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Electric toothbrush manufacturer

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Are electric toothbrush really better?


Are electric toothbrush really better? With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people's health awareness, electric toothbrush have become a part of modern oral hygiene. However, is an sonic toothbrush really better than a traditional manual toothbrush? This issue has been hotly de
Does the orthodontist recommend water flosser?


Does the orthodontist recommend water flosser? But do orthodontists recommend water flosser? This article discusses this issue. With the change of modern lifestyle, people pay more and more attention to health, and oral health has gradually received more and more attention. With the increasing aware
Is water flosser good for teeth?


Is water flosser good for teeth? Before buying water flosser, it is very important to understand what to look for when buying oral irrigator and how oral irrigator works. Many people worry that buying poor quality products will cause tooth damage. In order to eliminate everyone's worries and avoid e
Is water flosser good for teeth?


Is water flosser good for teeth? Can floss damage your teeth? water flosser, also known as oral irrigator, has long been a lack of understanding among Chinese people. Dental damage caused by oral irrigator. So can cordless water flosser damage your teeth? As the product manager of cordless water flo
Which is better, rotary toothbrush or vibrating toothbrush?


Which is better, rotary toothbrush or vibrating toothbrush? When buying an sonic toothbrush for the first time, many novices may be confused by the classification of sonic toothbrush : rotation, vibration, sound wave, ultrasonic wave, etc., and the price difference is relatively large. Which is a s
Is water flosser better than flossing?


Is water flosser better than flossing? As people pay more and more attention to oral health, more and more people are concerned about the choice of oral cleaning tools. In daily life, our commonly used oral cleaning tools are mainly toothbrushes, floss and floss. Although dentists regard brushing as
Is an electric toothbrush really better than a regular toothbrush?


Is an electric toothbrush really better than a regular toothbrush? In modern society, a good tooth is becoming more and more important. After all, it's not just about eating, it's also about the decline in appearance, the pain of tooth decay, and the huge cost of filling and extraction. More and mor
Should everyone use a water flosser?


Should everyone use a water flosser?water flosser is a tool for cleaning the teeth in the mouth. Is water flosser necessary for a healthy person with normal teeth? Let's take a look. oral irrigator does not have to have oral diseases to be used, and ordinary people can use it. oral irrigator can use
What should I pay attention to when buying a water flosser


What should I pay attention to when buying a water flosserAs an oral cleaning tool, the oral douche is very effective for oral cleaning and I use it all the time myself. But perhaps because the oral douche has just emerged in China, many friends do not know much about the dental douche, especially i
Why is it called sonic toothbrush?


Electric toothbrush is a convenient and efficient oral cleaning tool. It uses electric energy instead of manual brushing, reducing the burden of people's brushing and improving the efficiency and effect of brushing. The invention and popularization of electric toothbrush has also greatly promoted th
Which electric toothbrush technology is best?


With the improvement of living standard, oral health has aroused wide concern among Chinese people. People are no longer satisfied with the traditional oral cleaning products, so the electric toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste and other oral cleaning products come out, many young people love, the mar
Can I use a sonic toothbrush for cavities


Can I use an electric toothbrush if I have a cavity? Sum up those who can't use an electric toothbrush! Tooth decay, also known as caries, was a common practice when I was growing up. I often hear my parents tell me not to eat too much candy, or it is easy for bugs to grow on my teeth and eat them.
Are sonic toothbrushes noisy?


Brushing your teeth is an essential part of our daily life. With the popularity of electronic toothbrush in recent years, more and more young people choose electronic toothbrush. How to choose an excellent electronic toothbrush has become a headache for many novices. The main reason is that the prod
Can an electric toothbrush remove tartar ?


Compared to manual brushing, electric toothbrush are recognized by oral experts for their cleaning ability, as they can remove plaque faster and more thoroughly under high-speed vibration, minimizing the risk of cavities and gingivitis. In addition, when using an electric toothbrush, the force shoul
How much does it cost to manufacture an electric toothbrush?


A regular manual electric toothbrush costs less than ten yuan, and maybe you have one in your bathroom to solve plaque, coffee stains and bad breath, all of which are indispensable to modern life. But in our 21st century society, more and more people are paying more for electric toothbrush to do the
Which is the best electric toothbrush manufacturer?


1. Why choose an electric toothbrush manufacturer? 1. The human mouth contains about 100 million microbes per square centimeter, and more than 500 kinds of bacteria. Bacteria are produced all the time. If you don't clean your teeth properly every day, yellow teeth, cavities, bad breath, plaque, sens
Do I need dental floss to use electric toothbrush?


Why do we brush and floss our teeth? Roughly speaking, tooth decay bacteria + food residue = bad breath, tooth decay bacteria + food residue + time = pigmentary tooth decay bacteria = food residue + dental groove + time = tooth decay bacteria/food residue + groove between tooth and gum + time = calc
Why do my teeth hurt after using electronic toothbrush?


As the popularity of electronic toothbrush grows, so does the number of users, but there is also some controversy about the damage to their teeth. I've been an oral care blogger for about four or five years. Recently, fans have been asking me, "Does an electronic toothbrush hurt your teeth?" ? Why d
Is it OK for a child to use an electric toothbrush?


In general, some very young children's everyday items cannot be used. Today, we're talking about electric toothbrush. According to experts, they are not recommended for babies under the age of seven. Maybe my parents will say I don't need anything. First, the frequency and strength of electric tooth
Do you need to brush for 2 minutes with electronic toothbrush?


Electronic toothbrush is a new product appearing in recent years. It is widely believed that electronic toothbrush are more scientific and effective than regular toothbrushes. Electronic toothbrush not only remove plaque and reduce oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and bleeding g
What is the best electric tooth brush to buy?


According to statistics, nearly 450 million people suffer from dental sensitivity, dental caries up to 90% of the population! But the brands of electric tooth brush vary, and from function to appearance, they all look the same. What's more, people must be alert to the fact that there are many so-cal
Is the electric toothbrush really more effective than the ordinary toothbrush?


The sonic toothbrush is the product of technological progress. It can rely on the vibration of the motor to achieve a cleaning efficiency that cannot be achieved by human hands. Using an electric toothbrush correctly is safer than brushing your teeth manually. When steam trains were invented, train
Do more expensive electric toothbrushes make a difference?


An electric tooth brush is made up of a handle as well as a brush head. Inside the handle is an electric tooth brush, the core part of an electrical toothbrush, where a steel shaft protrudes to send power. Before u sage, ensure that the sonic toothbrush brush head is strongly inserted into the metal
Do you brush back and forth with electric toothbrush?


Electric tooth brushes tidy far better than regular sonic toothbrush and are a number of times extra effective at removing plaque. The high frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush can break down the tooth paste right into fine foam, to attain the cleaning result! And easy to use sonic toothb
What is the most recommended electric toothbrush by dentist?


As a had been tortured to death dental care products category manager, has been in depth understanding of electric toothbrush, can be said to be the native electric toothbrush, the N is ordinary but confident friend questioned electric toothbrush IQ tax after my messy, since the depth of a post deep