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Why does water flosser keep bleeding?

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Why does water flosser keep bleeding?


Many people have asked how to water flosser. Some people bleed continuously after use, which is most likely due to improper use! After all, oral irrigator is an electrical appliance. If you don't read the instructions before buying, you could be in trouble. This is also normal. Like the first time I oral irrigator my teeth, it was painful and itchy, I wasn't used to it, and it bled when it reached the back molars. At this time, an ordinary person would certainly think that this stool is bleeding. No, no, no, so backhanded Taobao gave a bad review and took his anger out on the cordless water flosser.

1. So how should we irrigator dental properly?


dental oral irrigator works by pressurizing water to a certain pressure and then squirting it out. During the injection process, water is sprayed through the nozzle. When sprayed, the nozzle flushes the mouth at a rate of 1500-2400 times per minute. Due to the relatively large impact force, it can wash away food debris and plaque around the teeth and gums. This is why dental oral irrigator is also known as the "toothbrush other than the toothbrush".


2. Why does oral irrigator dental keep bleeding?


Many people water flosser manufacturer with no effect. The right and wrong methods are the same: I go to the bathroom after eating, fill the water flosser manufacturer with cold water, and rinse straight out. Cold water can irritate our pulp nerves, and the more you use your teeth, the more sensitive they become, causing bleeding. Every time I water flosser factory, I put it on the full setting to brush my teeth. When I first started, my teeth couldn't cope with the power of the flush. The more I used it, the more my teeth hurt and my mouth was full of blood. If you rinse in the same place for a long time, you always feel that some areas are not rinsed properly. Flushing too hard will not only wear down your teeth, it will also make your gums bleed. Every time you oral irrigator manufacturer, flush the oral irrigator manufacturer directly against your gums. You say if you punch your teeth like that, how can your teeth not bleed? Even if you brush your teeth sometimes, it bleeds because you brush your teeth too hard. The same goes for oral irrigator factory.
3. Choose the wrong product


As a water flosser wholesale enthusiast, I have learned a few lessons from the process of oral irrigator wholesale and share them with you. First of all, when choosing oral irrigator wholesale, you should pay attention to the quality and compatibility of the product, which is very important to protect the gums. Finally, we must pay attention to the brand and technical strength of the product.


1. Do not blindly pursue low-price products, because these products often use inferior materials. After all, water flosser agency is electrical. No matter how cheap they are, there's a bottom line. Don't touch anything smaller than three digits. Buy nine holes out of ten! Its process is rough, the design has a lot of "metaphysical" operation, and it is easy to hurt the teeth when using. For example,If the use of inferior water pump, motor and other accessories, product performance and stability is poor, the motor pulse frequency is unstable, uneven water and other problems. Dental situation, too late to regret.


2. Don't buy products with a high rate of tooth damage. Most of us shop via e-commerce, so we can look at buyer reviews to see how high the bad reviews of the brand/product are in the book and whether they are within our acceptable range. It can be purchased.


3. Pay attention to technical strength when selecting oral irrigator agency: the pulse frequency of professional brands is uniform, stable and controllable, and the water is fine. And it is more suitable for the mouth in complex environments. And those brands that focus on appearance or low prices are often unprofessional, the pulse frequency is high and low, the drainage is uneven, and the stability is poor. Some brands even produce OEM pumps and motors.


4. Maintain good oral hygiene when using: In order for oral irrigator agency to work, it is necessary to ensure good oral cleanliness, which includes two aspects: proper use and regular maintenance. If oral hygiene is not maintained in time, it will deteriorate and lead to various oral diseases. Therefore, the daily use of water flosser dealer requires regular maintenance, regular inspection of teeth, dental seams and other parts of the residue.

5. Pay attention to nozzle types: there are three types of mainstream nozzles on the market: conventional nozzles, sensitive nozzles and orthodontic nozzles. Different groups of people need to choose different types of nozzles: children and the elderly are suitable for conventional nozzles; Sensitive nozzles are suitable for those with a dental background or orthodontics; People with orthodontic needs can choose orthodontic nozzles.


4. You don't know how to use it correctly


In order to make oral irrigator dealer effective without bleeding, we must master the correct method of use in order to effectively avoid bleeding. First, the water flosser trader nozzles must be used together. We should choose a nozzle that matches our mouth very well, so as to effectively avoid frequent bleeding caused by nozzle mismatch. Second, pay attention to the direction of washing. When water flosser trader your teeth and gums, let the water flow in a straight line to rinse your teeth and gum without moving back and forth. In addition, when oral irrigator trader, it is best to use a "top-down" rinse method to avoid excessive damage to the teeth and gums.


5. Violent cleansing


Vigorously water flosser company can cause gums to bleed or even recede. Because our teeth and gums are very fragile, over-cleaning will only lead to tooth and gum damage.

6. The flushing frequency is too high


If the flushing frequency is too high, it can cause tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding. It is recommended that you water flosser company no more than 2 times a day for no more than 1 minute each time. If the gums bleed and the bleeding doesn't get better after a few days, which means you have some inflammation in your mouth that can't be cured, see a dentist.


7. Bad oral irrigator company can also cause tooth bleeding, how to choose?


1. Pay attention to the influence of water flow


The pulse frequency should be above 1200 times /min. The water flosser supplier machine mainly emits high pressure pulse water, and uses the impact of water to clean the teeth at fixed points. In general, the frequency of water flosser supplier should meet 1200 times/minute or more, the cleaning effect can be qualified.
On this basis, the higher the pulse frequency, the stronger the oral irrigator supplier cleaning ability.


2. Pay attention to the fineness of the flow


water flosser vendor relies on a spray of water to wash out bacterial tartar and food debris in and between teeth. The finer the diameter of the water flow, the more deep cleaning can be done in the gap between the teeth and the blind area, and the better the effect of cleaning the teeth.


Please note that it is best not to use spot-spray oral irrigator vendor because it has a relatively low flow of water and does not clean as well.


3. More files to choose from


Because the health of our gums and teeth is changing on a daily basis, we need to react to specific situations. If the flushing force of oral irrigator vendor doesn't match our oral environment, It can easily cause damage to the mouth. Multistage regulation will adapt to oral conditions by adjusting and optimizing core parameters such as pulse frequency and discharge water.


At least including cleaning mode and sensitive mode can meet our daily cleaning needs.


4. After 3 seconds, the water gradually rises


When water flosser bulking, it is easy to injure the gums with too much water at first, and the gums will bleed after long-term use. The water gradually flows out within 3 seconds, and the water flow becomes stronger from weak to strong, which can prevent accidental damage to the gums and reduce tooth bleeding.

5. Pay attention to OEM products. In general, OEM products only list the names of well-known brands. In fact, research and development and production are not done by this brand, but by other manufacturers, that is, contract manufacturing. I place an order for other manufacturers to produce. And then launch my brand, and that's my product. Quality cannot be guaranteed, so don't buy blindly just because it is a brand you often hear about, it depends on whether the brand's research and development and production are integrated.




6. Is after-sales service guaranteed?


Seven days no reason return is best supported, but it should be noted that some brands of product returns are conditional, seven days no reason return can only be used if it is not opened. Pay attention to this and don't fall for it. In addition, it is recommended to choose products with a long warranty period, preferably one year or more.
8. water flosser bulk properly! (Mode selection, nozzle selection) 1. How to choose a oral irrigator bulk pattern? Beginners should use a weak to strong gear pattern at first, do not gargle blindly, choose the smallest gargle gear to clean the mouth, so that their teeth and gums can adapt to the strength of the mouth rinse. Because the lower the value of the oral irrigator bulk's water pressure range, the softer it is, and the higher the value, the stronger it is. The first time you use the highest level, it's easy to get bled by the water column.


9. How to choose a water flosser nozzle? People with sensitive and fragile teeth should use a sensitive nozzle, Because the sensitive nozzle has a pressure relief plug at the front, it can reduce the water pressure and make the water column softer. People with healthy mouths use standard nozzles because the front end of the standard nozzle is thinner, so the spray water is thicker and the cleaning power is stronger. If you have braces, you will need to use an orthodontic nozzle because there is a soft brush on the front of the orthodontic nozzle. While spraying water, you can also use a brush to scrub stains on the surface and crevices of the braces.


10. How to water flosser properly


1. Do not rinse frequently every day, rinse three times a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner.


2. The Angle of the water flushing device should be maintained at 90° Between the spout, the space between the teeth, and the surface of the teeth, the water should be flushed along, rather than at an Angle, into the gum line.




3. Do not rinse the same position for a long time, rinse the water device for a maximum of 2 minutes each time, keep each position of the mouth clean, do not excessively extend the cleaning time.


4. Don't brush your teeth with water that's too cold or too hot. Usually, flush the teeth with warm water so that the process of flushing the teeth does not hurt the teeth because it is warm water and it will be more comfortable.


5. If there is bleeding gums in the mouth, you should adjust and use the smallest gear to gargle, so as not to cause secondary damage to the mouth.


6. After each use of water flosser, remember to clean the water tank and keep the water tank dry, otherwise bacteria are easy to breed, long-term use of this dirty water tank for water flosser may cause secondary damage to the mouth.

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