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many people feel that the care of oral hygiene with electric toothbrush is enough

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See this article of friends, must be very attention to oral protection, after all, many people feel that the care of oral hygiene with electric toothbrush is enough, toothbrush is not necessary, but the actual experience after the true fragrance law was once again certified, really good!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Flushes

1. Is it necessary to buy a dental flush/water floss?

There is. Electric toothbrush can only clean 60% of the surface of the teeth, the remaining 40% of the blind areas such as teeth, tooth socket and groove are easy to have food residues, forming gum inflammation, halitosis, dental caries and other oral problems, so at this time with pressure water floss can be more thorough than electric toothbrush, toothpick, dental floss to clean the mouth.

2. Does a tooth flush cause bleeding gums and enlarged gaps between teeth?

Not right. For the first time, gingival bleeding is because the teeth are not adapted to the pressure of water floss or gingival inflammation, which will improve after about a week of use. People with sensitive teeth can use the sensitive mode first and slowly adapt to it.

On the other hand, the answer to the question of gap-toothed enlargement is no, and here's an answer that I agree with with both hands.

I recommend that everyone use the tooth flusher, not to say the IQ tax, it was not popularized before, the washing machine and dishwasher just came out, we also said that there is no clean hand washing, now it has become a necessary household electrical appliances. The cleaner the mouth is, the more comfortable it will be, and the less oral diseases will occur.

Especially orthodontic/braces party, periodontitis/bad breath crowd, gums easy to plug several groups of people, the earlier the better! These types of people's teeth are complex. Electric toothbrush alone can't do thorough cleaning. Electric toothbrush + tooth flush is the absolute match of oral care!

In the case that the cleaning force performance of the vast majority of tooth flushes is good, the comfort of the tooth flushes is also particularly important. Although the greater the impact force, the better the cleaning effect, it is also necessary to consider the bearing capacity of the gums. Only when the cleaning force is clean and the impact pressure is just right can it be considered as a truly good tooth flushes.

Function analysis of the tooth flusher is as follows:

· Pulse function

In other words, the flushing frequency of the pulse flush device should be selected as high frequency pulse of more than 1200 times/minute as far as possible. The cleaning efficiency above this level is high, which can effectively wash the tooth gap and also reduce dental plaque.

· Water pressure gear and function mode

The tap position of water pressure is generally 3-8, there is no big difference, three is enough to meet our use needs. For the basic price, there are at least 3 different cleaning modes available for the 100-plus products, which are generally gentle mode (suitable for the first time users and people with sensitive gums), pulse mode (with strong rinsing power) and custom mode.

Water tank,

Portable water tank is generally 150-200ml, this capacity of the water tank, we generally need to inject 1-2 times of water in the middle of the use, try to choose more than 150ml when choosing, the use experience is better. Family type is generally more than 600ml, basically only need to inject water once to meet our use needs.

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