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Why does feeling water flosser not have a great feeling?

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Is "no feeling" because nothing comes out of the feeling?If yes, that is real name envy.Chances are you have healthy, well-formed teeth that won't cause you to fill them up. If you drink two glasses of water after each meal, you won't have any food left over.A lot of people find water flosser so great because it washes out bits of food that are stuck in your teeth and can't be pulled out.The kind of relaxed mood, who use who know.But actually, water flosser isn't for everyone, so some people think it's so useless that it's not worth mentioning.Water flosser has a significant effect on only a select group of people: those with orthodontic teeth, gap-filled food, periodontitis and gingivitis, or bad breath.

Many people say that water flosser doesn't have the feeling of flossing and doesn't flush clean.If you want to feel like you're cleaning your teeth, water flosser just won't do it.Although the principles of water flosser and dental cleaning are similar, the strength of the two is not at all comparable.water flosser can only clean the dirt and plaque in the teeth, such as the gap between the teeth. The strength of the tooth washing is able to wash away the dental stones, which is impossible with the strength of water flosser.

water flosser is a gentle way to clean, just like we brush our teeth, and the stuff that gets stuck in these narrow Spaces is so small that it's almost imperceptibly removed.

What is the main function of water flosser?The principle of water floss is to use a powerful high-pressure pulse to penetrate into the tooth's blind areas to remove debris from hidden areas.For first-time water flossers, it can be a shock to see the dirt rushing out of your mouth.It can remove food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate in the gaps between teeth that can't be reached by water flosser, effectively preventing tooth decay.It massages and stimulates gums, improves blood circulation, and relieves toothache.It can efficiently clean orthodontic appliance, especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures.For healthy teeth, it's a good habit to have a water flosser to help clean them.The main effect of water floss in the auxiliary cleaning is on the cleaning of teeth. The cleaning power is sorted as follows: electric toothbrush &Ordinary toothbrush >;water flosser.

Who needs to buy water flosser?1. For users of electric toothbrush, use water floss to clean the areas not properly cleaned by electric toothbrush.2. Orthodontic users, users wearing braces, or using the braces party dedicated orthodontic nozzle, can wash away the food residue in the braces.Orthodontic people must water flosser!Teeth braces dead Angle, more and more sensitive in the process of correction, my teeth are very healthy, but after wearing braces, didn't do clean, felt teeth, also have no awareness of protect teeth, a lot of health dead Angle didn't clean the knife, sensitive teeth now, sometimes feel stimulation to drink cold water.3. The gap between the teeth and gums is easy to get stuck with food residues. Using toothbrush and water flosser can only clean the accumulation on the surface, and users who want to clean up deep dirt.


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