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Why are some electric toothbrushes expensive?

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-01      Origin: Site

An electric toothbrush that costs a few dollars can't compete with an electric toothbrush that costs hundreds of dollars. Most important: It doesn't work like a normal electric toothbrush. Its bristles are unrounded, like a "saw," and long-term use can damage tooth enamel and lead to dental disease, rather than using a manual toothbrush. Brush head, rotating shaft, motor, including body material, it is very poor quality in every place imaginable, and bad for teeth. Before the evaluation, I had no idea that the electric toothbrush for a few yuan was so bad. I hope that the people who bought this kind of electric toothbrush will not continue to use it after reading my answer. For the health of your teeth, please buy more than 100 yuan electric toothbrush, in fact, 200 yuan can buy a very good electric toothbrush.

method is unique and easy to disassemble. As long as you twist the bottom, it is easy to disassemble other electric toothbrushes. As I wrote before, it is also a good electric toothbrush, priced less than 200 yuan. High cost performance, high rounding rate, TPE silicone flexible small brush head (with tongue coating brush), good noise reduction effect, rich gifts, very, very high cost performance. The bristles are not hard, belonging to the medium soft, but also comes with tongue brush, a variety of frequency combinations can be adjusted, other details can see my out-of-box assessment, a very good electric toothbrush.

At present, the rechargeable batteries mainly used in electric toothbrushes on the market are arranged as follows: lithium battery > nickel-metal hydride battery > nickel-chromium battery. A good battery can last you for a month or even two or three months. If it's bad, you can charge it every day. It was originally an electric toothbrush for your convenience, but instead you serve it every day. There are also electric toothbrushes that need batteries, which are mailed to you without batteries, so you need to buy them yourself and be prepared to buy one every week. Although the price of electric toothbrush is low, the cost of subsequent batteries should also let you make up the difference.

If you are lucky enough to choose the right motor, and fitted with a comfortable brush head, you can complete the task of oral cleaning. But, uh, it seems like I'm asking a little bit too much, picking everything right, so aren't you an expert on electric toothbrushes? In addition to the basic cleaning function, middle and high end electric toothbrush also has a cleaning mode suitable for sensitive gums, whitening, polishing, massage and so on. Choose a comfortable mode according to your own characteristics. The vibration frequency of the brush head will be adjusted accordingly for different modes. If you are small white, you should also choose at least 3 clean mode electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes with higher roundness have a more rounded surface. The roundness rate of electric toothbrushes with a few dollars is usually very low. The sharp surface of the brush head will cause great damage to the gums when you brush your teeth, which will not only fail to clean them, but also cause various oral diseases over time.

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