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Why use an electric toothbrush when you can simply brush your teeth?

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Some of you may be thinking: Why use an electric toothbrush when you can simply brush your teeth?

How can you be so lazy that you don't want to do anything to brush your teeth?An oral care expert will tell you that using an electric toothbrush is much better than using a regular toothbrush.What's so good about electric toothbrushes compared to traditional ones?Why do so many people use it?1. Comfortable feeling: traditional toothbrush is difficult to completely remove dental plaque, coupled with improper brushing methods, so that the cleaning effect of brushing is greatly compromised.Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual ones, and their ability to clean teeth has been praised by dental experts.2. Reduce damage: Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushescan reduce brushing intensity by about 60 percent, reduce the frequency of gingivitis and gum bleeding by 62 percent, and make the brushing process more safe and effective.Three. Easy to use: get up in the morning, you can use it directly, even the strength is not necessary, the most convenient for lazy people.4. Cleaning ability: if the traditional toothbrush is not used properly, it is difficult to completely remove dental plaque.Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual ones, and their ability to clean teeth has been praised by dental experts.In contrast, sonic electric toothbrush cleaning efficiency is worthy of affirmation.Advanced electronic control system makes the operation more simple and convenient.Strong sound vibrations can thoroughly clean food crumbs from areas that a normal toothbrush cannot reach, and gentle pulsating sound vibrations can gently massage the gums for healthier teeth.To achieve good brushing results, we need to touch the head of the electric toothbrushes on each side of the teeth to ensure that the overall cleaning effect.Now you can see why so many people use electric toothbrushes.

The most obvious advantage of electric toothbrushes over regular toothbrushes is that you don't have to force yourself. It's fully automatic.What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush?Oh, let's take you all together.

Benefits: 1, reduce the damage to teeth, electric toothbrush can reduce the intensity of brushing by about 60%, reduce gingivitis and gingival bleeding by 62%, making the brushing process more safe and effective.2. Remove tooth stains more thoroughly. Many people's habits are careless brushing, and electric toothbrush is very effective in removing tooth stains, which can reduce tooth stains caused by tea, coffee and bad oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth.Disadvantages: 1, usually with ordinary toothbrush are actively brush, namely vertical brush.However, the vibration frequency and strength of the electric toothbrush are relatively fixed. When rotating, it is similar to the horizontal brush on the surface of the teeth, which may cause some wear and tear on the teeth, and may cause periodontitis seriously.2, the frequency and strength of electric toothbrush is fixed, because children can not master the appropriate use method, easy to damage the tender gingiva, gingiva redness and other symptoms, but also make the teeth suffer severe wear and tear.

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