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Which is the best electric toothbrush manufacturer?

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1. Why choose an electric toothbrush manufacturer? 1. The human mouth contains about 100 million microbes per square centimeter, and more than 500 kinds of bacteria. Bacteria are produced all the time. If you don't clean your teeth properly every day, yellow teeth, cavities, bad breath, plaque, sensitive teeth... One of the effective ways to remove bacteria is by repeated rubbing. However, while traditional toothbrushes brush at a rate of about 300 times per minute, electric toothbrush manufacturer  brush at a rate of about 2,000 times per second or more. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush manufacturer is higher than that of traditional toothbrush. 2. electric toothbrush factory vibrate through sound waves to break toothpaste into tiny foam, clean gaps and remove tartar. A regular toothbrush is difficult to clean by rotating or pressing your teeth. 3. electric toothbrush factory are perfect for lazy people like me. It's no secret that my doctor advised me to brush my teeth for more than three minutes each time. When I use a regular toothbrush, I never stick to brushing for more than 3 minutes, so I get cavities. Using an electric toothbrush factory, I can easily complete the task of brushing for 3 minutes. 2, how to choose the correct sonic toothbrush manufacturer (refer to hundred) 1. Vibration frequency: Vibration frequency should not exceed 40,000 times per minute. Too fast to damage teeth, too slow to clean with enough force. 2. Mode selection: Try to choose an sonic toothbrush manufacturer with at least 3 mode gears. 3. Rotary and acoustic wave: try to choose acoustic vibration sonic toothbrush manufacturer, because rotary sonic toothbrush factory wear degree is high, not recommended for most Chinese people. Bristle hardness: Bristle hardness is a key point. The Chinese are more comfortable with soft bristles, but they should not be too soft. If it is too soft, it will not clean well. Especially pregnant women, nursing mothers, severe tooth decay, periodontitis patients, to try to choose soft bristles. 5. Roundness of bristles: the roundness of bristles should be above 80%. 6. After-sales policy: Choose brands that can be returned for no reason. Do you think brushing a sonic toothbrush factory means turning on the power switch and putting it in your mouth? This is a big mistake. While the sonic toothbrush factory  isn't difficult to use, it's not a "dumb" brushing tool. Beginners recommend choosing a sonic toothbrush factory  with small amplitude and light vibration. One of the core components of an electric toothbrush wholesale is the motor. The stability and vibration frequency of the motor determine the comfort of the electric toothbrush wholesale. Under the condition that the output is stable, the vibration frequency of more than 30000 times/min is sufficient to meet the daily cleaning requirements. Too large or too small will cause discomfort. Many people are uncomfortable with vibration when they use an electric toothbrush wholesale for the first time. If the motor performance is poor, vibration is not uniform lasting, beginners will certainly find it more difficult to accept the strong and weak vibration sensation. Many newbies give up after using a sonic toothbrush wholesale once, that is, they opt for cheap sonic toothbrush wholesale that vibrate too much or are unstable. In this regard, brands and prices can filter out some low-quality sonic toothbrush wholesale. In addition, beginners are advised to use an electric toothbrush agency with a smaller brush head. Many people prefer wide bristles when using a toothbrush because of its large footprint, high cleaning efficiency and faster brushing. The downsides of the bristles are also obvious. Wide bristles won't clean small areas, and while they're faster, they won't be clean to brush. The advantages of electric toothbrush agency are that high-frequency vibration can replace manual brushing, and the smaller brush head can penetrate into small areas. The cleaning efficiency of high frequency vibration can make up for the shortcomings of small brush head coverage area, both cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect have been improved. The recommended gums for people with sensitive teeth can be divided into thin gums and thick gums according to thickness. Thin gums thinner gums are more likely to receded gums, bleeding, and pain. The thick gum type has thicker gums and is less prone to gum recession and is less prone to gum bleeding and pain. For different gum types, choose different electric toothbrush agency properties. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but long-term use can also cause some natural wear and tear. Some people have well-developed enamel that wears away less easily; Some people have underdeveloped enamel or tetracycline fluorosis, which is itself more prone to wear. Teeth that have already experienced enamel wear are more sensitive, and when exposed to cold, hot, sour or sweet conditions, they may develop dentin hypersensitivity and even pain. For different tooth sensitivities, the performance of the sonic toothbrush agency should be measured when purchasing: (1) Over-rounded bristles tend to damage the gums, and people with thin gums/sensitive gums are advised to use a more rounded sonic toothbrush agency. Current sonic toothbrush agency use nylon silk bristles, which need to be rounded at the top. The better the brand of electric toothbrush dealer, the higher the rate of round bristles, the more comfortable to use; On the other hand, poorly rounded bristles resemble a "bad hotel toothbrush," which can sometimes cause sore gums and bleeding in the mouth. Similarly, the bristles are less rounded, making them sharper and more likely to wear down the teeth. People who are sensitive to their teeth are more likely to wear them down.(2) The softer and harder the bristles are, the stronger the "brush force" is, the better the cleaning effect is. However, improper use can easily damage teeth and gums; The softer the bristles, the friendlier the gums will be. Many "post-surgery care toothbrushes" are particularly soft and prevent pain from coming into contact with the gums in the surgical area. However, because the toothbrush's cleaning efficiency is insufficient, the too-soft bristles cannot completely remove plaque from the tooth surface, and it is only recommended for short-term use after surgery. For ordinary toothbrushes, we recommend soft bristles; But most electric toothbrush dealer on the market have medium hardness and stiff bristles. Why? Due to the fast vibration frequency of electric toothbrush dealer, too soft bristles are not easy to quickly recover deformation under high frequency vibration, and the cleaning efficiency is not enough. For this reason, sonic toothbrush dealer need bristles that are slightly stiffer and more flexible. So for the average person, using a sonic toothbrush dealer with medium bristles is fine, while for people with sensitive gums, there are still sonic toothbrush dealer with soft bristles on the market. (3) Brush head and vibration mode electric toothbrush trader on the market are mainly divided into two types: brush head and matching vibration mode. One is a square brush head similar to a regular toothbrush, with matching vibration patterns along the long axis of the toothbrush (simulating Pap brushing, horizontal vibration to clean the gum groove), or perpendicular to the long axis of the electric toothbrush trader (simulating vertical brushing, vertical vibration to clean between the teeth). The brush head has less amplitude and vibration, making it more receptive to people with sensitive gums. The other electric toothbrush trader has a circular head, which is matched by a combination vibration, which is a vertical tooth vibration plus a reciprocating rotation. Due to the complex vibration mode, the amplitude and vibration sensation are larger than the square brush head, but the cleaning efficiency and cleaning ability is also stronger. If people with sensitive gums use this sonic toothbrush trader, it is recommended to choose a soft bristled round brush head. Special Features In addition to the core functions of vibration, the core components of the brush head and bristles, the sonic toothbrush trader has many useful and interesting special features, some of which produce incredible results. (1) Timing function Many sonic toothbrush trader have a timing function that alerts you when it's time to change your jaw when the upper jaw is brushed in place, or when the lip side is brushed enough, it's time to change your tongue. This timing feature ensures minimal tooth cleaning time, allowing many 10-second brushing squares to force brushing for at least 2 minutes. At the same time, because of the efficiency of the electric toothbrush company cleaning, so it does not need to take too long. This regular reminder can also prevent tooth wear and tear caused by too much use. (2) Smart Pressure control/Stress Alarm: Many people are not alerted when brushing hard, such as shoes, and unknowingly lose their toothbrush. The smart pressure control electric toothbrush company will remind you not to push too hard, thereby reducing the brushing force, helping you learn the proper brushing force and method, and ultimately reducing tooth wear. (3) Frequent charging of electrical products with battery life will have a significant impact on their use. For travelers, in particular, having an electric toothbrush company that is easy to carry and has good battery life will save you a lot of trouble. However, long battery life means larger batteries, which add weight. (4) Smart APP Some high-end sonic toothbrush company are smart home products that also connect to APP apps on your phone. Smart products analyze your brushing movement patterns and trajectories to determine whether all brushing areas are clean and whether brushing methods are correct. These features will help you learn proper brushing methods and make brushing cleaner and more fun. (5) The appearance of the sonic toothbrush company is also very important. For many cosmetics, a quality looking sonic toothbrush company can be a great motivator to brush your teeth. Children's electric toothbrush supplier will also create cartoon characters to attract children's attention and make them more willing to brush their teeth with cute electric toothbrush supplier, thus promoting better oral hygiene maintenance. In short, what works for you is best. electric toothbrush supplier are not labor-saving versions of manual toothbrushes. Many users have some misconceptions about brushing with a sonic toothbrush supplier. They think that if they turn it on and put it in their mouth, it will end.In fact, if you don't use a sonic toothbrush supplier, the efficiency of brushing is greatly reduced, and even if you don't use it properly, it can increase tooth wear and damage to the gums. Step 1: Understand the basic structure of an electric toothbrush vendor, which consists of a handle and a brush head. Inside the handle is a motor, the core component of an electric toothbrush vendor. A metal shaft extends from the handle of the electric toothbrush vendor to transfer energy. Before use, please ensure that the head of the sonic toothbrush vendor is tightly inserted into the metal shaft to prevent the head from loosening. Step 2: When squeezing toothpaste, many people squeeze it into a ball and gently place it on the bristles of the toothbrush. This way, the toothpaste can fall off when it touches your teeth and land on the edge of the sink. At the same time, there is much less toothpaste in the mouth, making it particularly inefficient to use. So how do you squeeze toothpaste for greater efficiency without wasting it? The toothpaste should be squeezed into the crevices of the bristles, not floating on the surface of the bristles. That way, even if the sonic toothbrush vendor starts to vibrate, the toothpaste won't spill. It is recommended to put a sonic toothbrush vendor in your mouth and turn it on, so it is less likely to cause toothpaste spatter. Let the toothpaste mix well with the saliva to clean your teeth. Step 3: Adjust gears Many electric toothbrush bulk have different gears that correspond to different frequencies or amplitudes. For beginners, I recommend starting at the smallest gear. It's normal to feel uncomfortable at first using an electric toothbrush bulk. You can gradually get used to the frequency after using it a few times and then add gears. Step 4: There are two different types of sonic toothbrush bulk, corresponding to two different vibration modes: one is rotary sonic toothbrush bulk, and the other is reciprocating electric toothbrush. The head of the rotary sport electric toothbrush is round. In use, the round brush head can be placed on any part of the tooth (cheek, tongue, and occlusal) alone. The circular brush head can completely wrap around the tooth surface, and the combined motion of rotation and expansion makes it more mechanical and cleaning efficient. Of course, the vibration will be stronger during use. The head of the reciprocating electric toothbrush is similar in shape to that of our regular manual toothbrush, which is more rectangular. The sonic toothbrush  mimics the Bablesian method of brushing, where the bristles are gently inserted into the gingival sulci, where the teeth and gums meet, and uses high-frequency vibrations to clean the sulci more effectively. This sonic toothbrush has a softer cleaning power and is more friendly to people with weak, sensitive gums and bleeding. Bleeding gums after Using an sonic toothbrush Bleeding gums after using a toothbrushes electric for the first time is probably a common problem for most people. First, bleeding gums mean they are currently inflamed. Any healthy organ will not bleed if touched lightly. So if this happens, it could be a sign of gingivitis or even periodontitis. It is recommended to go to hospital for basic periodontal treatment as soon as possible. This is not the bleeding caused by the toothbrushes electric, but the periodontal condition itself is not healthy. Healthy gums are less prone to bleeding after gingivitis has subsided. If the gums are very healthy but are used too often the first time, or if the pressure is too high or the brushing area is not correct during use, resulting in gum damage and bleeding, it is necessary to reduce the vibration device as much as possible, reconfirm the brushing pressure and area, and gradually get used to the correct brushing method so as not to damage the healthy gums. After a period of practice, the bleeding will quickly improve. electric tooth brush Cleaning after use  electric tooth brush cleaning after use is more convenient than manual toothbrush. Just put the  electric tooth brush into the water, turn on the switch, let the sonic electric toothbrush vibrate for a while, you can clean the toothpaste residue on the brush head. sonic electric toothbrush do not require manual shaking or repeated tapping of the brush head and toothbrush cup. The head of a sonic electric toothbrush needs to be replaced every three months. If the bristles are curly, the cleaning efficiency will be greatly reduced, especially for the gum line cleaning. Straight bristles can easily enter the gum line without causing damage, while curly bristles cannot enter the gum line, greatly reducing cleaning power.At the same time, the curling of the bristles causes the motion of the bristles to vibrate no longer in the same direction, but in all directions, which can easily damage the gums. kids electric toothbrush need to be pressed gently on the surface of the teeth, and too much pressure is more likely to cause the bristles to curl. Secondly, the quality of the bristles is closely related to the roundness of the bristles. Excellent kids electric toothbrush bristles have a very high rounding rate. As the bristles are used for a long time, the threads on the brush head will gradually wear away and become less smooth and round. This brush wire is more likely to wear down the surface of the tooth under high frequency vibration. Finally, excessive use of bristles is more likely to foster bacteria, which is harmful to oral health. So, don't hesitate to change the brush head. Prolonged use of brush heads without replacement not only results in inefficient cleaning, but also damages the surface and gums of the teeth, making them even more unhygienic. Therefore, the use of kids electric toothbrush is not as easy as expected. It is different from manual brushing, which is done directly into the mouth with an electronic toothbrush instead of manual brushing. Of course, using an electronic toothbrush is not a difficult task. With practice and adaptation, you will become familiar with the vibration of an electronic toothbrush, and with the correct brushing method, you will achieve optimal cleaning efficiency.


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