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Why used electric toothbrush as before to brush bad tooth

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Why used electric toothbrush as before to brush bad tooth?Do you have any of these problems after purchasing an electric toothbrush?After using the electric toothbrush, the teeth still copy the incorrect brushing method (such as horizontal brushing method) to brush their teeth. It is not used to using the electric toothbrush and can not stand the high frequency vibration. In fact, these are caused by the use of the wrong electric toothbrush brushing method. Fu-hua yan team once said "not appropriate or not suitable for your own brush method method not only can not achieve good oral hygiene, may cause the mouth of hard and soft tissue damage", the correct method is how important for teeth brushing your teeth, brush your teeth in the four big mistake Myth, do not understand the nature of brushing your teeth, wrong electric toothbrush as a manual toothbrush. Brush your teeth in the same way. First of all, what is the purpose of brushing your teeth?What exactly is it?Of course, this is a majority of people can say the answer freely, brush is not the teeth, the purpose is to clean, to avoid dental disease.But in a more medical sense, brushing teeth is essentially brushing plaque.

3. Squash toothpaste. In order to avoid toothpaste spatter when brushing with an electric toothbrush, it is best to vertically squeeze the toothpaste into the gap of the bristles, and then dip both the brush head and the toothpaste in water.4. Choose a brushing method suitable for your own. It is worth noting that although the methods just presented are manual toothbrush brushing, it does not mean that the use of electric toothbrush should not be the same as that of manual toothbrush brushing, because the core of any brushing method is to remove dental plaque and dirt inside teeth.Electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrush is also clean up the dirt and plaque inside the teeth, they are only different cleaning efficiency, the location of the brush is still no change, they just the difference between manual and power, and there is no any research showed that using an electric toothbrush should abandon the original way of brushing your teeth (especially the four presented above brush style) more. Take a look at a popular method that works for you and combine it with an electric toothbrush. 5.Choose the adaptive mode, block for the first time, it is recommended to use a lower frequency block, if the high, easy to adapt to, brush uncomfortable, so it is recommended to start from the low frequency block, such as: novice block/morning block/sensitive block...You can gradually increase the gear (note, this is not to say that the process of using an electric toothbrush gradually increase the gear oh, but each time you brush your teeth can try a different gear), and finally find a suitable gear for your teeth.6. Turn on the switch and brush according to the brushing method. The electric toothbrush will be brushed for 2 minutes, and each area will be brushed for 30 seconds.Wash the bristles Place the brush head in water, then turn it on and give it a little shake to clean the bristles of toothpaste and foreign matter.

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