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Why do you choosing electric toothbrush?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-18      Origin: Site

Those who prefer to use electric toothbrushes, and those who do not.Your question makes me think that people may not use electric toothbrushes because of not only the price, but also the perception.

Now the popularity of electric toothbrush is becoming higher and higher, which also shows that we pay more attention to oral health. It is indeed better to do oral cleaning than to make up for it with effort to go to the dentist.Just like the relationship between the broom and the vacuum cleaner, both are used for cleaning.After understanding the principle, the electric toothbrush is actually a tool to help you clean better, so choosing a good electric toothbrush is not only not paying IQ tax, but also improving the happiness of life.

Violent brushing, poor quality bristles, regardless of manual electric toothbrush, may cause gum damage.This is agreed upon and is not required in the following answers.So do electric toothbrushes really harm gums?

Generally speaking, big brands and reputable businesses do not exaggerate their claims, do not worry about the quality of their products, and do not talk about the so-called "IQ tax".The good news is that an electric toothbrush, regardless of its type, is much better at cleaning than a manual one.

One of the top respondents mentioned that electric toothbrush will cause gingival receding. The reasons are very clear. Let me tell you: Electric toothbrush with inferior bristles;Finally, a solid hammer electric toothbrush causes gingival receding.I can see that he has done his homework.But what should be corrected is that the gums themselves are fragile soft tissue, not biological.Let's analyze it need to replace an electric toothbrush head at least 3 to 4 months. This is because the bristles of the electric toothbrush will wear out and deform with use, which will reduce the effectiveness of brushing.In fact, it is not necessary to stick to the standard for 3 months. Some people brush their teeth especially hard, feeling like a pot brush. It is not a good habit to wear the electric toothbrush very much.So the standard of replacing an electric toothbrush is: first of all, we should follow the basic standard of replacing every 3 to 4 months.Secondly, if you find that the electric toothbrush bristles are out of shape, large area of bending or the color of the brush bristles become pale, then immediately change it, you do not change, electric toothbrush itself are fried hair.

As long as you buy the right electric toothbrush, you're not paying an IQ tax.Some thousand yuan level of electric toothbrush, the use of the feeling is very poor, bought a small partner must feel that is paid IQ tax.If you choose the right toothbrush, it will have a better cleaning effect on your teeth. I used the ordinary toothbrush all the time before, and I didn't brush my teeth carefully. Then I got cavities.After hundreds of fillings and only a few cavities, the doctor told me to use the  electric toothbrush and to clean my teeth regularly.If the mechanical force of the electric toothbrush irritates the gums, stop there.

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