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Do you need to brush for 2 minutes with electric toothbrush?


First of all, many students didn't find out why I couldn't brush off the embarrassing plaque after three minutes at a time with sonic toothbrush . After looking up a lot of tips on how to thoroughly clean your mouth on the Internet, unfortunately, there is plenty of data to prove that toothbrushes e

Is it OK to use electric toothbrush everyday?


Have you ever crossed your eyes in the face of a wide variety of electric toothbrushes in supermarkets or online stores, with prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to thousands of yuan? Many people ask which electric tooth brush is best, which is an unanswerable question because "best" is a relativ

Which is better electric or battery operated toothbrush?


Many people make it a habit to brush their teeth. It's not that good for your teeth. Moreover, electric toothbrushes are very effective in removing stains from teeth. They can reduce stains caused by tea, coffee and poor oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth. Better cleaning abili

Can a water flosser replace regular flossing?


Can water flosser replace floss or even a toothbrush, Of course not. Many foreign clinical studies have proved that in addition to good brushing and water flosser , oral irrigator with water can indeed improve cleaning efficiency and reduce bleeding and soft scaling of gums. But no doctor, and no re

How long should electric toothbrush last?


Electric toothbrush selection and use is also a very delicate knowledge. Whether it's an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, the brush head is an integral part. Small-headed sonic toothbrush are better for Asians (many dentists have made this point, so I won't go into details). The right so

Do orthodontists recommend water flossers?


Xiaobian teeth belong to the kind of neat teeth, but the gap between the teeth is relatively large, this is a headache, every time you eat always plug teeth!! The dentist taught me very carefully how to water flosser during my regular annual cleaning. After several attempts to teach me how to floss

Is my electric toothbrush damaging my gums?


My friend, there are many electric toothbrushes, the most important one for you. Because after getting up, brushing is a must do, a good electric toothbrush not only for your teeth have more protection, and can bring a good mood ~ I believe that there are many people, do not understand the function

Why do electric toothbrushes get so dirty?


Technology has been rapidly integrated into our lives. We all use electric toothbrushes. Just a few years after its introduction, the sonic toothbrush has revolutionized the traditional toothbrush market and, according to relevant data, set off a new trend in the field of oral health care. Starting

Should you brush or water flosser first?


Yes, we should pay attention to the harm of these two kinds of water flosser. 1. Although the water flosser can make up for the blind area of toothbrush cleaning, it can very well clean the teeth and mouth, with irreplaceable value and benefits, and even many dentists and water flosser have recommen

Do electric toothbrushes wear off enamel?


When the electric toothbrush was just emerging, you could often see a question on internet about "whether the electric toothbrush is an IQ tax". Now, such problems are very rare because most dental enthusiasts have come to accept electric toothbrushes, including me, and they can't live without them.

Is it better to use a regular toothbrush or an electric toothbrush?


Electric toothbrush, which we're all familiar with, need to be used sooner or later. There are more and more teeth cleaning products on the market. Besides regular toothbrushes, there are also electric toothbrushes, tooth beaters and so on. Are these sonic toothbrush worth buying? How to select and

Can I use oral irrigator everyday


Of course, some water flosser are more expensive, especially imported brands water flosser, with an average price of 1,000 yuan. However, now the domestic oral irrigator has reduced the price to several hundred yuan, their effect is not bad, can fully meet the needs of daily cleaning and protection

Do you need to floss if you use an electric toothbrush?


Electric toothbrushes have many advantages. First of all, it is more convenient and less labor. Secondly, electric toothbrushes do less damage to teeth than traditional toothbrushes. First, electric toothbrushes are less powerful, reducing the likelihood of bleeding gums. Secondly, for people who us

Can I use oral irrigator everyday?


Water flosser, also known as oral irrigator aims to boost the periodontal environment by purging food debris and plaque between the teeth with a strong stream of water. Water floss is suggested if you are not an excellent oral irrigator user, throughout orthodontics, or want to enhance your periodon

What are pros and cons of electric toothbrush?


If your electrical tooth brush has a dry battery, you can either bring it with you or examine it in. If your sonic toothbrush has lithium batteries, you can not examine it, only bring it with you. According to civil aviation regulations, lithium batteries must be lugged with you, not examined, and

How long do electric toothbrushes last?


The acoustic electric toothbrush can clean the teeth one at a time, but also can strengthen the sonic toothbrush on the teeth rubbing impact, so the cleaning ability is stronger than the acoustic electric toothbrush. Acoustic electric tooth brushes do less damage to the gums. Rotating electric toot

Are water flossers sanitary?


Water flosser is a fairly brand-new sort of oral cleaning device, for exposed teeth space, the cleaning result of oral irrigator is fairly good. This includes the oral irrigator, floss, as well as deep gums where it is not easy to reach. Simply rinse for 1-3 mins after a meal to get any food crumbs

Do dentists prefer manual or electric toothbrushes?


The electrical tooth brush just reduces the limit for you to brush your teeth, making it less complicated as well as easier, and the impact differs from one person to another. It's not that a weak electrical toothbrush is worthless. Daily care of good teeth, smooth surface area, weak sonic toothbrus

How much toothpaste should I use on my electric toothbrush?


This depends upon your teeth demands, if you wish to whiten, select the sonic toothbrush tooth paste with the most effective bleaching impact; If the teeth are sensitive, pick a sensitive toothpaste; If you like green tea taste, select an eco-friendly tea flavored toothpaste. This sonic toothbrush v

How long does it take for water flosser to work?


For me, the effect of water flosser is quite obvious. After using water floss for more than 2 years, I used it at the beginning because the gums were red and swollen. The dentist said water flosser was because the soft dirt was not cleaned up and accumulated in the place between the teeth, which cau

Do more expensive electric toothbrushes make a difference?


An electric tooth brush is made up of a handle as well as a brush head. Inside the handle is an electric tooth brush, the core part of an electrical toothbrush, where a steel shaft protrudes to send power. Before u sage, ensure that the sonic toothbrush brush head is strongly inserted into the metal

What is the top 5 electric toothbrushes?


As a relevant professional in the dental market, I base on my own usage and also seek advice from accustomed to using patients to claim, is the sonic toothbrush well worth utilizing? The response: an electrical tooth brush is recommended. Although the use of electric toothbrush has actually become

Can I use salt water in a water flosser?


I've been utilizing water flosser, electric tooth brushes as well as oral irrigator because university. Back then, bad dental treatment behaviors caused all sort of dental problems - bleeding gum tissues, night water flosser, periodontitis and more. Consuming, alcohol consumption and also enjoyment

What's the best sonic toothbrush on the market?


How to brush teeth to better protect teeth, to stay away from dental problems such as tooth pain, tooth decay, gingiva bleeding, gingiva atrophy and so on. Scientific electric toothbrush brushing time is morning and evening brushing twice, each brush enough for 2 minutes. Every electric toothbrush s

What is the correct way to use an electric toothbrush?


The appearance of electrical tooth brush makes individuals more of a choice for dental treatment utensils, but also for many people that have not used sonic toothbrush , there are still some concerns concerning electrical toothbrush. Will electrical toothbrush brush teeth negative? Can an electric t

Do dentists recommend oral irrigators?


From a dentist's perspective, are electric tooth brushes and water flosser needed? It is needed. Although I'm not a dental practitioner, I resolved consulting my dental expert, as well as the solution was indeed. Electric toothbrushes and also water flosser although reliable in oral treatment, water

How much should you pay for an electric toothbrush?


Faced with a wide array of electrical tooth brushes in supermarkets or online shops, the rate arrays from more than 100 yuan to hundreds of yuan sonic toothbrush , do you cross your eyes? A great deal of people ask which electrical tooth brush is the most effective. It's an unanswerable concern, sin

Do you brush back and forth with electric toothbrush?


Electric tooth brushes tidy far better than regular sonic toothbrush and are a number of times extra effective at removing plaque. The high frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush can break down the tooth paste right into fine foam, to attain the cleaning result! And easy to use sonic toothb

Is a water flosser a good idea?


I am a knowledgeable individual of dental water flosser. I have actually utilized several water flosser on the marketplace. Let's obtain directly to the point. First, exactly how to pick an oral strike? I have actually summarized eight fantastic tips to choose and purchase oral irrigator bulk, every

How long should I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush?


The electrical toothbrush, due to the fact that the electric motor rotates, the brush head instantly runs and also the force is uniform, which can cleanse the mouth more securely as well as successfully.Electric tooth brush is separated right into rotary and also acoustic kind, which are basically a

Are expensive electric toothbrushe better?


smile! I am now the most positive and also sunny little girl! After changing my electric toothbrush, I can not only smile, I can eat ice! (This is my summer happiness) I utilized to extremely like to eat ice, yet eating, really feel too cool things scared teeth discomfort, after that did not risk t

What should I look for when buying a water flosser?


Just recently, I constantly comb the advertisement of oral irrigator dealer. I do not know whether it is actually so wonderful. I intend to get one and I am afraid of paying intelligence tax obligation. Firstly, the final thought: the oral irrigator dealer is useful and a supporting device for oral

Do dentists approve of electric toothbrushes?


There are 2 classifications of electric tooth brush, one is the rounded head brush head, mostly revolving and also swinging clean; The various other type is the normal sonic toothbrush bristle form, generally reciprocating vibration to clean. The round head electric toothbrush bulk brush head can lo

Should you still floss if you use an electric toothbrush?


Any time, excellent teeth, are extremely important, that modern technology security, electrical toothbrush is life the most up to date products from us, topic major side there are a lot of buddies in the use of sonic toothbrush, is commonly made use of as long as an electrical tooth brush without re

Why do my gums bleed when I water flosser?


It is required for ordinary people to use a water flosser! The ORAL HIGH QUALITY OF Chinese PEOPLE IS reasonably poor, the frequency of water flosser oral condition is greater than 90%, the dental environment is really complex, generally everyone haswater flosser, but the early oral condition is not

Should you brush gums with electric toothbrush?


An electric tooth brush, of course, needs toothpaste ... What do I use to clean my teeth without toothpaste? Are you going to spit sonic toothbrush? Mouthwash does not function either. It doesn't change tooth paste. As well as ... Can not squeeze tooth paste on a tiny sonic toothbrush brush head? Th

Do sonic electric toothbrushes work?


electric toothbrush

Is an oral irrigator worth it?


Water flosser additionally called oral irrigator, for cleaning up gums, care for oral irrigator has an excellent result, particularly suitable for gingival sensitivity, periodontitis, oral gap, orthodontic partners. Cleansing effect when we get a water flosser wholesale, the main need is to use it t

What does Sonic mean in electric toothbrush?


Recently, I finally offered my mother an electrical toothbrush. Before I told her just how to utilize it, I was probably thrilled to comb it ahead of time in the face of such a new toothbrushes electric. Then my mother informed me that the electric tooth brush was not functioning well, and it hurt a

Can an electric toothbrush remove tartar?


Lots of people on the net have asked "Is electrical tooth brush an IQ tax?" I assume this question will certainly be answered in practice, as well as the response has to be "electrical toothbrushes are not an intelligence tax." Why? Obviously, the primary purpose of using a sonic toothbrush is to im

What is the difference between a oral irrigator wholesale and an air flosser?


So why does the water flosser have dangerous downsides? The main root water flosser causes of tooth injury can be summarized into the complying with four elements. 1. The group compatibility and also specific matching degree of oral irrigator wholesale are poor. The dental setting of our nation is v

Is a Smart toothbrush worth it?


When selecting an appropriate electrical toothbrush, the adhering to points should be kept in mind: The Chinese residents' oral health guidelines promote making use of electrical toothbrush with the following features: ① The brush head is tiny, so that it can rotate openly in the oral cavity (specif

Which type of electric toothbrush is best?


Some time ago, too much tartar, brush hand acid still feel unclean, so purchase sonic toothbrush , save some energy. I acquired the fundamental version of the European sonic electric toothbrush . I initially acquired the conventional version of the Chinese version. The sonic toothbrush brush head is

Is water flosser better than string floss?


Water Flosser is an excellent device for cleaning your mouth, particularly if you put on braces.But to claim that the calculus is not nonsense, can only contribute in the avoidance of oral stones, dental stones have not been used.I've utilized five irrigator dental since orthodontic, including a des

What is the best inexpensive electric toothbrush?


The most important purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque.Plaques can eat away at the surface of the teeth, leading to tooth decay. Long-term adherence to the teeth can also lead to problems such as gingivitis.So brushing your teeth is a skill.It doesn't care if your hands are hard enoug

What is the most recommended electric toothbrush by dentist?


As a had been tortured to death dental care products category manager, has been in depth understanding of electric toothbrush, can be said to be the native electric toothbrush, the N is ordinary but confident friend questioned electric toothbrush IQ tax after my messy, since the depth of a post deep

How do you use a water flosser without making a mess?


With the growth of The Times, our quality of life is likewise higher as well as higher, for water flosser requirements are also greater and also greater. From the original hand-operated toothbrush, to today's electric toothbrush, from toothpick selecting, to the existing water flosser and water flos

What is the best electric toothbrush you can buy?


Electric tooth brush is primarily divided into 2 groups, one is rotating, is a sort of acoustic waves Rotating electric toothbrush is understood to all, the quake is very strong, nevertheless, it is to utilize the sonic toothbrush to clean hair as well as teeth friction, and the sound is large, so t

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