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What should I pay attention to when buying a water flosser

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What should I pay attention to when buying a water flosser

As an oral cleaning tool, the oral douche is very effective for oral cleaning and I use it all the time myself. But perhaps because the oral douche has just emerged in China, many friends do not know much about the dental douche, especially in the purchase, used to follow the trend or listen to the star with goods, which led to a pit. Spent a month planning an in-depth evaluation of the water flosser: I hope we can use the real evaluation to tell you the purchasing skills of the water flosser, so as not to step on the pit, and really choose the product suitable for your mouth! Many reports of water flosser manufacturer (also known as dental floss) Being viewed on the Internet, many of them feel bad after being teased and used. Most bad experiences start with products that only cause gums and cross-border brands to become popular online. In order to reduce research and development costs and quickly launch products, these products are produced by Oems. OEM factories not only do not adjust parameters such as the balance stability of effluent grams, but also use cheap materials to manufacture products, leading to serious quality problems and high rates of tooth damage. 300% higher than professional products. Today I will summarize some high-quality water flosser manufacturer for you. Is it necessary for ordinary people to use water flosser manufacturer? Data show that the overall quality of Chinese oral cavity is generally low, and the national oral health rate is less than 1%. This suggests that most of us have problems with our oral health, which is not optimistic. In order to better clean and protect the mouth, Traditional cleaning tools no longer meet the needs, so dental experts strongly recommend the use of water flosser factory. First of all, the oral douche can make up for the cleaning blind area of the toothbrush, and spray water with high pressure, and the water can enter the hidden back of the teeth, the gum groove, the teeth and so on. The plaque that accumulates in these places can also be washed away, preventing oral diseases from occurring at the root. These areas are at high risk for dental disease, Because traditional manual toothbrushes don't brush properly. In addition, its water flow can massage and stimulate the gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache, inhibit gum bleeding, very suitable for orthodontic use. Finally, if you use the oral douche for a long time, you can also achieve the effect of refreshing breath and whitening teeth! As can be seen from the above, the use of water flosser factory brings benefits to our mouths, but not all water flosser factory have these benefits. Some oral irrigator manufacturer not only do no good, but also can be seriously harmful to teeth. So before we buy oral irrigator manufacturer, we must find out what should be paid attention to when buying oral irrigator manufacturer. Many friends don't know how to choose an oral irrigator factory, so I have brought you six tips to get started, and hopefully it will help you. Choose products that are more professional and have a higher dental care index. The quality and materials of these low-cost oral irrigator factory are not up to standard. In order to reduce costs, improvements have been made to the quality, specifications and materials of motors, pumps, etc. Will be poorer! In addition, almost all manufacturers lack the ability to adjust and optimize technologies such as motors and pumps, which means that in addition to poor material quality, there is no need for technical research and adjustment. As a result, the rate of tooth damage is 300% higher than that of professional products. 2. Don't buy IQ tax products. Beware of influencer brands and crossover brands. Most of them are new and lack industry experience. Due to the lack of expertise and technical accumulation, they chose to work in the advertising and marketing business and pay a solid intelligence tax. Most products have a high rate of tooth damage. 3. High product compatibility. We all know that Chinese people have poor oral quality, which requires us to choose a highly compatible oral douche to cope with the complex oral environment and the changing oral state during childbirth. For example, the water flosser wholesale has a variety of nozzles, a variety of product gear modes, and a large force span, which can meet the cleaning needs and effectively care for the mouth. 4. Choose water mist products. The finer the spray, the more concentrated the impact. For those blind spots that can also be cleaned and flushed, a flow diameter between 0.55 and 0.7mm is an ideal parameter. If the water flow is not fine or concentrated enough, the cleaning effect will not be very good. 5. Check whether the water tank is removable before purchase. Only removable water tanks can be thoroughly cleaned. The water in the tank is always wet, and the tap water inside contains many bacteria. Only when it is detachable can it be really clean. 6. Choose products with a guaranteed after-sales policy: Products that can be tried are our top priority, because even if we buy an unsuitable product, there will be no waste. On the other hand, the warranty period should be considered. If the warranty is less than one year, don't consider it. Only when we have more options can we have more warranties. The main function of the oral douche is to clean these dental plaque, which can better avoid the occurrence of oral diseases such as periodontal disease. However, it should not be chosen on its merits alone. Oral douches also carry the risk of dental injury, so you have to be careful. What should I pay attention to when buying an water flosser wholesale? In order to let everyone escape from the pit, I summarized several reasons for tooth injury combined with experience, the specific analysis is as follows: 1. The appropriate oral irrigator wholesale was not selected according to the individual dentin condition. The quality of teeth in China is generally low, and statistics show that more than 80% of the population in China suffers from oral diseases of varying degrees, resulting in low tolerance. In this respect, Europe and the US are in much better shape. Therefore, if you blindly pursue foreign brands, or blindly pursue ultra-high impact oral irrigator wholesale, and it must be suitable for your own dentin condition, then it is easy to damage your teeth.2. Buy an inferior oral irrigator wholesale. If you buy an inferior water flosser agency, the probability of tooth damage will be greatly increased. On the one hand, the pump power used in poor water flosser agency is unstable, resulting in higher and higher pressure, resulting in unstable water outlets, which causes tooth damage. On the other hand, the materials and internal technical software used in such products cannot meet the requirements and may also lead to dental damage. 3. Choose a powerful cleaning water flosser agency. Nowadays, there are many oral irrigator agency that have too much influence on the market. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. One is to cater to the common cleaning anxiety of modern people. Secondly, sellers ignore the current situation of the human mouth and only care about immediate profits. They continually superimpose pulse frequency performance, increasing impact force and causing severe dental damage to the user. Does the average person want an oral irrigator agency ? Our oral quality is very poor, more than 90% of Chinese people suffer from oral problems. Look at everyone's verbal status so far, I found that the main problems are: our oral environment often changes significantly, the condition of the mouth is getting worse, and the oral tissue is fragile. It is difficult to rely on traditional mouth cleaning tools to deal with this condition, so dentists recommend that everyone can use an oral douche. The advantages of using an oral douche are as follows: 1. Make up for the shortcomings of the toothbrush. Toothbrushes are difficult to clean areas such as gum gaps, cavities and roots. Inadequate cleaning of these areas can easily lead to dental disease, which is also known as a high-risk area for dental disease. An water flosser dealer can penetrate into these areas to clean and also address the plaque that forms, making oral cleaning more efficient. profit 2: Massage the gums to improve the symptoms of bleeding gums. During the cleaning process of the oral douche, it will massage the gums, which can relieve the fatigue of the gums and promote the blood circulation of the periodontal tissues, thereby improving the bleeding symptoms of the gums. Advantage 3: Suitable for orthodontic use. The oral douche also cleans the blind area caused by the braces and relieves the pressure placed on the gums by the braces, thus helping the orthodontist to clean and care for the mouth efficiently. profit 4: Freshen breath and whiten teeth. An oral douche cleans residue, soft dirt, and plaque and macula from your mouth. Insist on using, can fresh breath, whiten teeth four, oral douche has the shortcoming of tooth injury? If you do not know what to pay attention to when buying an oral douche, you can blindly follow the trend and start with an oral douche, which can easily lead to harmful shortcomings after using an oral douche. The specific performance is as follows. The quality of our mouths is not as optimistic as people think. According to current statistics, nearly 90% of Chinese people suffer from oral diseases. Due to the unique nature of dental disease, it is difficult for people to detect it in the early and middle stages, so many friends believe that their oral health is healthy. As a result, people don't know enough about their oral condition. If they choose an oral douche at will, it will be difficult to choose the right product for them, which will lead to serious tooth damage! Shortcoming 1. Damage to our gums, resulting in red gums, inflammation, frequent bleeding, gum atrophy, periodontal disease and other adverse symptoms. Disadvantage: 2. It can cause tooth damage because oral douches wear down the teeth, causing damage to the enamel on the surface of the teeth, and exposure to Dentin can cause tooth sensitivity. Weakness No. 3. It can worsen oral diseases. Everyone's mouth is plagued by oral diseases. Some oral douches not only can't help us solve the problem, but also destroy the balance of the oral environment, worsen the oral state, and lead to the aggravation of oral diseases. As we all know, the use of electric toothbrush can thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth, but this area only accounts for 60% of the mouth, and the remaining 40% is difficult to clean the teeth, gingival groove, posterior incision and other parts. Food debris and plaque remaining in these hidden areas need to be thoroughly cleaned with an oral douche, so an oral douche and an electric toothbrush are complementary oral cleaning tools and cannot be substituted for each other. The complete cleaning process is to first use an electric toothbrush, and then use an oral irrigator to assist the dead area, thus achieving a 100% oral cleaning effect. Neither is indispensable, Nor can they replace each other. For most Chinese, bleeding is normal the first time you use an oral irrigator. Because the oral quality of Chinese people is general, 80% of adults have varying degrees of periodontal disease, it is inevitable that there will be slight bleeding. However, if bleeding still occurs after multiple uses of the oral douche, it may be due to improper use of the oral irrigator. To say the least, even if you have a good mouth, overpowering cordless water flosser can irritate healthy gum tissue and cause pain, bleeding, and tooth damage over the long term. Not to mention the overall low oral quality of most people these days. Therefore, when choosing an cordless water flosser, attention should be paid to the type that is gentle and does not harm the teeth. In addition, some low-priced products should also be carefully selected. In order to reduce costs, the materials and core technology of these low-priced products are poor. Poor quality pump coupled with rough structural design, resulting in poor precision of water column, water uneven stability. They are either too small to clean poorly, or too large to damage the teeth easily. Cleanliness is the basic condition for evaluating the quality of irrigator dental. If an oral douche does not achieve even the most basic and thorough cleaning, then no other function is useful. There are many factors that affect the cleaning ability of an irrigator dental. The thickness of the water flow, the influence of the water flow, and the stability of the water flow all affect the final cleaning effect, and these factors depend on the design of the motor, pump, and nozzle. If the dental oral irrigator uses a high-quality motor, the water flow will be very stable and there will be no fast and slow situation. The power of the pump provides the basic guarantee for the flow impact force. In addition, the design of the nozzle may affect the accuracy of the water flow. Therefore, when purchasing dental oral irrigator, the evaluation of cleaning power should be comprehensively judged.


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