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Which is better, a cheap electric toothbrush or a regular manual one?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: Site

Cheap means dozens of yuan of electric toothbrush, if only in the cleaning ability which will be better?

It is not recommended to use cheap electric toothbrush, because bristle material and motor are the key costs of electric toothbrush. Too cheap electric toothbrush is not comfortable to brush, and may even cause other damage to teeth and gums.

Families would rather use a manual toothbrush than a cheap electric toothbrush, because with a cheap electric toothbrush, the brush head may not meet the requirements of the poor quality of the shape, size and bristles of how rounded. The shape should be in line with the shape of the teeth, as small as possible, and the roundness rate of the bristles should be higher, so as not to hurt the gums. The national standard is not less than 50% adult electric toothbrush, children electric toothbrush roundness rate is not less than 70%, the higher the roundness rate, but the corresponding cleaning force is almost. However, under the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush, the higher roundness rate will not affect the cleaning effect. Dupont soft bristle brush head, moderate hardness, not only can not hurt gums and ensure adequate cleanliness. Manual toothbrush is certainly cheaper than electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush is the best one, but also more than 80 pieces, cleaning area is large, really good fried chicken! To find out how to pick a good manual or electric toothbrush, I put the links below, and you need to help yourself.

I would like to ask whether the feeling of brushing teeth is consistent from the manual toothbrush of a few yuan to the electric toothbrush of a dozen pieces. A few dollars of toothbrush, brush the teeth to lose hair let alone, and the bristles are very hard, almost once used, gum brush bleeding once. And ten dollars of electric toothbrush, not to mention cleaning ability, at least the brush is very soft. It is also designed to be comfortable to hold and brush your teeth. If you're going to buy a cheap, ten-piece electric toothbrush, buy a ten-piece manual toothbrush instead.

Tell me the difference between a few dozen electric toothbrushes and a few hundred electric toothbrushes, although both are effective at cleaning teeth. We all understand the truth of goods for a penny, how to daily necessities, incredibly this can not carry it? Dozens of yuan of electric toothbrush, hold in the hand no texture, brush your teeth hum super loud, feel like demolition. There is also the issue of charging and battery life. The motor performance of a good electric toothbrush has passed strict short circuit test to ensure waterproof and safety, and can be used for 1 to 3 months on a charge. Cheap electric toothbrushes weigh much less in the hand than regular brands, because the motor quality is certainly not that good, and there may even be charging safety issues. Brushing teeth has no experience and enjoyment. The sensitive mode and gentle mode of the big-brand electric toothbrush are as gentle and comfortable as doing a gum SPA, while the cheap toothbrush will only make your mouth feel numb. In fact, many brands of electric toothbrushes are cost-effective and affordable.

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