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Why don't some dentists recommend electric toothbrushes??

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-12      Origin: Site

3 months ago I was in the oral cavity clinic near the school when washing teeth asked the doctor 1, with electric toothbrush to periodontitis profit?Doctors say electric toothbrushes are only good for your hands.Two days ago, WHEN I had a cavity filled at the dental clinic near my home, I asked the doctor how about brushing with an electric toothbrush?Doctors say it's best not to use it because the vibrations can damage the enamel.But I personally think it's cleaner to use an electric toothbrush.But there are a lot of places where electric toothbrushes are recommended, and I'm not sure they're harmful.

I have used two electric toothbrushes.At the beginning, when I changed from manual toothbrush to electric toothbrush, I was worried that the electric toothbrush was too fierce and might hurt my fragile gums. After all, if I brushed my teeth manually a little harder, it would bleed.So I did some research when I bought it, and I chose a good value electric toothbrush.The electric toothbrush comes in four colors, and I got the classic black.At the beginning, I just held the mentality of trying, and planned to throw it into the duty room if it could not be used, but the experience effect was beyond expectation.It is much softer than expected and does not irritate the gums. In addition, the electric toothbrush uses sound wave rotation and dual power technology, so the mouth does not shake at all.The oral and dental environment is much cleaner, and I haven't bled while brushing for a long time.Electric toothbrush also has a lot of weight in the hand, using metal matte material, delicate and comfortable touch, texture is very good.The metal body is IPX7 waterproof and can be washed with water.Even in the case of the shower is also able to use, do not worry about electricity leakage, but also can very good prevention of water in the humid environment mildew.The most powerful is, this battery life is excellent, induction charging, battery life of 30 days, when the business trip is also very suitable, the cost is very good.Then came the electric toothbrush with a higher level of appearance. Its Dupont bristles were rounded and matched with soft adhesive bristles, which really looked like a massage to the gums.Compared to the previous model, it has five smart cleaning modes, further improving the user experience.I use it myself, the new mode of electric toothbrush vibration is not very strong, not knock teeth, suitable for just from manual brushing friends to quickly start.White mode is more suitable for general users to brush their teeth.Deep cleansing is an effective way to clean gaps between teeth, and is a must for those who have yellow or smoky teeth that need to be cleaned.In my personal experience, electric toothbrush the most suitable mode is the sensitive mode, which not only reduces the damage to the gums through soft vibration, but also achieves the purpose of efficient cleaning.As far as cleaning is concerned, it is really gentle and efficient without knock.As for the polishing mode, it is recommended that you try an electric toothbrush for those who have trouble with dim teeth. After brushing your teeth, you can feel the teeth brighten up to a certain degree without fear of smiling.Many people struggle with whether to use an electric toothbrush, but it's not the same thing.

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