising to cut the leek. Dental problems, gum receding, loose teeth, etc. So when you buy an electric toothbrush supplier, you should check whether the sonic toothbrush supplier product is reliable and professional enough.


6. If the rounding rate is less than 80%, please do not buy Everyone should pay attention to the quality of the brush head, such as roundness, at least 80%, the higher the better. If the rounding rate is not up to standard, the rough bristles are easy to hurt the teeth during use. Therefore, when buying an sonic toothbrush supplier, you should check whether the rounding rate of the sonic toothbrush supplier reaches more than 80%.


7. Pay attention to the swing Angle, it is best to control within 3-9 degrees


Choose an electric toothbrush vendor with a swing range within 3-9 degrees, because the swing has an important impact on the cleaning and dental care effect of the electric toothbrush vendor, so do not ignore it when buying.


8. The preferred motor is the magnetic levitation motor


The motor is like the heart of an electric toothbrush vendor. The quality of the motor is poor, and the vibration frequency of the sonic toothbrush vendor is fast and slow, which is easy to hurt the teeth. Therefore, everyone should choose a product with a magnetic levitation motor, which is powerful and stable.


In fact, when choosing an electric toothbrush bulk, keep two principles in mind. One is to try more, choose a brand that can be tried, and don't buy unpackaged and non-refundable products. The second principle is to choose a professional brand that suits different people. Compatibility will be better and the chance of tooth injury will be greatly reduced!


That's all I have to share with you today. Oral health is very important. It is best to use an sonic toothbrush bulk as soon as possible. It helps us clean our teeth effectively, Prevent and improve dental diseases, whiten teeth, freshen breath. However, we should also be careful about the harm of sonic toothbrush bulk, stay away from the unprofessional products of Internet celebrity brands and cross-border brands, and look for professional brands with technical strength.


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