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50-year-old teeth are bad, can use an electric toothbrush?Will it add to the damage?

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Old people can use electric toothbrushes.But to see the old oral condition and can use electric toothbrush is not just to see the age to decide.If there are more porcelain teeth in the mouth, it is better to be cautious when planting more teeth. Although electric toothbrush has no harm to teeth, it may damage porcelain teeth or implant teeth in some cases because the elderly are not very familiar with the operation of such products and the probability of misoperation is relatively large.Can use electric toothbrush, is not entirely related to age, and also individual teeth, teeth if keep better or is using a full dentures, these all can be at ease use electric toothbrush, aging degree is higher, if the teeth or gums sensitive, you can choose to have fur, with a variety of models of electric toothbrush,This is actually less mechanical wear on teeth than ordinary manual toothbrush, and more scientific control.

Bad teeth don't have much to do with using an electric toothbrush.Electric toothbrush itself is not harmful to teeth, electric toothbrush is more convenient to brush teeth and effective cleaning teeth.It is very important to brush your teeth properly, because if you brush your teeth incorrectly, even if you use a regular toothbrush, it can damage your teeth over time.The biggest advantage of electric toothbrush is that it can effectively replace the tremor of ordinary toothbrush, and the cleaning efficiency is higher than ordinary toothbrush.Electric toothbrushes are more efficient than regular toothbrushes, and the rotating vibrating ones are more effective at removing plaque and helping control gingivitis.First of all, we need to know that electric toothbrushes do not harm hard and soft tissues, and the long-term wear of rotary vibrating toothbrushes on tooth tissues is similar to that of ordinary toothbrushes.That's because our healthy teeth are covered with a hard layer of enamel made mostly of inorganic materials such as calcium apatite.This layer of tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, and it is very resistant to chewing abrasion and other forces, which ensures that eating or brushing will not damage the normal tooth structure in our daily life, so there is no need to worry about the wear of electric toothbrushes on teeth.However, electric toothbrushes are not recommended for users with poor teeth, gingivitis or periodontitis.According to what you said about bad teeth, we suggest you to see the department of stomatology for symptomatic treatment first.I hope my answer can help you, I wish you health!

The advantages of electric toothbrush 1, cleaning ability brushing can remove dental plaque, followed by cleaning dirt, tooth stains.The cleaning ability of electric toothbrush is much higher than that of ordinary toothbrush, which can remove a certain proportion of dental plaque, effectively prevent the incidence of gingivitis and periodontitis, so as to protect the health of oral gums.2, reducing tooth injury in the use of the correct method of brushing your teeth, using electric toothbrush can achieve very good cleaning effect, but very few people can stick to brush your teeth in a right way, because this way of brushing your teeth in the actual operation is often time-consuming, laborious and everybody is common laws of battleground or horizontal brush could damage the teeth gums.

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