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Why use an electric toothbrush and what are the benefits?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-15      Origin: Site

Many people around me have this attitude about electric toothbrushes. "As for being lazy like that?" "You don't like cleaning, a toothbrush can make you love brushing your teeth?" "They're all frauds." But the science is that brushing time is two minutes. This makes many people overestimate the amount of time they spend brushing their teeth. You may think you've been brushing for two minutes, but it might only take you 30 seconds.

Even if you brush for a full two minutes, the manual brush is about 250 strokes per minute, and the electric toothbrush averages more than 30,000 strokes per minute. Using an electric toothbrush can improve brushing efficiency hundreds of times!

Brushing a toothbrush is dental plaque, not just vegetable leaves, meat scraps, electric toothbrush vibration frequency can make the toothpaste and water mixture in the mouth to create a large number of tiny bubbles, bubbles burst when the pressure can be deep into the teeth to clean dirt.

Literature has shown that compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can remove 12%~20% of dental plaque and reduce bleeding and inflammation of gums by 34%~50%.

Electric toothbrush is the use of high-speed vibration movement, drive the brush head, rotation or vibration, in order to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.

Will an electric toothbrush that is so powerful bring some negative effects to your teeth and gums?CCTV2's Truth Report has previously reported on whether brushing with an electric toothbrush destroys tooth enamel:

The program group walked into the Stomatological Hospital of Xi 'an Fourth Military Medical University; For experimental detection, electric toothbrush was selected to conduct oral cleaning test to verify whether electric toothbrush has damage to tooth enamel. From the results of the experimental scan, the electric toothbrush completely on the teeth without wear, which is not possible. An electric toothbrush can cause slight wear on your teeth. But the wear is similar to the wear that comes from chewing food, and it's bearable, physiological wear. If you want a little less wear, you can choose a sonic toothbrush, which has the lowest wear.

Electric toothbrushes also won't hurt gums, mostly for the wrong brushing methods and untreated periodontal disease.

Electric toothbrushes also minimize the bad effects of lazy cancer on teeth. It has 310000+ times /min cleaning frequency, cleaning is more efficient, after all, motor and manual, is this the same level? There's no comparison. 2 min (30 sx4) scientific time brushing your teeth, every 30 s automatic alert in area, not with how long should brush your teeth brush, through the scientific setting, provide you with a more scientific way of brushing your teeth more pattern choice, such as: clean, sensitive, beautiful white, protect gum, soft, rookie, there is always a suitable for your teeth, there is always one for you to customize the teeth of the spa.

Although electric toothbrush can not fundamentally solve some of the bad habit of brushing your teeth, but certainly better than ordinary toothbrush to use effect, compared with manual, at least guaranteed clean strength, and good electric toothbrush bring comfort, but also to motivate yourself to brush my teeth, and the cost paid a silent, more conducive to get rid of the lazy habit of brushing your teeth.

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