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Which brand of electric toothbrush is good? The electric toothbrush that the rich use.

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-16      Origin: Site

How to have a white healthy teeth? It is important to develop good brushing habits by choosing a toothbrush that is suitable for your oral condition. But if you choose the wrong electric toothbrush, it can have the opposite effect. My teeth are not very good, brushing every day is also three days of fishing and two days of drying net, some time ago, I got a miscellaneous brand electric toothbrush, evaluation results to share with you: said in the front: At that time, the electric toothbrush bought by  cost nearly 10,000 yuan, which is the only one of its kind, setting a new record for the world's most expensive electric toothbrush. However, in my opinion, this is the high-end electric toothbrush in the real sense. Although it has been imitated by other brands, it has never been surpassed. Although the price is a little high, this electric toothbrush is chosen in one step. Presumably this is also the main reason why this electric toothbrush has been in the forefront of the popular electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush is really good, whether it is product quality, cleanliness, comfort or endurance, almost reached an extreme, especially 32 different cleaning solutions and LED display of similar products, the use experience is unparalleled. In general, this electric toothbrush is a perfect model, with no disadvantages except that it is expensive. It not only has excellent core performance, but also is undoubtedly the leader of high-end electric toothbrush in the current electric toothbrush market. It is no wonder that rich people are using this electric toothbrush. If you ask me if it's worth it, my answer is yes. If you have enough money, you won't regret buying it. But after all, it is not a small amount, we should do what we can, do not impulse spending yo.

Electric toothbrush brand is becoming more and more and more than thousands of brands, but how to choose the electric toothbrush is a very difficult thing, plus inferior electric toothbrush injury tooth, lead to wear and tear of teeth and poking fun at more and more, and now in the market a lot of electric toothbrush to cater to the user for clean force, rapid whitening, etc. All need are geared pursue clean force, The high rate of tooth injuries cast a shadow over the industry, making many consumers afraid to buy electric toothbrushes! How to choose electric toothbrush? As a rigorous oral blogger, I have come into contact with more than 50 types of electric toothbrushes, so I have a certain understanding of Chinese teeth and electric toothbrushes industry! Before the laboratory evaluation of 8 types of electric toothbrushes, I first summarized and analyzed some reasons that affected tooth injury and tooth gum wear of electric toothbrushes. Just so you can understand why you're doing some experimental tests.

1. The hardness of electric toothbrush bristles is also a factor of tooth injury. It is advisable to choose moderate or even soft strength bristles. 3, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush should not be too large, 30,000-40000 times per minute is more appropriate, too small vibration frequency brush is not clean, too large vibration frequency is very hurt teeth! 4. The bristle roundness rate of electric toothbrush must be high. If the bristle roundness rate is lower than 90%, it will stimulate the teeth more. Of course, the promotion of 100% roundness rate is relatively empty.

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