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When choosing oral irrigator

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When choosing oral irrigator, I specially checked oral irrigator from various major shopping platforms. All kinds of products and brands made my head bald.

The frequency of the oral irrigator is divided into fixed frequency and frequency conversion. The fixed frequency is the fixed frequency, and you can refer to the time/minute in the parameter. If you want to use an oral irrigator with fixed frequency, I recommend to use an oral irrigator with 1200 times/minute, because it has the best cleaning effect.

In a certain range of frequency conversion, it is recommended to choose a relatively large range of frequency conversion water flosser for the frequency conversion water flosser, which has a wide range of application. (It can be used by the elderly, children and people with sensitive teeth.)

Because the water flosser is inseparable from water, the waterproof of the water flosser is very important. The waterproof grade IPX7 on the market is relatively good. In addition, it is suggested that there is no leakage protection function when choosing the water flosser, and the quality of the nozzle material.

If used scientifically, using an oral irrigator every day will not damage your gums! I now punch my teeth with an oral irrigator every day. Because the teeth always plug things, eat some meat or mushroom will inevitably plug, with tongue hook for a long time cramps or hook down, fingers can not find, toothpick can not scrape down, at home is ok, outside have to endure all the time, really very difficult to bear! In addition, after eating food, the food residue and bacteria will always hide in the gum gap between the teeth, resulting in the growth of dental plaque over time, the formation of tartar, dental stones, which is also the main cause of gum inflammation, daily brushing bleeding, every day will doubt whether the teeth are going to fall out!

But, after using the oral irrigator, it really so good! The gum gap between the teeth is always clean, I used to think that the inside of the mouth is always not clean, rinsing is of no help, the teeth impact device is different, can make the mouth really clean and fresh, do not have to worry about the embarrassing situation of hanging vegetables leaves on the teeth!

It should be emphasized that the oral irrigator can prevent or prolong tooth stones, improve gingival strength, prevent wisdom teeth and other effects. In the daily rinse the food residue and soft scale rinse clean, can effectively avoid and prolong the accumulation and hardening of dental stones!

However, using the oral irrigator incorrectly can really damage your gums! Special attention should be paid to the water pressure range, gear mode, nozzle, tank capacity and endurance of the oral irrigator, especially the water pressure range!

The lower the value of the water pressure range of the oral irrigator, the softer it will be, and the higher the value, the stronger it will be. The softer one must be selected for the first use, and the better the mode is adjusted before use, otherwise it is likely to be bled by the water column.

Therefore, it is recommended that the best choice of the first use of the oral irrigator is a wide range of water pressure values or low!

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