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Why buy an electric toothbrush?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-16      Origin: Site

In fact, I used to be okay with electric toothbrushes, but since MY root canal treatment, I've switched to electric toothbrushes. Obviously feel it in the mouth face is very gentle vibration, the force of moderate cleaning my teeth, unlike ordinary toothbrush, accidentally bleeding. So if you really want to protect your teeth, consider buying an electric toothbrush. Because ordinary toothbrushes can not grasp the strength, to sensitive places, can not do gentle cleaning, to the need to clean the place, we also do not clean in place! I used to have yellow teeth, which were really ugly. I couldn't even grin when taking photos, and THE PHOTOSHOP would emphasize albino teeth (who knows about my pain!).

Who doesn't want white teeth? I can even grin in pictures now, not just because my teeth are yellow! I am now the most confident and sunny little girl! When I switched to an electric toothbrush, NOT only did I grin, I could eat ice! (This is my summer happiness) I used to like eating ice, but when I was eating, I felt the ice was too cold and my teeth hurt, so I didn't dare to eat it. But with the electric toothbrush, my teeth are in much better shape. No pain at night, also dare to eat ice, happy return! And then a little bit harder things can also chew, unlike the original chewing peanuts on the pain. That's about half a year since I started using electric toothbrushes, right? My teeth are much healthier, and every time I go for a check-up, the doctor is satisfied with the condition of my teeth! And on top of that, my teeth are a lot whiter! Ah, really toothache is not a disease, but the pain is really terrible, I still remember the original tooth pain I sleep at night, I really good poor. Therefore, we should take good care of teeth, or eat well and sleep well. I think as a foodie, my happiness is the electric toothbrush gives me! It's a real happiness booster! I can eat it. Because I especially like to eat sugar and milk tea, so accumulate over a long period of time, my teeth become very yellow and ugly, it is really a set of teeth stain! This is my teeth now, really bright white, every day in front of the mirror feeling, why my teeth so good-looking ah ha ha ha. So the best thing to say about electric toothbrush is their ability to remove plaque and whiten our teeth again.

It's really necessary to buy an electric toothbrush. I was thinking about not buying that expensive one, but then I had to get a root canal. Then I switched to an electric toothbrush, and the result! How sweet!The cleaning efficiency of manual brushing is closely related to the way and time of brushing. The horizontal brushing method has low cleaning efficiency and is easy to damage teeth. Pap brushing method cleaning efficiency is high, but the difficulty of brushing is also high, not easy to master. The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is much higher than the speed of manual brush, so it is far better than manual toothbrush in cleaning efficiency. With the toothbrush in the right position, the high frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush can help quickly remove plaque from the tooth surface.

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