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Why is it called sonic toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrush is a convenient and efficient oral cleaning tool. It uses electric energy instead of manual brushing, reducing the burden of people's brushing and improving the efficiency and effect of brushing. The invention and popularization of electric toothbrush has also greatly promoted the development of oral health care technology. So, how does an electric toothbrush work? Why is it called sonic vibration? Let's take a closer look. 1, the manufacturing process of electric toothbrush The production of electric toothbrush manufacturer involves multiple steps and components, including batteries, motors, vibrators, control circuits, brushes and so on. The following are the detailed steps of the production process of electric toothbrush manufacturer: 1. Design and development: The manufacture of electric toothbrush manufacturer requires design and development first, which is usually the responsibility of engineers and designers. Factors they consider include the shape, size, material, circuit board and controller of the electric toothbrush factory. 2. Battery manufacturing: electric toothbrush factory need batteries to provide power. These batteries are typically lithium-ion batteries that provide power through a specific chemical reaction. Battery manufacturing usually requires the use of high-precision production equipment and technology. 3. Manufacture of acoustic motor: sonic toothbrush manufacturer uses motor to turn vibrator and brush head. An electric motor usually consists of wires, electronic components and an electromagnetic field. The manufacture of motors requires the use of high-precision machines and processes. 4. Manufacture vibrator: Vibrator is one of the core components of sonic toothbrush manufacturer. It generates vibration through the rotation of the motor and drives the brush head for cleaning. The manufacture of vibrators requires sophisticated machining and testing equipment. 5. Manufacture control circuit: Control circuit is one of the core of sonic toothbrush factory. It controls the motor, vibrator and brush head. The control circuit is usually composed of multiple chips, electronic components and circuit boards. The manufacture of control circuit requires high precision electronic manufacturing technology. 6. Brush head manufacturing: The brush head is the part of the sonic toothbrush factory that most directly contacts the mouth. The brush head is usually composed of bristles, brush rods and packaging. The bristles are usually made of fibrous material. The manufacture of brush heads requires sophisticated machining and testing equipment. 7. Assembly and testing: After each part is manufactured, it needs to be assembled and tested. Assembly and testing are usually carried out on the assembly line and require strict quality control and inspection. After assembly, electric toothbrush wholesale need to be tested several times to ensure that they meet safety and performance standards. Why is an electric toothbrush wholesale called an acoustic vibration? The vibration modes of sonic toothbrush wholesale are divided into rotary and acoustic. The head of the rotary sonic toothbrush wholesale rotates on a fixed axis and cleans the teeth through the rotation of the bristles. electric toothbrush agency use high-frequency vibrations to clean teeth. Acoustic electric toothbrush agency usually vibrate at a frequency between 20,000 Hz and 40,000 Hz, and vibrations at this frequency are called ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound can create tiny pressure changes in the water, forming tiny bubbles that can penetrate tiny gaps in the teeth to shake, loosen, and remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. However, sound waves are not the only source of vibrations in sonic toothbrush agency. In fact, most acoustic sonic toothbrush agency use a different technology called "vibration technology." This technology uses vibrations inside the motor instead of sound waves to create vibrations. The internal motor rotates to produce a certain vibration frequency, which is transmitted to the tooth surface through the brush head of the sonic toothbrush agency to achieve the cleaning effect. In general, acoustic vibration is a common technical realization in the manufacture of electric toothbrush dealer. It uses ultrasonic waves to create vibrations and transmits these vibrations to the tooth surface through the electric toothbrush dealer head.In the actual manufacturing process, the acoustic vibration also needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the design and brand characteristics of the sonic toothbrush dealer to achieve the best cleaning effect. In short, the manufacture and design of sonic toothbrush dealer require multiple steps and precise components to ensure their efficient cleaning function and long-term reliability. Although the cost is higher than traditional toothbrushes, electric toothbrush trader clean better and are more convenient to use, especially for those who have oral health problems or are physically unable to use traditional toothbrushes. By gaining a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process of electric toothbrush trader, we can better understand their principles and functions and make better choices for our oral health. Therefore, we encourage you to choose your own sonic toothbrush trader when choosing an oral care tool to maintain good oral health. On the one hand, acoustic sonic toothbrush trader  rely on vibrations and micro-oscillations of the bristles to clean the surface of the teeth. What's more, it is driven by high-frequency acoustic power, producing a large number of micro bubbles gathered on the top of the bristles, the tiny vacuum bubbles collapse rapidly, generating energy to brush the teeth, acoustic electric toothbrush company refers to the bristles and the head of the vibration frequency is the same or similar to the sound frequency, so it is also called acoustic vibration electric toothbrush company. The working principle of the acoustic sonic toothbrush company is to rely on the high-speed movement of the miniature motor to drive the sonic toothbrush company head to swing from side to side at high speed to produce mechanical vibration, that is, the generation of sound waves. electric toothbrush supplier can completely remove bacteria from teeth, gums, periodontal tissue and tongue coating, leaving a fresh and comfortable mouth and fresh breath. As the pinnacle of unprecedented technology in toothbrush products, electric toothbrush supplier undoubtedly has a bright future. To learn how to properly clean your teeth with a sonic toothbrush supplier, the first step is to understand the basic structure of your teeth. Our daily brushing is mainly to clean the inside and outside of the teeth, the occlusal surface, the stem of the teeth and the gingival groove. Tooth stains on the surface of the teeth are easy to remove, and if the gum line and tooth stem are not cleaned well, it is not only easy to cause damage to the teeth, but also breed various oral problems. First, install the sonic toothbrush supplier head, wet it, and apply toothpaste to the electric toothbrush vendor head. Turn on the start button again, and this electric toothbrush vendor has a slow power for 3 seconds, which can effectively prevent the toothpaste from dropping or the handle from slipping. Place the electric toothbrush vendor in your mouth along the gum line so that the Angle between the electric toothbrush vendor and the gums is about 45 degrees. Then, gently push the sonic toothbrush vendor with your fingertips, moving it slowly along the gum line. Here you use the Pasteur brushing method, which can be customized by the owner. Pap brushing is the way dentists recommend brushing teeth. Acoustic brush heads are designed so that longer bristles can effectively clean the gaps between teeth and shorter tooth surfaces. Next, slowly insert the sonic toothbrush vendor head into the inside of the tooth, focusing on cleaning the inside of the lower incisor, because this area is prone to tartar accumulation and is also a place where tartar accumulation is high. Cleaning the bite surface is easier because you only need to move the electric toothbrush bulk slowly, rather than manually moving it back and forth as you would with a regular toothbrush. electric toothbrush bulk are really clean. I'm already a diligent toothbrush. I used to brush by hand for 3-5 minutes to make sure each tooth was well cleaned. When I have my teeth checked regularly every six months, the doctor compliments me on how well I protect my teeth. But I'm a coffee drinker, and almost every day I drink a cup of coffee. After coffee, I'll drink tea, so even if I do my best to brush my teeth and avoid cavities, my teeth won't look white or a little yellow.But I don't eat by my face, so I never thought about spending money on whitening my teeth. The point is. When you look in the mirror after brushing your teeth with an sonic toothbrush bulk, your teeth seem to be noticeably whiter. These days, places that used to be yellow are now white, which really helps. 2. The toothpaste foam produced by sonic toothbrush bulk is thin. Before you brush your teeth with your hands, your mouth is always full of foam. After using a sonic toothbrush , the amount of foam will be less and very thin. In the past, there was always foam coming out of your mouth when you gargled, but there was no foam feeling when you brushed your teeth with a sonic toothbrush. I don't want to compare "thin foam" to "multi-foam," just seeing ads that sonic toothbrush can use tiny bubbles created by sound waves to clean areas that toothbrushes electric can't. 3. toothbrushes electric is labor-saving and convenient, which should be the most important advantage of toothbrushes electric. I used to brush my teeth with my hands as if I could kill all the germs. I used to brush my teeth so loudly that my mom would throw a phrase from behind, "Why are you so hard?" Don't brush your teeth." When I started using an toothbrushes electric, although I still enjoyed brushing from front to back and left to right, it really saved a lot of energy. As long as I put the brush head on my teeth and adjust the position of the brush head slightly, I can feel the electric tooth brush trying to help you brush your teeth. 4. The timing of the electric tooth brush is very thoughtful. After pressing the power switch, it will run for two minutes and then stop. According to the AD, it reminds toothbrushes that they should be brushed for two minutes as recommended by dentists for better cleaning results. But usually it stops when I'm three-quarters of the way through the area, and I have to press the power switch again to continue. But it also reminds me that I've been scrolling for two minutes. Clean with sound waves? The so-called acoustic electric tooth brush, the "sound wave" does not refer to the use of ultrasonic cleaning teeth, but refers to the vibration frequency generated by the sonic electric toothbrush to reach the frequency of sound waves, so people call it "acoustic sonic electric toothbrush". In the working process of the kids electric toothbrush, the high-speed motor transfers the kinetic energy to the drive shaft, so that the brush head produces a small amplitude high-frequency oscillation perpendicular to the brush handle. When brushing, in addition to the cleaning power of the kids electric toothbrush itself, the viscosity of the liquid deep inside the teeth is also increased by high-speed vibration, which causes plaque to peel away from the teeth. As can be seen in the picture below, the high-speed vibrating toothbrush exerts force on the teeth by the impact of the water flow, and deeply cleans the teeth. The cleaning ability is self-evident. This bubble has a strong vibration frequency and water injection capacity. The overall design begins with the design of the shape and structure of the kids electric toothbrush. Take my toothbrush, for example. In terms of aesthetics, it is necessary to design a good combination of style, materials, colors and functions, including the structure of various components inside, such as the layout of internal circuit boards, motors, batteries and charging coils. As for the industrial design of the whole machine, balance, beautiful, portable, easy to use is essential! The shell and component holder of an electronic toothbrush are made of ABS plastic, commonly referred to as "resin". This material is hard, fall-proof and durable, making it a practical material for the elderly. The manufacturing process is the high-temperature injection molding we are very familiar with: the plastic particles are first melted and then injected into the mold by an injection molding machine. After cooling and curing, the shell of the electronic toothbrush body is completed. Next, the inner cavity of the enclosure is dusted and cleaned, and then the interior is captured using a camera and analyzed for residue by a connected computer.It is very important to keep the inside of the electronic toothbrush body clean because there is also a circuit board and motor in the back! Otherwise, in the process of use, although the most concerned is the penetration corrosion of external water (sealing performance), if there is dust before sealing, it will directly affect the performance of the sonic electric toothbrush. Because the speed of the acoustic sonic electric toothbrush needs to reach 31,000 times per minute, the current mainstream acoustic sonic electric toothbrush, as shown in the figure below, uses magnetic levitation motors, whether it is tens of thousands of units abroad, or two or three hundred units in China. The principle is that after the motor is energized, the rotor in the maglev motor rotates to induce the magnetic field, and then through the interaction of the permanent magnet, the rotor is suspended in the middle of the magnetic field. During operation, there is no mechanical friction, so the stability is relatively strong and the output power is relatively large. Finally, the kinetic energy is transferred to the electric tooth brush head through the drive shaft, and when the kinetic energy is transferred to the teeth, the cleaning effect will be very good.


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