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Why do my teeth hurt after using electronic toothbrush?

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As the popularity of electronic toothbrush grows, so does the number of users, but there is also some controversy about the damage to their teeth. I've been an oral care blogger for about four or five years. Recently, fans have been asking me, "Does an electronic toothbrush hurt your teeth?" ? Why do you always have toothache? Why not use a regular toothbrush? I think it's worth having a rational conversation with you about why it hurts to brush your teeth with an electronic toothbrush. On the one hand, I'll compare the difference between an electric toothbrush manufacturer and a regular toothbrush. On the other hand, I will combine with the dentist's advice, check the three hazards of electric toothbrush manufacturer! Before answering the question "Why does it hurt to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush manufacturer", I would like to tell you that the electric toothbrush factory is a recognized advantage, after all, it is the personal protective equipment recommended by most dentists to Chinese people: 1. Of all the recognized advantages of electric toothbrush factory, the most popular is their good cleaning power. Its working principle is through the rapid rotation of the motor, the brush head generates high-frequency vibration, instant toothpaste into small foam, thoroughly clean the gap. According to the experimental analysis, its cleaning power is dozens of times that of manual brushing! 2. electric toothbrush factory has a more comfortable impact stability experience. As far as practical experience is concerned, qualified sonic toothbrush manufacturer will not weigh as much as ordinary toothbrush. The strength is stable and uniform. As long as it is placed in the right place on the teeth it can achieve a great cleaning effect. When brushing, the strength is 60% lower than ordinary toothbrush, and the cleaning power can be dozens of times better than manual brushing. When brushing your teeth, you may feel itchy at first, but once you get used to it, you'll find it very "addictive." 3. With timing function faster. When we brush our teeth manually, it is controlled by the individual and therefore varies from person to person, which can lead to problems: insufficient cleaning, too much force causing bleeding gums, time constraints, not brushing, etc! Sometimes, in order to brush the back teeth, it is necessary to open the mouth forcefully, which can accidentally tear the corners of the mouth. sonic toothbrush manufacturer only takes 2 minutes to complete a very good cleaning, more balanced science, basically every tooth can be cleaned. I have popularized many advantages of sonic toothbrush manufacturer above, which is why it can be recommended by many dentists. But the booming market has also led to many disruptions, such as dental damage that afflicts many. Why does it hurt to brush teeth with sonic toothbrush manufacturer? The following is the analysis chart of the causes of tooth injury of 542 sonic toothbrush factory users published by the authoritative statistical agency, from which we can clearly identify the problems leading to tooth injury, toothache and bleeding: 1. Too much cleaning power can lead to toothache and hidden chronic tooth damage. In order to cater to consumers, sonic toothbrush factory blindly increase the frequency of vibration and other styles. Because of its strong cleaning power and unstable vibration, it is easy to suffer from tooth damage and bleeding, which is also an important reason for brushing, toothache and sensitive teeth. In addition, it can lead to hidden long-term chronic damage because it is so concealment that it can take six months or even years to be detected. During chronic wear, teeth and gums gradually become unsupported and existing dental conditions will continue to deteriorate and may be beyond repair once discovered. 2. If the bristles are too hard or not round enough, resulting in frequent bleeding. If the bristles are too hard, they often collide with the teeth and gums, causing symptoms such as gum receding and bleeding. They may even make the gums more sensitive, leading to cracked teeth. Some users believe that hard-bristled toothbrushes can improve cleanliness by effectively removing plaque and calculus. However, don't forget that gums are very soft and too much rubbing can damage them! After all, we still need to prioritize protecting our dental health. 3. Low price and poor quality sonic toothbrush factory have many safety risks. The proportion of people suffering from gingivitis, caries, periodontitis and sensitive teeth exceeds 90%. In this case, if you still want to be cheap, using low-quality, low-cost products will only exacerbate the damage to your teeth. Many poor quality electric toothbrush wholesale have unstable vibration frequencies and poor brush heads, which can only lead to an increase in dental problems. 3. Four selection criteria for electric toothbrush wholesale 1. The higher the vibration frequency, the better. Can choose the appropriate power of the electric toothbrush wholesale 28,000-38,000 times/minute, can avoid 70% damage. My recommendation for vibration frequency is 28,000-38,000 beats/min, it is also important to note that teeth and mouth are a dynamic and constantly changing environment that sometimes requires different gear combinations. 2. The Chinese are more comfortable with soft bristles. The bristles are too soft to be used as bristles for sonic toothbrush wholesale. The bristles are too hard and can cause tooth damage, so it is best to use medium soft bristles. But for users with serious dental problems, it's best to consult a dentist first. Caution never hurts. 3. Don't blindly buy international brands. Many brands, especially international ones, are promoting their great experience in gum and dental care. In fact, very little can be achieved. After acquiring them, you will find that their cleaning power and impact are still very strong. This is because they are designed for European and American users and do not apply to domestic users. 4. We can't just focus on configuration parameters. If we just focus on the configuration parameter table, we will find that whether it is motor selection, water resistance, or battery life, it is similar. Those key technologies and quality processes are difficult to embody in the concrete parameter sheet, and can not be separated from the external and OEM production of so-called big brands. 4, how to brush teeth correctly to avoid toothache? If you choose the right sonic toothbrush wholesale, you can't brush without being careful. If you want to avoid a toothache, you should try to follow the Pasteur brushing method to better care for your teeth. Many people think that using an electric toothbrush agency also requires vigorous brushing, but it doesn't. Place the electric toothbrush agency on the gingival groove at a 45° Angle, turn on the switch, and gently move the bristles to fit the tooth surface. Make the bristles vibrate automatically and quickly in the gum slot to remove the plaque in the gum slot. Starting with the front teeth, move the electric toothbrush agency back and forth to the back teeth, working from the outside to the inside, then brush the surface of the teeth. Do this from top to bottom and don't miss a tooth! Brush your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening, and not too often. It is important to choose the right equipment and brush head, especially the brush head. For safety reasons, choose food grade safety grinding. sonic toothbrush agency can really hurt your teeth. The overall quality of Chinese teeth is not high. Ninety-seven percent have oral problems and low oral tolerance. Most troubling of all, dental disease is not painful in the early and middle stages. Many people are optimistic about their oral health, even if they suffer from dental problems! I don't pay much attention to choosing and buying sonic toothbrush agency. If I choose an unprofessional product or use it incorrectly, it is likely to have the side effect of tooth damage. The damage of sonic toothbrush agency to teeth is usually reflected in the following three conditions: side effect 1. Poor quality sonic toothbrush dealer can wear down the enamel and scratch the gums, causing problems such as toothache, sensitive teeth and frequent bleeding gums. Side effect 2. Most people in China suffer from dental problems. Dental diseases can develop more quickly if a poor quality, low-professional sonic toothbrush dealer is used again. Side effect 3. Long-term use of low-quality sonic toothbrush dealer can lead to chronic tooth damage that can be difficult to spot. By the time users find out, it's often months or even years old, with receding gums and loose teeth! electric toothbrush trader do have the side effect of damaging teeth, but we shouldn't be too worried about even using them. Because these side effects are not inevitable, as long as we identify the cause, we can provide targeted medication to avoid the side effects of tooth damage. Inferior electric toothbrush trader are the root cause of tooth damage caused by sonic toothbrush trader. Of course, none of us want to choose an inferior product, but the  sonic toothbrush trader industry is very messy and there are many products that hurt teeth. If we don't understand the industry, we are likely to buy unprofessional, inferior electric toothbrush company and cause dental injuries. Now let me introduce the chaos in the electric toothbrush company industry. Industry chaos 1: low degree of professionalism. With the explosive popularity of sonic toothbrush company, various Internet celebrity brands and crossover brands are also pouring into the industry. They have been in the industry for a short time, do not have enough experience in oral care, and do not have the expertise of sonic toothbrush company related precipitation. Many of them are haphazard-made sonic toothbrush company and sold just to make a quick buck. This electric toothbrush supplier has a very high rate of tooth damage. Industry chaos 2: Price war. Many companies will compete in the sonic toothbrush supplier market through a price war. In order to achieve low prices and profits, they often use inferior materials such as low round bristles and hollow motors to make electric toothbrush vendor, regardless of the oral safety of Chinese people. It is easy to have problems such as failure, high vibration frequency, swing size and high tooth damage rate when brushing teeth. Industry Chaos # 3: Starting to catch on online. Many merchants of  electric toothbrush vendor have seen the dividends of Internet celebrity culture and have gone to the red line. Merchants began to love online celebrity shopping, celebrity endorsement and other ways, but did not seriously study the professional technology related to sonic toothbrush vendor. It's easy to hurt your teeth using an sonic toothbrush vendor like this! Industry chaos 4: Compatibility is generally poor. Dental problems are common in China, and the oral environment is constantly changing. More need to use a high compatibility of products to cope with the changes in the oral environment. But most electric toothbrush bulk today are poorly compatible. They have very few gears, a narrow range of vibration frequencies, and only one or two brush head types. As a result, poorly compatible sonic toothbrush bulk can hardly match the complex and changing oral environment of Chinese people, which often causes tooth damage. It's true that sonic toothbrush bulk can hurt teeth, but they can be avoided if we learn to choose them correctly. How should we choose an electric toothbrush? Just master the following eight shopping guides. 1: Buy a professional electric toothbrush brand professional electric toothbrush brand, in the crowd compatibility matching, power intensity range, vibration frequency range, swing Angle and other aspects of more than 100 tuning parameters and indicators for a large number of tuning and optimization, perfect match the current Chinese oral condition big data! These things require a lot of time and money is the pursuit of rapid and efficient output of Internet celebrities do not want to go down the difficult road. 2: sonic toothbrush  compatibility should be good enough. Everyone should buy a compatible sonic toothbrush. After all, the oral environment is always changing. The compatibility of toothbrushes electric depends on the number of gears, the type of brush head, and the range of vibration frequencies. For example, there must be at least four cleaning devices to accommodate more usage scenarios. 3: toothbrushes electric equipped with magnetic suspension motor electric tooth brush generally use magnetic suspension motor or hollow cup motor, hollow cup motor is generally used in low cost products. When used, the vibration frequency is not very stable, and it is easy to damage the teeth. We recommend that everyone use products equipped with magnetic levitation motors, which have better performance, smooth operation, lower working noise and a better brushing experience. 4: It is recommended to choose acoustic electric tooth brush sonic electric toothbrush, mainly including sonic electric toothbrush and rotary toothbrush. I don't recommend using a rotary toothbrush. It has a good cleaning ability, but the problem of tooth damage is more serious. The Chinese should still use acoustic kids electric toothbrush. It has strong cleaning power and better tooth protection, suitable for Chinese oral environment. 5: When using the kids electric toothbrush with 3-9 degrees of swing, attention should also be paid to the swing of the kids electric toothbrush. If the wiggle is too small, it will affect the cleaning power of the toothbrushes electric, but if the wiggle is too large, it will irritate the gums and teeth more. It is recommended that you use an toothbrushes electric that swings 3-9 degrees. 6: sonic electric toothbrush should have enough battery life. We need to buy products that last longer than a month. If the battery life is too short, we need to charge the sonic electric toothbrush regularly. Not to mention troublesome, it will quickly reduce the battery life, not too low, otherwise easy to damage gums and teeth. Everyone should use an sonic electric toothbrush with a roundness of more than 80%. In fact, people experience toothache because the pulp tissue senses external stimulation. For example, patients with periodontitis, dental caries, and wedge defects may experience varying degrees of gum shrinkage and root exposure, leading to dentin hypersensitivity. Teeth may feel sore or even sore when eating sweet and sour foods or foods that alternate between hot and cold. The cause of odontic acid is essentially the user's own oral problem, whether it's with an electric toothbrush or a manual brush, which is more of a way for you to find out that you have a problem with your mouth rather than the direct cause. Currently, many dentists believe that electric toothbrush themselves do not cause dental acid, and that the problem is related to the method and duration of brushing.


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