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A oral irrigator is great for removing plaque from the surface of the teeth

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A oral irrigator is great for removing plaque from the surface of the teeth, for keeping the mouth clean, for removing bad breath, and for reducing bleeding and sensitivity of the gums. However, it should not be used as a substitute for a toothbrush. The two should be complementary. Oral irrigator is generally high pressure pulse, microbubble technology, gas - liquid mixture and other technologies. Either way is essentially for the purpose of cleaning the mouth, better than the poor is the gum stimulation and cleaning ability; The microbubble technology is better in the oral irrigator technology. The microbubble technology is based on the high-pressure pulse water flow and uses the principle of fluid mechanics to form micro and nano bubbles in the water. It cleans better and doesn't irritate the gums.

If you already use an electric toothbrush and want to clean your mouth better, a oral irrigator is a good choice. Because the bristles of our electric toothbrush intelligently clean up 70% of the dental plaque in the mouth, and the remaining 30% of the dental plaque is inside the gums and between the teeth, which is very difficult to clean. The oral irrigator as a cleaning effect by blasting the plaque between the teeth with high-frequency pulses of water.

Isn't a oral irrigator just a water spout? Why is it so expensive? The advantage of this technology is that it can generate high pressure pulse water flow stably, the pressure is large, so the cleaning force is strong. Attention should be paid to choosing a gear mode suitable for yourself. Therefore, when choosing this kind of products, the larger the range of available modes and water pressure that can be adjusted, the better.

The oral irrigator was invented in the 1950s by American dentist Gerald Moyer and engineer John Mattingly. The oral irrigator is a high pressure water column formed by water pump to achieve the purpose of cleaning with the impact force of water. A large number of clinical studies have been done at home and abroad to verify the actual effect of the oral irrigator. The oral irrigator can remove dental plaque and is even effective in improving gingival yan disease and gingival bleeding.

Finally, I would like to share with you a few tips on the oral irrigator:

1, the whole family can buy a oral irrigator to share, as long as more than a few brush head on the line.

2. The water pressure of the oral irrigator is really large, so do not touch other people, especially the sensitive places such as eyes, which may cause injury.

3. Oral irrigator can only be used as an auxiliary tool for oral care, and can not replace toothbrush and professional tooth cleaning. If you have stubborn dental stones, you should go to professional YI treatment institutions.

4, started using oral irrigator usually zi a old blood come out, I just started to use also is such, then almost in about a week, mostly because the start early bleeding gums, and operation and not skilled, easy dashed against the gums and so when started with best transferred to the minimum, and then look for online video, Learn a scientific punch position.

Finally, I want to say that the oral irrigator is really delicious, I can't leave it now, I hope everyone can have a good tooth.

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