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Why are dentists afraid to recommend electric toothbrushes?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site

Why are dentists afraid to recommend electric toothbrushes? Electric toothbrush brand on the market at present is to grasp a large, quality gap is very big, the choose and buy a pair of high quality electric toothbrush need comprehensive consideration many properties, outsiders don't know what brand electric toothbrush is good, easy to astray of choose and buy, buy an inferior electric toothbrush damage teeth, and the dentist didn't have time for each individual to buy an electric toothbrush, Because this dentist dare not recommend to use electric toothbrush easily commonly.

Many users use electric toothbrush attitude is very perfunctory, every day incidentally open an electric toothbrush gear brushing, regardless of the speed of this gear is suitable for their own. Nor did they brush for as long as the two minutes set with electric toothbrushes. No matter what brand of electric toothbrush is good, if you do not use electric toothbrush carefully, electric toothbrush will still hurt teeth, so the dentist can not supervise the user's careful use of electric toothbrush every day at home, so it is not easy to recommend.

Many users do not listen to the dentist's advice on what brand of electric toothbrush is good, some only believe the online electric toothbrush brand or network platform published electric toothbrush rankings, although these brands are high heat, buy back the probability is not suitable for their own. Some users believe that the higher the cleaning power of electric toothbrush, the better. The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is sometimes as high as 50,000 times per minute. This electric toothbrush is a tooth crusher, and the rate of tooth damage is extremely high, so dentists dare not recommend electric toothbrush easily, for fear that users' teeth will be destroyed faster.

Rotary electric toothbrushes use a stationary rotational rubbing motion on each tooth surface, which is similar to the see-saw transverse brushing method. Although it is a good cleaning force, it will cause some wear and tear on the teeth. And you can only clean one or two teeth at a time, which is a bit time-consuming. Sonic electric toothbrush on the teeth using up and down high-speed pendulum movement, a time can clean three to four teeth, clean fast and gentle teeth do not hurt the teeth, so what brand of electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrush brand is good.

About the brush head, the first look at the size of the brush head, the best is the width of the front 2.5~3 teeth is appropriate, not too small and not too big, the brush head is too small to cover less teeth, brushing time is longer. The brush head is too big to move and can't clean subtle areas. The second is the hardness of the bristles. I suggest the soft bristles, which are easy to penetrate into the teeth and gingival crevicular to achieve deep cleaning effect. However, the soft bristles should not be too soft because the cleaning power of the soft bristles is weak. Third look at the bristles round rate, after cutting the bristles if not after grinding round or round rate is low, like a needle standing up, is the so-called iron pestle into a needle, brush with this bristles, teeth will sooner or later be grinding more and more thin, so what brand of electric toothbrush, grinding rate of the higher the better.

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