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Which is better, an electric toothbrush or an manual toothbrush?

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In order to let you more clearly understand the difference between ordinary toothbrush and electric toothbrush use experience, small make up from the following four aspects for you to introduce it in detail.


First, the first aspect: the brushing method. Ordinary toothbrushes are cleaned by hand. We need to change the direction manually by ourselves. Sometimes, it is difficult to clean the place where the tooth sticks to the gums. From a scientific point of view, the 10 degree brushing method of electric tooth brush is recommended, with the design electric toothbrush pointing to the root tip at a 10 degree Angle from the long axis of the tooth. According to the medical expert, this Angle of 10° can better clean every crevices of the teeth. If we had to manually adjust the regular toothbrush to 10 degrees, it would be very laborious and time-consuming. Our toothbrushes electric is designed according to the scientific point of view. The body is naturally twisted by sonic electric toothbrush head. After the entrance, the brush head and teeth automatically fit at 10 degrees, so there is no need to manually adjust, which makes business electric toothbrush brushing more convenient and cleaner.


The second aspect: the intensity of cleaning. Ordinary toothbrush is manual cleaning, manual vibration frequency no matter how fast will not be faster than electric sonic toothbrush, sonic electric toothbrush is high-frequency vibration, can reach 48,000 times/minute, cleaning effect is of course better. And sonic electric toothbrush a lso has four kinds of brushing mode, cleaning mode, whitening mode, sensitive mode, massage mode, can adapt to the needs of different occasions. Small make up often use massage mode, brush teeth clean is a kind of enjoyment, not like before always feel trouble to brush teeth.


The third dimension is security. Ordinary toothbrushes are cleaned manually, so it is easy to grasp the bad strength. Moreover, it is difficult to choose the brush thread of ordinary toothbrushes. We rarely study the brush thread, so it often leads to gingival bleeding due to brushing. And sonic electric toothbrush elected is imported dupont brush wire, industry recognized as the best brush wire, and brush wire is 99% round, will not harm the oral tissue. The tooth brush electric also has a smart pressure sensor technology that automatically reduces the vibration when it detects too much force, making it safer to brush. After using this sonic electric toothbrush, there is almost no bleeding in the brushing. The shock and touch of the brush are very comfortable.


The 4th respect: beautiful white effect. The cleaning effect of ordinary toothbrush is not as strong as that of electric toothbrush, and the whitening effect is more general naturally. The sonic electric toothbrush has been tested by the first listed company in the domestic testing industry. It has been proved that the whitening degree of the teeth increased by 14% after seven days of using the sonic electric toothbrush, and the whitening ability of the teeth is 3.5 times that of ordinary toothbrushes. When I used to use an ordinary toothbrush, I always felt the root part of the tooth was very yellow. After using a sonic electric toothbrush for a month, I obviously felt that the root part of the tooth became white. Now, after using it for more than a year, the tooth looks much whiter than before.


The sonic electric toothbrush also has a long battery life and is waterproof, and can last for half a year on a single charge, compared with only twice a year. In general, use is very convenient, now also very new, this year more than small change three brush head, feel the body can also use two or three years. So in general, our electric toothbrushes are more worthy of choice than ordinary toothbrushes. Besides, this sonic electric toothbrush has a high level of appearance and many girls like it. If a guy wants to give a gift to his girlfriend, this electric toothbrush is also a good idea. It has a good appearance and is practical.

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