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Will daily use of a water flosser damage your gums?

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Will daily use of a water flosser damage your gums? The correct use of the water flosser, frequency is not too frequent, under normal circumstances will not have an impact on the gums, but also can massage the gums, promote blood circulation, relieve toothache, inhibit the bleeding of the gums, there are many advantages to the oral cavity.

Prevent cavities, gingivitis, dental stones, and periodontitis by removing food debris and harmful bacteria that can't be reached by toothbrush and floss. Clean the plaque on the surface of teeth, keep the mouth clean and make people feel fresh. Simple and efficient cleaning orthodontic appliance is a powerful tool for orthodontic or denture wearers to clean their oral cavity.

Some friends will have the problem of bleeding gums when using the oral irrigator for the first time, which indicates that there is inflammation of the gums. When the deep dirt is all cleaned up, the inflammation will slowly disappear, and the teeth will not bleed again.

In addition to mastering the correct way to use, but also according to their own actual situation to use. Especially if you have periodontitis, gingivitis, or other oral problems.

Healthy gums can withstand up to 90psi of flushing pressure, but people with gingivitis should use an oral irrigator with a pressure of 50 to 70psi.

How to use the oral irrigator correctly? First fill the tank with clean water. Place the nozzle between your teeth along the gum line and close your lips. Start the oral irrigator and rinse in a sequence, such as first the upper teeth and then the lower teeth. It is recommended to use a gentle mode for the first rinse, and slowly find the appropriate rinse gear. Keep the oral irrigator 90° perpendicular to the tooth seam when rinsing. After rinsing, rinse your mouth with water and rinse off the food particles.

Is it necessary to buy a water flosser? Very necessary! We clean our mouths with toothbrushes every day, but both traditional and electric toothbrushes only reach the surface of the teeth. The bristles are fine and soft, and it is impossible to reach into the teeth to clean the teeth. Floss is a common tool for cleaning the teeth, but the efficiency of floss is too low, and the use experience of people with braces is not good.

In order to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning experience, the water flosser came into being. It usually takes one or two minutes to clean the tooth seam with the water flosser, which is not only more thorough than flossing, but also greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and use experience!

Can water flosser remove tooth stone? An oral irrigator will not remove calculus. Dental stones are stonelike objects like plaque or food debris that slowly calcify. As an auxiliary tool for oral care, the oral irrigator can not be removed by high-speed water flushing alone. The way to remove tooth stones is to wash teeth.

By using the oral irrigator, it can reduce the accumulation of food particles and dental plaque, which is very effective in reducing dental calculus and treating oral diseases such as bleeding gums.

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