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Which type of toothbrushes electric is best?

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In principle, there are two types of toothbrushes electric: mechanical rotary toothbrushes and acoustic vibrating toothbrushes. The mechanical rotary toothbrush was an early toothbrushes electric. High frequency friction will cause certain damage to the tooth surface. Basically, most of the time, manual toothbrushes are used with electric toothbrush. Now the market is basically flooded with acoustic vibrating toothbrushes, named for vibrations that are close to sound waves. Will not hurt the teeth, cleaning effect is better, suitable for replacing manual brushing.

In the face of a wide variety of electric toothbrush in supermarkets or online stores, the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan. Do you stand out too much? Many people ask which electric toothbrush is best, which is an unanswerable question because "best" is a relative concept: the best toothbrush is the one that best fits your teeth and gums. So, how to choose the best sonic toothbrush ? The selection of sonic toothbrush can be considered from the following dimensions: ease of use, gum sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, special functionality, etc. An sonic toothbrush is recommended for beginners. Do you think of brushing with an sonic toothbrush manufacturer as turning on the power switch and placing it in your mouth? That was a big mistake. While the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is not difficult to use, it is not a convenient "dumb" toothbrush. Beginners recommend choosing an sonic toothbrush manufacturer with small amplitude and vibration. One of the core components of an sonic toothbrush factory is the motor. The stability and vibration frequency of the motor determine the comfort of the sonic toothbrush factory. A vibration frequency of more than 30000 times /min is sufficient for daily cleaning under the condition of ensuring stable output. Too big or too small can cause discomfort. When many people use an sonic toothbrush factory for the first time, they feel uncomfortable vibrations. If the motor performance is not good, vibration can not be uniform lasting, novice will be more difficult to accept strong and weak vibration. Many new people give up after using an electric toothbrush wholesale once, that is, they opt for cheap electric toothbrush wholesale that vibrate too much or are unstable. In this regard, brand and price can filter out some inferior electric toothbrush wholesale. Also, newbies recommend using an sonic toothbrush wholesale with a small brush head. Many people prefer wide bristles when using a toothbrush because they cover more area, clean more efficiently and brush faster. The downsides of the bristles are also obvious. Wide bristles won't clean small areas. Although they are faster, they are not clean. The advantage of sonic toothbrush wholesale is that high-frequency vibrations can replace manual brushing and the smaller brush head can penetrate into smaller areas. The cleaning efficiency of high frequency vibration can make up for the shortcomings of small brush head coverage, improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect. The recommended gums for people with sensitive teeth are divided into thin gums and thick gums according to their thickness. Thin gum types have thinner gums and are more likely to have receding gums, bleeding and pain; Thick gums are thicker and less prone to gum receding, bleeding and pain. For different gum types, choose different sonic toothbrush wholesale properties. Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, but long-term use can also cause some natural wear and tear, and even wear. Some people have developed enamel, which is not easily worn; In some people, tooth enamel or tetracycline fluorosis is stunted and more prone to wear. Teeth with worn enamel are more sensitive and can suffer from dentin allergies and even pain when exposed to hot and cold. According to different tooth sensitivity, the properties of electric toothbrush should be measured at the time of purchase are as follows: Current electric toothbrush agency use nylon silk bristles, which need to be rounded at the top. The better the brand of electric toothbrush agency, the higher the rate of round bristles, the more comfortable to use; Low round bristles are similar to "bad hotel toothbrushes" and can sometimes lead to sore gums and bleeding in the mouth. Similarly, a lower roundness of the bristles makes the bristles sharper and more likely to wear down the teeth. People who are sensitive to the teeth themselves are more likely to wear them down. (2) The harder the bristles, the stronger the "brushing force", the better the cleaning effect, but improper use is easy to damage the teeth and gums; The softer the bristles, the friendlier the gums will be. Many "post-surgery care toothbrushes" are especially soft to prevent pain from touching the gums in the surgical area. However, the toothbrush is only recommended for short-term use after surgery because the bristles are too soft to completely remove plaque from the surface of the teeth because they are not efficient enough to clean. For regular electric toothbrush agency, we recommend soft bristles; But most sonic toothbrush agency on the market have medium hardness and stiff bristles. Why? Due to the high vibration frequency of sonic toothbrush agency, the soft bristles are not easy to recover quickly under high frequency vibration, and the cleaning efficiency is not enough. Therefore, sonic toothbrush agency need slightly higher hardness and strong elasticity of bristles. So for the average person, an electric toothbrush dealer with medium hardness bristles can be used, while for people with sensitive gums, there are still soft-bristled electric toothbrush dealer on the market. (3) Brush head and vibration mode electric toothbrush dealer on the market are mainly divided into two types: brush head and matching vibration mode. One is a square head similar to a regular toothbrush. The matching vibration patterns were vibration along the long axis of the sonic toothbrush dealer (simulating pasteurization, vibrating horizontally to clean the gingival groove), or vibration perpendicular to the long axis of the toothbrush (simulating vertical brushing, vibrating vertically to clean the gaps between teeth). The brush head has less amplitude and vibration, which is more acceptable for people with sensitive gums. The other sonic toothbrush dealer has a circular head, and its matching vibration mode is compound vibration, namely vertical tooth vibration + reciprocating rotation mode. Because the vibration pattern is complex, the amplitude and vibration sensation will be larger than the square brush head, but the cleaning efficiency and cleaning ability is also stronger. If people with sensitive gums use this electric toothbrush trader it is recommended to choose a soft round brush head. Special Features of electric toothbrush trader In addition to the core components of the core functions of vibration, brush head and bristles, sonic toothbrush trader have a number of very useful and interesting special features, some of which produce incredible results.

(1) Timing function Many sonic toothbrush trader have timing function. They will alert you when the upper jaw is brushed in place, or when the lip brushing is enough to change the tongue. The timing feature ensures the shortest tooth cleaning time, allowing many 10-second brushing squares to force brushing for at least 2 minutes. At the same time, because of the efficiency of the sonic toothbrush trader cleaning, so it does not take too long. This regular reminder can also prevent tooth wear and tear caused by too much use.

(2) Intelligent pressure control/pressure alarm Many people vigorously brush their teeth, such as brushing their teeth, brushing their teeth too hard without being reminded, unknowingly take the electric toothbrush company out of the defect without realizing it. The smart pressure control electric toothbrush company will remind you not to push too hard, thereby reducing the brushing force, helping you learn the correct brushing force and method, and ultimately reduce tooth wear.

In fact, no real product can be said to be the best.

Only under more appropriate circumstances, whether you agree with it or not, has this saying been widely applied in markets and life.

Here, I would like to mention a few more words about the benefits of using an electric toothbrush company, whether it is new or soon to be changed. Once you get your hands on an electric toothbrush company, you won't want to use a regular one. In addition to being convenient and labor-saving, sonic toothbrush company are far cleaner than you might think and can improve most people's brushing habits. For example, some people habitually brush their teeth horizontally when they brush, which causes horizontal grooves on the surface of the teeth. From the dentist's point of view, this situation calls for a replacement toothbrush.

Currently, there are many brands of sonic toothbrush company out there, and when you choose them, you may feel confused: How do you choose the right toothbrush? There are two things to be aware of when buying.

There should be multiple gears to choose from

Everyone's teeth are different, and even the condition of our teeth can change from day to day. Maybe you've had a fire lately and your gums bleed a little and your teeth are sensitive. Maybe you have a recent whitening need. The scrubbing force of a single gear cannot meet different scrubbing requirements.

Better round bristles

There is a concept called roundness. "Round" refers to the special treatment at the end of the bristles. Sand the ends of the bristles that touch the teeth to make the bristles more rounded and reduce damage to the soft tissues of the mouth, teeth and gums. The test standard for sonic toothbrush company states that the roundness of an electric toothbrush supplier for adults should not be less than 50% and that of an electric toothbrush supplier for children should not be less than 70%. A well-rounded toothbrush usually feels comfortable and won't puncture your mouth.

If you can't choose an sonic toothbrush supplier, or don't know how, it may be like opening the blind box when you buy it, and if you don't want it, you'll have to return it, which will detract from the shopping experience.

But if you have a choice, it's a different story. Apart from special factors (logistics, etc.), you can buy one at a time, and the experience you get is often better than what you see online, especially sonic toothbrush supplier, which are cheap and rich in experience. Therefore, this also illustrates the importance of choosing an electric toothbrush vendor when choosing an sonic toothbrush vendor.

Here comes the point!! "On how to Choose an electric toothbrush bulk Series," if you don't have any previous experience, check out the following five factors to ensure you can purchase your own sonic toothbrush bulk.

First and foremost is the size of your personal budget. There are sonic toothbrush bulk available at all price points, but I always believe in the word "penny, penny." Buying a comfortable sonic toothbrush bulk within your budget is actually a great pleasure. But if the budget is high enough, you should buy a better one. After all, the experience will be different.

The second is to determine the appropriate type of sonic toothbrush : vibrating or rotary. The vibration type is similar to the manual toothbrush we normally use, but the rotary type is the small round brush head

The third thing to look at is the noise level. On the one hand, I find that people often pay attention when commenting. Some people may be annoyed by the loud noise of sonic toothbrush. So when you choose an electric tooth brush, you have to look at the noise level of the electric tooth brush. Preferably less than 60dB (daily life volume, running water, close the door, etc.). If there is no introduction, you can consult customer service. If you buy in a hurry, sometimes the noise can be so loud that you doubt life!

The fourth is to look at the bristles of an sonic electric toothbrush. The softness and hardness of the bristles and the roundness of the bristles need to be paid attention to. The degree of softness and firmness of the bristles partly determines whether the sonic electric toothbrush can fully integrate and clean the gaps between the teeth. True, the softer the bristles, the more fused the teeth are, but that doesn't mean the softer the toothbrush, the better the bristles. The bristles should be just the right amount of softness and firmness, not only to ensure perfect contact between the toothbrush and the teeth, but also to ensure that the kids electric toothbrush is not so hard that it damages our periodontal.

Finally, we need to look at the cleaning mode of this electric toothbrush manufacturer. Now, electronic toothbrush usually come in three or more modes. In this case, we need to choose according to our own needs. If you're new to it, check to see if there's a starter mode and use the electric toothbrush factory step by step. If the teeth are sensitive, you can see if there is a gum massage pattern.

Summary: "The chef, the chef soul and the chef are all people." This phrase has been trending on social media recently. How can a proper cook not have good teeth? After all, the food he likes when he has a toothache doesn't smell good, let alone dry food. If you want to have good teeth, daily care is very important. Foodies, it's time for an electronic toothbrush.


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